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Chapter 515: Feng Tianlan Tu Xiupei

Feng Tianlan raised her head slightly and looked at Tu Xiupei coldly. “Previously, you were useful to me, therefore I didn’t touch you. However, now…” She laughed. “You have crossed my line. So Tu Xiupei, have you thought of a fitting end for yourself?”

Previously, she had left Tu Xiupei alone because she wanted to see what Shen Yunya knew about her rebirth. Since she did not suspect that she was Shen Qingdai anymore, Tu Xiupei was of no use to her anymore.

Besides, Tu Xiupei cheated Xi Jin in such a devious manner. She would never allow her to meet Xi Jin alive.

Tu Xiupei was shocked by the murderous intent in Feng Tianlan’s eyes. However, she refused to back down and shouted back, “If you dare to do anything to me, Brother Jin will never let you off! He will be back. He will be back to take me away! And then, he will kill you.”

That’s right. She still had Brother Jin on her side. She didn’t have to be afraid. Feng Tianlan wouldn’t dare to do anything to her.

Although Brother Jin had vanished, she believed that Brother Jin would return to take her away.

“He will not do that. Even if he does, you will miss your chance to go with him.” Feng Tianlan looked at Tu Xiupei with disdain. She crossed the line and hurt her people. She wouldn’t let Tu Xiupei die so easily.

“You are jealous of me. You are jealous that Brother Jin likes me and wants to marry me, so you tricked the WarG.o.d into taking him away so that you’ll have a chance to get close to him. Feng Tianlan, let me tell you, that is impossible. In Brother Jin’s heart, I am irreplaceable.”

Talking about that, Qi Hongan’s face turned cold immediately. Initially, Tu Xiupei was supposed to go back to Xuantian Continent in the next few days to become the Xuantian Crown Princess. However, now that Feng Tianlan messed it up, everything was delayed.

His wealth and glory were also delayed. If there was yet another incident, his dream to be the ruler of Guiyuan Continent would be shattered.

Feng Tianlan sneered softly, “The next time the two of you meet, he won’t be taking you with him. He will be taking your life instead.”

“Do you think Brother Jin is like the WarG.o.d, who was so easily seduced by you and listens to everything you say? You are wrong! Brother Jin will only listen to me. He only listens to me. You bullied me! So he will kill you.”

Feng Tianlan glanced at her with disdain and said, “Let us wait and see. Before that, you should think about the s.e.x Poison tomorrow night. You should also think about how to perfect your hoax as the Lady Phoenix.”

“You…What do you mean?” Tu Xiupei’s face turned pale. How did she know about the s.e.x Poison? Also, was Feng Tianlan going to reveal that she was the real Lady Phoenix?

Feng Tianlan glanced at her with disdain. “Do you know how the Lady Phoenix summons the Fire Phoenix?”


Without waiting for a reply, a drop of blood appeared on Feng Tianlan’s fingertip. She gently applied it on her forehead. After that, a Phoenix Emblem instantly appeared on her forehead. It looked like a real phoenix was about to fly out of her head.

Staring at the Phoenix Emblem instead of the Fire Phoenix that appeared during the Riot of the Demonic Beasts, Tu Xiupei couldn’t help but mock her. Her swollen face swelled even more as she was mocking her.

“What kind of phoenix is this? This is just the birthmark that every head of the Feng Family has. You are just trying to trick everyone with this emblem. Do you take everyone as an idiot?”

Right after Tu Xiupei said those words, Feng Tianlan mumbled softly. Suddenly, a red light was shot out of the Phoenix Emblem on her forehead and into the sky.

A phoenix cry reverberated through the air.

Upon hearing the phoenix cry, the crowd looked up into the sky instinctively. There was a gigantic Fire Phoenix covering half of the sky. Its gigantic wings were fanning waves of hot air.


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