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Chapter 215 – Xing Jiuan Worries

Mu Qing had already thought of making a move, but Xing Jiuan had stopped him. Furthermore, she would probably receive countless calls because of this matter.

Currently, the three senior brothers and sisters beside her had already expressed their att.i.tudes. There were also the other senior brothers and sisters. They must have been stopped from contacting her these past two days, or they might be giving Xing Jiuan some time to react.

If she guessed correctly, a senior brother would call her today.

This person was more irritable. She needed to think of an explanation.

She still had to thank Mu Qing because this person had given her time to react. If he could hold it in for two days, it must have been Mu Qing who’d stopped him.

Xing Jiuan was worried.

However, to her surprise, this senior brother who had been holding it in for two days could not help but feel that a call was no longer enough to express his anger. He had taken a plane for more than ten hours and returned from overseas.

At the international airport.

The man walked through the crowd coldly.

It was clearly a hot summer, but he seemed to be able to bring about a chill.

People were coming and going around him, but wherever he pa.s.sed, people could not help but make way for him.

The man was wearing a black jacket, and his face was unforgettable.

He was probably the kind of person who could debut with his looks.

Noticing that someone was secretly taking photos, he frowned and took out a mask from his pocket to put it on.

Once he was alone, he took out his phone.

“I’m at the airport. Come and pick me up.”

“Wh… What?”

Xing Jiuan was in a daze. She did not expect him to come straight over.

More importantly, she was not prepared at all!

“Tsk, your ears don’t work well?”

“No, why are you…”

“Call me Senior Brother,” the man interrupted with a frown.

“Senior Brother, why are you suddenly here?”

“I came to see you.”

Xing Jiuan really wanted to say that there was really no need to take a dozen-odd-hour plane ride just to see her.

This senior brother had gone overseas about a month ago and said that he would be back in three months. Before he left, he had specially instructed Xing Jiuan to call him if she was bullied.

Xing Jiuan did not expect the news in the country to spread so quickly that it even made him rush back immediately.

“I’ll be right there.” Xing Jiuan scratched her head and felt like crying.

Oh no, oh no. She was going to be scolded.

As she thought about this, Xing Jiuan quickly changed her clothes and prepared to leave.

She still remembered to go and greet Mu Qing. It would be best if Mu Qing went with her.

If she was scolded on the way back, someone could help her.

When Mu Qing heard that that person was at the airport, he was also a little surprised. He looked at Xing Jiuan, who had a bitter expression on her face, and said gently, “I’ll go with you. Wait for two minutes.”

Xing Jiuan nodded.

Lin Feng was still asleep, and Mu Qing had no intention of waking him up.

After changing his clothes, he came out.

Mu Qing naturally acted as Xing Jiuan’s chauffeur. Xing Jiuan sat in the front pa.s.senger seat with a worried expression.

“Senior Brother, you’ll help me, right?”

When he heard Xing Jiuan’s voice, Mu Qing couldn’t help but smile. “Is he that scary?”

“He will hit me,” Xing Jiuan said confidently.

Xing Jiuan was talking about when she was young. There was one time when she was really naughty and almost hurt herself. That senior brother could not help but hit her palm with his chopsticks.

Compared to falling by herself, that didn’t even hurt.

However, perhaps because that person’s expression at that time had been too serious and it had frightened little Xing Jiuan, she had ignored him for two days.

“Don’t mention it.” Mu Qing couldn’t help but laugh. “He almost cried because of you.

“It hurt him to hit you.”


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