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Chapter 1021: Su Jingfeng Found Yun’er? Part 2

However, if Yun’er was afraid of his current appearance, he could find a way to get rid of it so as to never scare her and to do what she liked.

The maiden looked at him and only felt that he was remarkably familiar, especially because he was the same as he had been in the dream, treating her gently. She smiled innocently and walked toward him, saying, “No, Brother Feng. You look very good this way.”

The Brother Feng in her dreams treated her very well and ordered men to plant a courtyard full of peony flowers. He had also instructed people to embroider the peony flower on her dress. In those dreams, he treasured her like the most precious gem.

“Yun’er.” Watching her walk toward him, Su Jingfeng breathed a sigh of relief and reached out to her with joy.

The maiden looked at his somewhat morbidly white hand and seemed to recall a dream in which she nearly fell off a cliff. Her hands tightly clutched at the rocks at the edge of the cliff, and Brother Feng appeared in front of her just like this, reaching out to her to pull her up from the edge of the cliff.

With this in mind, she could not help smiling and calmly put her hand out to place it in his. She said, “Brother Feng, I remember you.”

“Yun’er.” Hearing her words, Su Jingfeng suddenly pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly, as if he was afraid of losing her. With the feeling of recovering something he had lost, he pressed her tightly against him.

It was so good that she remembered him. Luckily, she still remembered him. He had sealed himself away for 1000 years and everything he did had not been in vain.

The maiden quietly let herself be enfolded by him. But her heart felt empty. There wasn’t the feeling of happiness that there had been in her dreams. It made her very confused. Why did she not feel the happiness she’d imagined when she met the Brother Feng of her dreams?

“Brother Feng, I can’t breathe properly.” Unable to feel that kind of happiness, the maiden only felt a little distressed. She furrowed her beautiful brows and reminded him.

Su Jingfeng also knew that he was too excited and hurriedly released her. However, he still could not resist looking her up and down as he thought of Su Xue’s report which stated that Wu Ya had already found Yun’er.

With this in mind, he could not help but be alert. He warily narrowed his blood-red eyes and looked around.

“Brother Feng, what’s going on with you?” the maiden as searchingly as she looked at him.

Su Jingfeng did not feel the presence of other people. He looked up at the maiden and said, “Yun’er, you…”

“What about me?” The maiden was even more puzzled when she saw that he was not talking.

“Nothing.” Su Jingfeng swallowed back the words he wanted to ask and smiled as he said, “Yun’er, why are you are here alone? And standing on the edge of the cliff. It’s so dangerous.”

Since Wu Ya was not around, why mention that man? Otherwise, Yun’er might think of him and it might provoke another disagreement.

“I was ordered by my mother to find my older sister. It was faster to go through the Forest of Death. When I got tired, I stood here to enjoy the breeze.” The maiden smiled innocently and brightly as she said, “Brother Feng, I am not called Yun’er. My pet name is Sheng’er, and my full name is Feng Yunsheng.”

“Yunsheng, family name Feng?” Su Jingfeng reached out to gently caress the zhusha mole between Feng Yunsheng’s eyebrows and smiled as he said, “The name is good, and there’s still the Yun character in it, so I’ll still call you Yun’er.”

“No, Brother Feng, you’d better call me Sheng’er.” Feng Yunsheng frowned and firmly rejected Su Jingfeng’s name for her. It was something she could not give in to.

Su Jingfeng looked at her frowning unhappily at the name. He thought for a while and then agreed indulgently, saying, “Okay. I’ll do as you say.”

Before, he had not listened to Yun’er and eventually lost her. Now that he had the opportunity again, he had to listen to her. He would never let other people take Yun’er away again.


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