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Chapter 344: No Talk and All Punch

Feng Tianlan stole a glance at Tu Xiupei then looked at Qi Shujie as if he were an insignificant speck of dust. “The dumber the person, the heavier the turtle sh.e.l.l on their back.”

“How dare you insult me, b*tch!” Qi Shujie turned red in anger and shame. He balled his hand into a fist and swung it at Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan raised her cold, emotionless eyes as the Nature Element gushed out of her palm. Two vines shot out from her back and bound Qi Shujie’s fist tightly. Qi Shujie paled in shock as he recognized them. Weren’t those the man-eating vines?

Feng Tianlan jumped at the chance to unleash her attack, dagger in hand. A cold gleam flashed as the sharp, cutting tip of the blade made its way straight for Qi Shujie’s throat.

Qi Shujie reacted the instant he saw the dagger coming his way. He directed all strength to his arm and snapped the vines. He tilted his head ever so slightly, narrowly dodging the sharpened dagger tip. However, the pain in his face still made him stumble a few steps back. He raised his hand and touched his mouth, which throbbed in pain. Blood immediately stained his fingers red.

“B*tch.” Qi Shujie’s eyes went red from seeing blood. This was the first time in his life that someone had hurt his face like this, not to mention leaving such a ma.s.sive wound.

Feng Tianlan wiped the blood from the blade calmly and said, “What’s the use of having a mouth when all that comes out of it is trash?”

Luo Yunzhu looked up and saw the extended cut stretching from Qi Shujie’s cheek to his lips. She couldn’t help but laugh, “Young genius ranked top ten in the continent! Don’t tell me that this is your first time getting hurt?”

“Shut up.” Qi Shujie growled at Luo Yunzhu in a voice laced with fury.

Feng Tianlan shot a threatening, icy glare at Qi Shujie. The dagger in her hand flashed warningly.

“Senior Brother, she is my still my elder sister, after all. Please don’t do this.” Tu Xiupei pulled on Qi Shujie’s sleeve, and she looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Why do you still speak up for her after everything she’s done to you? Pei’er, there is a limit to compa.s.sion. If you choose to give way, again and again, people will take you for a fool,” Qi Shujie scolded disapprovingly. Tu Xiupei is too kind-hearted for her own good, he thought. She cares too much about her sister, Feng Tianlan.

“Let’s leave to find the Spiritual Gra.s.s instead. As for Sister…” Tu Xiupei cast a longing, sisterly glance at Feng Tianlan. Then she lowered her eyes pitifully and said, “let’s just forget it.”

Qi Shujie turned around and glared viciously at Feng Tianlan. “I will let you off this one time. You better pray that you never have to set foot into the Flying Frost Pavilion again in your lifetime. Otherwise, I will make sure that what lies ahead of you is a fate worse than death.” After uttering such ominous words, Qi Shujie took Tu Xiupei by the hand and pulled her away.

“Tianlan, the way you shut him up was too cool! One move and you sliced his mouth. Serves him right for spewing nonsense!” Luo Yunzhu had savored the moment in which Feng Tianlan had behaved like such an alpha. She couldn’t resist the urge to jump around in excitement.

Tianlan’s spiritual powers were growing at a staggering rate; she was getting stronger each day. Luo Yunzhu believed that she would break through and become a Spiritual Grandmaster in no time. She could hardly wait.

Feng Tianlan stroked the area where the vines were growing with the back of her hand. Then, she declared solemnly, “Qi Shujie is an Advanced-stage Spiritual Grandmaster. We should avoid a direct confrontation. Let’s be more careful next time.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. I believe that Tianlan will surpa.s.s him soon enough.” Luo Yunzhu was fearless. Feng Tianlan could injure an Advanced-stage Spiritual Grandmaster even though she was only an Advanced-stage Spiritual Master. Luo Yunzhu believed that the moment Feng Tianlan leveled up and became a Spiritual Grandmaster, she would definitely overcome their power difference and defeat Qi Shujie. He was only a few stages ahead of her, after all.

Azurite looked at where Feng Tianlan was stroking. It was apparent from her expression that Azurite was extremely worried. The vines had taken root in Feng Tianlan’s heart. Because of them, Feng Tianlan had been able to double the speed of her cultivation of the Nature Element. While those vines seemed not to be growing, they could actually be controlled by their Master.

Those two vines that had flown out just now had come from the vine in Feng Tianlan’s heart.

So far, it seemed like everything was okay. However, Azurite could not help but worry. Everything in the world had good and bad. What if this vine caused trouble?

She dared not imagine it!

The team soon hiked up to the mid-mountain range. The mountain route soon became too steep. On either side of the road, demonic beasts with green, hungry eyes laid in wait. Their ferocious glares were fixed on Feng Tianlan and her part. But, for some reason, they did not move an inch to attack.

Lin Suyin immediately turned around when she heard a rustle. Once she saw that it was Feng Tianlan, she went up to her and said with undisguised enthusiasm, “Miss Feng.”


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