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Chapter 39: Luo Yuanjie Bids for the Spirit Boosting Pill

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“In a few days, the Ruyi Trade House will also put up Nurturing Pills for auction.”

Feng Tianlan avoided the question. She couldn’t possibly tell her that those Grade 5 Nurturing Pills came from Si Mobai.

“Wow.” Luo Yunzhu stared at Feng Tianlan in awe and wonder. “Tianlan, you’ve really become an alchemist, and we’re not dreaming.”

“I’m just a rookie,” Feng Tianlan laughed slightly. “So, don’t go and bid for these pills, ok? If you end up paying ten times the price that I sold them for—it’s not worth it.”

Luo Yunzhu repeatedly nodded in agreement, then suddenly clapped her hands together and dragged Feng Tianlan out anyway. “No, we still have to go.”

“Why?” Feng Tianlan could not understand.

“You still don’t have a Beautifying Pill, and Feng Xiuyu will be going to bid for the Marrow Cleansing Pills and Spirit Boosting Pill.” Luo Yunzhu’s eyes twinkled as she smiled. “I want to go and watch her try sooo hard and still not get the pills that YOU made. Her expression will be priceless.”

Feng Tianlan could only laugh as she watched Luo Yunzhu looking so delighted at the thought of the chaos that was to come. They entered the Ruyi Trade House, which bustled with people calling out high prices for items. It looked as busy as the Tianhai Trade House across the street. Business was booming, as the word was out that the Ruyi Trade House had sold a Grade 9 Spirit Boosting Pill just the other day.

“Father,” Luo Yunzhu called out as she pulled Feng Tianlan along and settled down beside Luo Yuanjie.

Luo Yuanjie did not even look at Feng Tianlan but grunted in acknowledgment, “I’ve already started bidding.”

“Father, don’t bother. We don’t want it anymore.”

“Why?” Luo Yuanjie looked at Luo Yunzhu questioningly, then glanced at Feng Tianlan. “Oh, is it because you finally realize that you’re asking to attain the impossible?”

“Father, don’t say things like that, she’s….” Luo Yunzhu wanted to say that Feng Tianlan was now an alchemist, but Feng Tianlan pulled hard on her sleeve to stop her. She quickly said, “She’s…my friend! Don’t insult my friend like that. I’ll get really angry.”

She couldn’t understand why Tianlan didn’t want her to say that she was an alchemist. If everyone knew she was an alchemist, they would be falling over themselves to get close to her, and n.o.body would dare insult her again.

“One million gold coins—anyone else?” the auctioneer called out loudly.

Luo Yuanjie looked at Luo Yunzhu, then looked at Feng Tianlan, and called out, “Two million gold coins.”

Forget it, Luo Yuanjie thought to himself. If Feng Tianlan really manages to cleanse her marrow and advance her skills, it will be a good influence on Yunzhu. I’ll help Feng Tianlan this time for the sake of Yunzhu’s future. Hopefully, she’ll understand what it takes to survive in this world and remain good friends with Yunzhu for life.

“Three million,” another person called out.

“Four million,” Luo Yuanjie continued to bid higher, his face unflinching.

“Five million.”

“Father, you really don’t have to continue. We don’t want it anymore,” Luo Yunzhu scrambled to stop her father from increasing his bid. “We really don’t want it anymore. Don’t continue bidding.”

“But why?” Luo Yuanjie was very puzzled now. “Didn’t you plead with me desperately to bid for the Spirit Boosting and Marrow Cleansing Pills?”

“Well…” Luo Yunzhu did not know how to answer her father. She simply said, “Tianlan is not a good-for-nothing; she doesn’t need any of these.”

“You refuse to stop a.s.sociating with her, and this is the only way to help Feng Tianlan cleanse her marrow and turn her life around. I have to get this pill no matter how much it costs me. I am not doing this for her; I’m doing it for you.”

Luo Yuanjie looked up and was about to increase his bid when he heard the auctioneer bang his gavel. “Sold! One Grade 9 Spirit Boosting Pill sold for five million!”

Realizing the pill had been sold, Luo Yuanjie glared back at Luo Yunzhu.

“Now you’re really in trouble. That was the last Grade 9 Spirit Boosting Pill. At least ten million is needed to bid for a Grade 8 Spirit Boosting Pill, and I don’t have that sort of money. Now, we have to concentrate on getting the Marrow Cleansing Pill.”


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