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Chapter 1088: Shen Yunya’s Death

Jiang Ying wrapped his arms tightly around Shen Yunya’s neck and then bit her throat with his teeth. He raised his head and stared at her with eyes filled with murderous intent. However, the bewitching elixir was crueler than his actions. In a blink of an eye, his mouth was filled with the taste of blood. The smell of her blood was the like that of Dai’er’s three years ago when he had let her bleed out. It was driving him crazy!

“Die!” Shen Yunya raised her hand and gathered Spiritual Force in her palm. She gave Jiang Ying a hard slap across the head.

Jiang Ying got a concussion. He was getting dizzy from the shock of her attack. When he saw that Shen Yunya was about to hit him again, a dagger suddenly appeared in his hand. He stabbed it straight into Shen Yunya’s neck.


Shen Yunya delivered her second heavy blow onto his head. His brain instantly burst apart. Her eyes were wide open as blood gushed out of her neck like a fountain. It also flowed out from the corner of her mouth and dripped onto Jiang Ying’s deformed face. This was because the dagger had punctured her throat from the side of her neck.

Feng Tianlan turned around and saw that Jiang Ying’s head was deformed by that blow. At the same time, he was still biting down on Shen Yunya’s throat tightly. He seemed to be refusing to let her go even though he was already dead.

Shen Yunya refused to give up. She raised her hand and wanted to give Jiang Ying another heavy blow. However, her hand dropped down weakly. After a few spasms, she stopped moving. Her widely opened eyes were filled with confusion, shock, fear, and despair.

Shen Yunya really didn’t expect to get killed by Jiang Ying instead of Shen Qingdai, Xi Jin, or any of the other people who held a grudge against her!

She didn’t even die in peace because doubt clouded her heart at the last moment. Why would Jiang Ying, who had loved her more than his own life, suddenly kill her with such method?

She didn’t even know why she died!

Feng Tianlan squinted her eyes and watched as they died. She didn’t have the satisfaction of revenge, but a mixture of feelings, which weren’t so good. What exactly was love that it was able to drive someone so mad?

How could someone be so madly in love with another? Shen Yunya really broke through her limit!

Feng Tianlan looked away and then at Xi Jin who was still forcing himself to vomit by putting his finger into his mouth. However, he had nothing left to vomit but blood. She frowned and shouted in a worried tone, “Brother Jin?”

After hearing a voice that he had been longing to hear for some time now, Xi Jin raised his head. His soulless eyes seemed to be carrying a glimpse of hope, but it turned into despair in an instant. He avoided her eyes. Even if he looked at her, he couldn’t say a single word.

He used to feel that he didn’t love her enough and had no right to love her, but now…

He realized that it was his fault for even getting acquainted with her to begin with. If he hadn’t appeared in her life, she wouldn’t have ended up like that.

“Jin’er, don’t be like that. Don’t frighten your mother. I am begging you.” The empress was wiping her tears anxiously when she saw him unable to speak, wrapped in endless despair.

Feng Tianlan frowned deeply. She spoke slowly. “Brother Jin, this has nothing to do with you. I don’t blame you. I…”

Xi Jin reached out and pushed the empress away. He got up from the ground shakily while looking at Feng Tianlan who was trying to persuade him.

He wanted to say something. But he felt that every word he could possibly say would be a mistake. She had to go through all this pain because of his existence.

He had to return to her everything she once had!

“Xi Jin!” Feng Tianlan felt anxious when she saw Xi Jin’s figure slowly disappear into the distance. She chased after him immediately.


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