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Chapter 109: Feng Xiupei Panics

Feng Xiuyu was frightened by Feng Xiang’s fury and murderous look. She turned and made a run for it. She was certain that she would die if she didn’t run now.

Feng Xiang was so angry that his eyes were bloodshot, and the thought of doing the same as Feng Xiuyu had crossed his mind. Feng Xiang thought: This girl can’t do anything right. How can she say things like that?

Feng Xiupei frowned. She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips as she said, “I brought back a Grade 8 Spirit Stabilizing Pill from Flying Frost Pavilion for her, but…” She paused for a few moments before continuing, “Then, later, I thought of giving it to Eldest Sis, but she wasn’t happy. So…”

The details weren’t clearly stated, but enough was said to lead people into thinking that Feng Tianlan had s.n.a.t.c.hed away a Spirit Stabilizing Pill that had been initially meant for her and that the shouting earlier had been directed at Feng Tianlan, even though she had been shouting at Feng Xiang.

A Grade 8 Spirit Stabilizing Pill was certainly valuable enough to be considered a treasure. Because it could help increase one’s skill level faster, many people wanted to get their hands on it.

Feng Tianlan frowned as she realized that Feng Xiupei was not so bad after all. At the mere mention of a Spirit Stabilizing Pill, the conversation had turned instantly, but…

Before she could expose Feng Xiupei’s lies, she heard Su Ji speak unhappily.

“That is your family’s business.” Su Ji’s face turned nasty as he looked at Feng Xiupei and asked, “Second Miss, what I want to ask is this: why did the victim die from an exploded cinnabar field and not poison, which you mentioned?”

At first, he’d thought that this could have just been an accident. But, after hearing Feng Xiuyu, he realized that things were probably not so simple. He didn’t care about the real reason, but he was still angry that Feng Xiuyu had insulted him like that.

“I…I don’t know.” Feng Xiuyu’s face turned white, and she bit her lip. Her eyes teared up, but without panic, as she looked back at Su Ji. “I gave the pill to my elder sister, but I didn’t expect…”

“Second Miss doesn’t know?” Su Ji laughed sarcastically. “There is a type of medicinal liquid that you can apply to the pill that will destroy the cinnabar field of anyone in training who eats it—he becomes completely useless. If a normal person eats it, his cinnabar field will explode, resulting in his death.”

Could it be that Feng Xiupei didn’t know that this was the reason?

“Doctor Su, I really don’t know. I gave it to Eldest Sister to eat. If anything happened to her, I would get into trouble; do you think I would do such a foolish thing?” Feng Xiupei’s eyes were teary. She looked like she had been wrongly accused and was now very pitiful.

She was going to die from Feng Xiuyu’s stupidity. Feng Xiuyu had clearly offended Su Ji, and now she didn’t know what was going to happen to her.

Su Ji coldly snorted and looked disdainfully at Feng Xiupei.

“His cinnabar field exploded. But because that Marrow Cleansing Pill was only a Grade 9 pill, it’s very coa.r.s.e, and there were still some traces left behind. All it takes is for an alchemist to check, and we will know the cause of death. All the evidence is clear, and Second Miss still doesn’t know?”

“I…that…” Feng Xiupei didn’t know how to explain herself, so she could only look at Feng Tianlan and cry while she said, “Eldest Sis, regardless of the results, I am willing to bear all responsibility, and I hope everything turns out fine for you.”

Xu Jiayi became anxious when she heard what Su Ji said. She was afraid that this incident would ruin Feng Xiupei’s reputation on her first day back home. Without thinking, she said, “Feng Tianlan must have swapped the pills. Otherwise, why would she just give away such a valuable pill? She must be trying to frame our Pei’er.”

Feng Xiang looked up at Feng Tianlan, who continued to stand there calmly, and he saw that nothing was going as expected. So, he remained silent and hoped that there was a chance to salvage the situation and not let this treasure slip from his hands again.


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