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Chapter 1220: Do You Remember Wu Ya?

After being severely punished, Feng Tianlan was out of breath. She leaned against his chest and complained coquettishly, “My mother is still here and you were acting like a hooligan. Be careful that my mother doesn’t hit you and wouldn’t allow me to marry you.”

“It’s because my mother-in-law is here that we have to get married quickly. Otherwise, just like this time, my mother-in-law wouldn’t let me apply medicine for you,” Si Mobai hugged her waist tightly and let her lean against his chest. He lowered his eyes and looked at her gently. There was some hidden bitterness in his words.

They were not a legitimate married couple yet so mother-in-law was wary of him as if he was a wolf. He had to marry Lan’er quickly.

Feng Tianlan narrowed her eyes and smiled. She was not pretentious, but when she thought of marrying someone, she could not help but blush. “Okay, when we go back, we would discuss the wedding matters.”

Si Mobai hugged her even more tightly, “Then I have to prepare well and give you the most beautiful wedding.”

Moreover, the faster the better. Otherwise, there would always be more trouble in the future. Especially when Su Jingfeng appeared again and again, he was always afraid that Lan’er would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

Su Jingfeng used a teleportation skill to return to the Fengyun Alliance. When he saw that Feng Yunsheng was still bedridden and recuperating, he recalled the times he had thought that Feng Tianlan was Yun’er. This made him feel a little guilty towards her.

“Brother Feng, why were you standing outside the door?” Feng Yunsheng raised her eyes to look at the door. When she saw that Su Jingfeng was standing there, only looking at her but not entering, she was slightly surprised.

Su Jingfeng raised his feet and walked in. He sat down by the bed and stretched out his hand to check her pulse, “Sheng’er, are you feeling better?”

“I’m fine. I’m just a little lazy,” Feng Yunsheng raised her eyes to see that there was an additional wound on the side of his face. His breathing was also in a mess. She frowned and scolded him while feeling sorry for him, “Were you fighting with brother-in-law again?”

Su Jingfeng did not say anything. He let her soft fingertips gently touch his wound. He did not feel any pain. Instead, he felt a little numb.

“Brother Feng, I told you that it was my fault that day. I didn’t know what happened to me. I wore sister’s clothes and went to look for brother-in-law. He has that kind of personality. He only treats sister gently. Don’t blame him for my injury again.”

Feng Yunsheng took the ointment and gently applied it on him. Her wrist was pure white.

She did not really remember what happened that day or what happened recently. Her memory seemed to be intermittent. She even felt that she could not remember what she did just now.

She thought that her illness was getting worse. If this continued, she did not know if there would be a day when she could not even remember Su Jingfeng.

Su Jingfeng only felt the wound that had been treated with medicine. It was ice-cold. However, as she gently touched it, he felt a burning sensation, “Sheng’er, did you thought of something?”

In Sheng’er’s memories, there was only him. However, she was always looking for Si Mobai. He was wondering if it was because Sheng’er’s memories were incomplete, but she also remembered Wu Ya. For a period of time, she would remember him as the normal Sheng’er. After a period of time, she would think of Wu Ya, was that why she was always looking for Si Mobai?

And the last time, she even pretended to be Feng Tianlan because she wanted to get close to Si Mobai?

Feng Yunsheng looked at him in confusion. Then, she understood and immediately felt anxious and uneasy, “I’m sorry, Brother Feng. Recently, I seem to have caused you a lot of trouble. I don’t know what was wrong, many times I couldn’t control myself. I…”

Feng Yunsheng tried hard to think. She seemed to have something important to say, but she could not remember what she wanted to say.


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