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Chapter 1030: What’s the Relations.h.i.+p Between Tianfeng Nation and The Feng Family

Feng Tianlan frowned even more. She then spoke in a serious tone while holding Si Mobai’s hand. “Brother Jin, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t be hurt just because you won’t hurt me. To me, hurting the people I cared for is still considered as hurting me.”

Since he was being serious, it didn’t matter if he made that promise because of what happened today or for other reasons. If he was serious, she had to reply to him seriously.

Sometimes, it hurt her more if the people she cared for were to get hurt.

Xi Jin didn’t reply to what she said. He just replied with an ‘I’m leaving’, then limped towards the direction of the East Palace.

He also hoped not to hurt anyone she cared for, just like what she wished for. However, the state preceptor…

In many circ.u.mstances, he could only compromise. His bottom line was not to hurt her while being able to protect her at the same time. However, he couldn’t guarantee not hurting others. Therefore, he didn’t give her his promise.

Feng Tianlan raised her head and looked at Xi Jin, who was limping under the moonlight. She then frowned deeply. She couldn’t figure out why he said those words.

“Let’s go.” Si Mobai took her hand. “If you keep staring at him, I will probably beat him up harder.”

“Why do you think he said those words?” Feng Tianlan was walking towards the exit of the palace with Si Mobai’s hand in hers.

“Maybe he is someone who will go crazy for love and wants to take you away from me. Therefore, he said those words so that you can be mentally prepared.” Si Mobai clenched his fist. His bones were popping. “How about I kill him now to save ourselves some trouble in the future?”

Feng Tianlan pushed him with her elbow. “You are thinking too much. How can there be so many love maniacs in this world? Xi Jin is a man who is as warm as jade. He wouldn’t do that.”

“You are trusting him too much. I am jealous.” Si Mobai hmphed.

Feng Tianlan raised her head and looked at him. She then looked at the walls beside her and the endless path in front of her. “Do you think the emperor could be trusted?”

“Yes. The Spiritual Force on the safety rune was the same as the Spiritual Force on the letter. However, this Tianfeng Nation is rather interesting. They are actually able to isolate themselves from the outside world. They must have set up a force field that hides from others.”

If such a place were to exist, where would it be?

“The national surname of Tianfeng Nation is Feng. My mother is the Lady Phoenix. Does it mean that she is the Princess of Tianfeng Nation?” Feng Tianlan was still thinking about the content of that letter.

“Before your arrival, there wasn’t anyone with the surname ‘Feng’ on Xuantian Continent. However, the national surname of the hidden Tianfeng Nation is Feng.” Si Mobai thought about what Si Ming said. He then lowered his head and looked at Feng Tianlan’s side profile. “Lan’er, your surname is also Feng. Do you think that the Feng Family you were resurrected in is Tianfeng Nation?”

Besides, Lan’er could summon the Fire Phoenix and was called the Lady Phoenix by the people. Feng Family was also led by women. These were all quite similar to Tianfeng Nation.

Feng Tianlan took out the decree of the Feng Family from the pill scroll realm and put it under the moonlight. The carvings looked like a living Fire Phoenix. A stream of light was coming out of it. Below that was the word ‘Feng’ carved on it.

Whenever she felt like she had solved a mystery, another mystery appeared. They just kept coming one after another, just like mists. She could never end her train of thoughts.

“We will know if that’s true when we arrive at Tianfeng Nation.” Feng Tianlan put the decree back into the pill scroll realm. “I wonder how my parents are doing at Tianfeng Nation. I always have a feeling that they aren’t living a good life.”

“Has Lan’er decided to go there?” Si Mobai was still strolling in the palace with her hand in his.

Feng Tianlan replied with a soft ‘uh-huh’. “I have to go there regardless of the truth.”


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