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Chapter 656: Another Person Wants to Kill Her

Everyone knew that Chen Xinlu was lying. Yet, they wanted to use this chance to get the Ice Soul Sword rightfully and openly.

However, no one expected the Ice Soul Sword to be so heavy. The four of them who were Heavenly Supremes couldn’t even move the Ice Soul Sword by a millimetre even after using all their Spiritual Force. It seemed like Feng Tianlan was the only person who could lift it up.

When they thought about how light the sword was when held by Feng Tianlan while the four of them who were Heavenly Supremes couldn’t even move it by a millimetre, they were furious. Comparisons sure are odious.

“Speechless?” Feng Tianlan sneered softly. “In that case, I’m leaving, since I’ve handed over the legendary weapon.”

Since you guys wanted the Ice Soul Sword, I gave you a chance. It depends on whether you can lift it up.

“Miss Feng.” The Grand Elder ran in front of Feng Tianlan. He was audacious and showed no hints of repentance. “Miss still needs to help us carry the legendary weapon back to the s.h.i.+ Family.”

Although they couldn’t lift the legendary weapon, the legendary weapon must belong to the s.h.i.+ Family!”

Feng Tianlan smiled faintly as she suggested, “How about I help you pick it up and Grand Elder will carry it back yourself?”

The Grand Elder’s face became sullen. He felt a burning sensation once again. His att.i.tude then became much tougher. “If miss isn’t willing to do it, we can only take you down and bring you back for an explanation on destroying the secret realm and hurting Miss Biao.”

Since he had come so far, he didn’t mind embarra.s.sing himself more, as long as he could bring the legendary weapon back.

Feng Tianlan squinted her eyes slightly. Her cold voice became colder. “Is the Grand Elder threatening me?”

“Miss Feng should be wise in making the right decision in this given situation.” The Grand Elder remained audacious as he spoke.

Feng Tianlan replied with a soft ‘heh’, then agreed with a smile, “Alright.”

The four of them were Heavenly Supremes. It would be impossible for her to leave by force. She could only find an opportunity to escape after leaving this place. As for the legendary weapon, it belonged to her. Since when did they have the right to take it away from her.

The Grand Elder’s expression eased up after hearing Feng Tianlan agree to his request. He then said in a serious tone, “Rest a.s.sured. Once the legendary weapon is in the ancestral hall of the s.h.i.+ Family, we’ll stop bothering miss for what you did today.”

“Hehe!” Feng Tianlan sneered. She then bent over and picked up the Ice Soul Sword with minimal effort.

When the four elders saw Feng Tianlan pick up the Ice Soul Sword so effortlessly with one hand, they instantly felt another burning sensation on their faces. They, the four Heavenly Supremes, were actually worse off than a young lady. And they even had to resort to threatening her. If this incident were to spread, how were they supposed to retain their dignity.

Feng Tianlan and Azurite were surrounded by two elders in front of them and another two elders behind them. They said that they were protecting them, however in reality, they were escorting them.

The secret realm of their family was not very far away. It was just twenty miles away from the city. Therefore, they reached the city in a short amount of time.

The commoners were shocked to see the four elders escorting a peerless beauty into the city. They gathered around to look at this scenario and were discussing among themselves.

Feng Tianlan suddenly had a plan when she saw the commoners who had gathered around. She then stopped moving forward.

“Miss Feng…”

Just as the Grand Elder spoke, a wailing cry was heard. His head hurt when he heard that cry. Why was he here? He would definitely have his eye on the legendary weapon.

“Lu’er, my daughter.”

Feng Tianlan looked towards the direction where the voice was coming from. It was a middle-aged man who was crying loudly, however, his expression wasn’t that sorrowful. He then paced towards them as he stabbed her directly on her crown with a sharp sword in his hand while shouting, “Give me back my child!”


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