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Chapter 1204: Feng Tianlan Dreamt Of Her Previous Life 3

Feng Tianlan had mixed feelings as she listened to them from the side. It’s no wonder that Mobai was so good at sweet-talking because he was already good at it in his previous life. He was also already giving out legendary artifacts as gifts in his past life. It was definitely an excellent method to woo girls.

Yunyi looked at the green pearl that was in his palm. Just like when they first met, his hands were even prettier than the pearl. He was also just as clean and pure as he had been during their first encounter, but she was no longer that innocent girl from before.

“Brother Wu Ya. You come with the pearl to take me home.” Yunyi looked up at him firmly.

Feeling helpless and upset, Wu Ya looked at her. “Yun’er, the pearl and you are not the same. Even if it’s a legendary artifact, it has a price to it. But you are priceless, so don’t put yourself in the same position as the pearl.”

Yunyi lowered her gaze. Her voice was soft but she sounded like she was in pain. “Brother Wu Ya, I need a reason to give up. If not, I will forever be stuck in this. You should know that a person does not love me much if he can give me away in exchange for a pearl. If it happens once, it will happen again, so there must be a reason for me to give up completely.”

“Alright.” Wu Ya looked at her as she dropped her gaze. She no longer had that innocent and bright smile and she was no longer the carefree and wilful Yunyi he knew.

Feng Tianlan watched the two of them facing each other, just like when they first met, but their innocence was no more. Actually, she admired both Yunyi and Wu Ya as they both knew what exactly they wanted, so they could control themselves well.

Although Wu Ya was Mobai in his previous life, their temperaments were different. Mobai seemed to be stronger and more overbearing.

The scene changed again, and Feng Tianlan arrived at another palace. This was the one she had dreamt of previously. It was the same scene where Yunyi was in a red palace dress, and it was the moment where Wu Ya brought the pearl for the exchange.

But this time, she was exceptionally familiar with the two faces she saw.

“Brother Feng, are you really going to exchange me for the world?”

Hearing Yunyi’s question, Feng Tianlan couldn’t help but look at her. She didn’t feel anything when she saw it in her dream previously. But now, she felt like that question was Yunyi’s last ray of hope. She still held out hope for Su Jingfeng.

Su Jingfeng’s voice was gentle too, but it wasn’t as mild and gentle as Wu Ya’s voice. There was even a hint of mysterious hypocrisy in his voice. “I will take you home one day.”

The scenes that followed were what she had seen previously. Wu Ya gave the pearl to Su Jingfeng. After Su Jingfeng checked the pearl, he happily let Wu Ya leave with Yunyi. He did not ask her to stay, nor did he show any trace of regret.

Feng Tianlan felt nothing about the behavior of Su Jingfeng, so she quickly followed behind Wu Ya. Then, she realized that the palaces were floating in the sky and they were all flying on their own. What a fascinating place.

“Yun’er, let me send you home,” Wu Ya said to Yunyi. He just wanted her to be free.

“Brother Wu Ya…” Yunyi looked up at him with her teary eyes. She just looked at him like that without saying anything else.

Seeing her like this, Wu Ya couldn’t help but sigh. “Alright, let’s go home.”

Feng Tianlan watched as the two of them left. When she was about to follow them, she felt the ground give way. She suddenly felt her eyes open, and she saw the worried look on the maidservant’s face.

“My Mistress, are you alright? Do you need a physician?” the maidservant worriedly asked after she saw that Feng Tianlan woke up.

Feng Tianlan shook her head gently. She looked around and rubbed her temples. “How did I get here?”

She remembered that she had been in the hall looking at a portrait of the man. Then, it felt like something went into her head, and she fainted. After that, she found herself watching the lives of Wu Ya and Yunyi.


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