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Chapter 600: He Is Pampering Her To The Extreme

After hearing these words, Lin Suyin’s eyes brightened up uncontrollably. The red dot that was dotted on her forehead with some medicine was still there. If the King arrived and saw her in this state, he would kill Feng Tianlan, right?

A glimpse of hope arose uncontrollably in her heart, like a life-saving straw brought forward to her.

Looking at Lin Suyin who still had glimpse of hope, Feng Tianlan sneered.

“No, I can’t wait for them. I need to die. I want to die. Feng Tianlan, kill me.” Lin Suyin looked at Feng Tianlan and begged.

Didn’t Feng Tianlan just want to see her wish for her own death? Didn’t she just want to see her struggle helplessly? Didn’t she like to see her still having hope in her future?

As long as she wished for her own death, Feng Tianlan would stop torturing her, and she will be free.

Feng Tianlan was staring at Lin Suyin, as if she had figured out all her thoughts. “Don’t be too anxious. Your King will be arriving soon. There is still a huge gift waiting for you to receive it.”

Lin Suyin didn’t even have to dream about dying, because she didn’t have the right to die. She wanted her to wish for her own death for the rest of her life. Even if she wanted to die, she still had to stay alive!

“Feng Tianlan!” Lin Suyin shouted angrily. The words on her face were distorted due to her shout. She looked just like a devil.

After leaving the dungeon, Feng Tianlan stared at the rising Sun. The haze in her heart were slowly dissipating as it was slowly filled with warmth.

When she returned to her room, Si Mobai was carrying two side dishes and two bowls of congee in his hands. When he saw her, his lips were curled. “Have some breakfast, then take a nap.”

She had lost a lot of weight these days.

“Mobai.” Feng Tianlan waited for him to put down the dishes, then went forward and threw herself into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his waist. This was the only way she could feel warmth.

She was getting more dependent on him!

Si Mobai stretched out his hand and caressed her hair. “Take a shower, then have some breakfast.”

Her appet.i.te and her mood hadn’t been good these few days due to Gu Nansheng’s incident. All he could do was being by her side and giving her everything she needed.

Feng Tianlan replied with an ‘uh-huh’ and looked at the dishes on the table in front of her. She then raised her head and looked at Si Mobai. Who would have thought that the Demon WarG.o.d who was famous for being terrifying would cook.

He had pampered her to the extreme!

“Tianlan!” Right after taking her last bite, she heard a voice that she hadn’t been hearing for a long time. She immediately looked towards her door, but no one was there.

After a while, a fire red figure appeared at the entrance of the courtyard. It was approaching her at an incredible speed, like fire. She then slowly saw a face that she hadn’t seen in ages. That pa.s.sionate, happy-go-lucky smiley face.

“Tianlan.” Luo Yunzhu ran over as fast as she could and stood in front of Feng Tianlan. She was giving her a bright smile. “Tianlan, I am here. Do you miss me?”

Looking at Luo Yunzhu who was extremely pa.s.sionate in front of her, Feng Tianlan couldn’t help but thought of Gu Nansheng. Her eyes were turning red while her voice was slightly choking with sobs. “Yunzhu.”

“Don’t cry. What happened? Tell me who made you cry; I will beat that person up.” Luo Yunzhu panicked instantly after seeing Feng Tianlan’s eyes turned red. When she saw Si Mobai who was frowning at the side, she pulled up her sleeves immediately. “Tianlan, did he bully you? Even if I can’t win him, I will still fight for your sake.”

Even since Tianlan suddenly became a completely different person two years ago, she had never seen her cry. However, her eyes were turning red right after meeting her. How much must she had suffered to be like that.


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