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She entered the w.a.n.g Palace. The architecture of the palace was like no other in the country.

“Gos.h.!.+ I must say it’s the palace of every girl’s dreams. Shut up Lifen, how can you talk about this when you know your life is at stake right now. I have to be focused as I am entering the den of the most dangerous beast right now”.

As she entered, she was in the colossal hall of the palace. There hung a beautiful charismatic chandelier which was really mesmerizing. The hall was divided into three sections which were marked by the pillars of modern design. The left section was the dining hall, right-side section was a home bar stocked with different kinds of wines and champagnes.

She stepped forward to the middle section, which was the biggest section of the hall. It was designed with three large sofsets and a big gla.s.s centre table . She asked a lady who was cleaning the centre table, ” Excuse me, I am here to deliver the delivery from Impresso-Expresso. Can you please receive it and pay the cash “.

The thought that she hasn’t encountered the Mr.Beast till now make her chuckle and she was thanking her lucky stars for that.

The maid stood up and greeted her by bowing her head, “Miss, please wait here…Boss will be arriving soon”. The statement given by the maid was enough to give gooseb.u.mps to her. Then only she received a call, maybe it was the butler of the house. As she ended the call, she turned to Lifen and said, “Miss I have to leave now, my work is over…you can wait here as boss will be here soon”.

This sounded a little awkward to Lifen and she asked in a hurried tone, “The palace is maintained by so many hardworking and responsible workers like you. Were you be working some other part of the palace right now?”. She was trying to ask whether she will not be the only one in the palace, after the maid leaves. She can’t afford to be alone with the Beast.

The maid said, “Miss, Thanks for your kind words. Generally we have a lot of work daily, but today we got a half day, so of us will be leaving now.” Explaining this the maid walked outside.

Lifen’s nervousness was on its peak. She just wanted to run away. She was sensing something evil around her.

There was footsteps on the staircase. Lifen turned her head to look in the direction of the sound. Deming was coming down wearing a thin white s.h.i.+rt and casual blue pants. He was dressed very normal manner, his hairs were wet and small drops of water are dripping from his hair. His skin seemed to be alluring the peak of heaven, it was flushed red as he has just taken a deep warm water bath. The scene was enough to capture any girl’s thoughts.

Soon he was standing in front of Lifen, looking at her again with his intense eyes. “We met again, Little Cat…I won’t call you little rabbit as I can see you have turned your Little cat mode on”, Deming chuckled.

“Lifen ignored him and started in a polite tone,” Sir, I am here to deliver you the delivery from Impresso-Expresso. Please check the delivery, here is the bill and pay me the cash, so that I can leave”.

“Yeah…I know…I will pay the cash….But you have to….”, he took small steps to close up the distance between them. This was the thing which Lifen was afraid of. “…I am saying…I will pay you the cash for the deliveries, but there is a condition…you know…you have to accompany me while having it”, Deming was at 5 inch distance from Lifen.

The distance which Deming was closing up was making Lifen nervous more and more and he knew it. The nervous look on Lifen’s face made him do it more, he liked this expression on her the most.

She said in a stammering tone,”Con..con..condition?…how can you put such a condition up? We…We just deliver the delivery of the pastries to its destination…I am not someone you think of…I am not your servant who will help you to have it…”

He again advanced his steps towards her and intensifying his gaze on her. ” What are you doing…? why are coming so close?”, she was stepping backwards, soon her legs felt the edge of the sofa, there wasn’t any escape point now.

He closed up the distance and now he was 1 inch apart from her. This made Lifen nervous to the h.e.l.l and she fell on the sofa pressing her back on it. She was terribly nervous and her face turned pale red.

The scene was the same, she dreamt last night. It was like her nightmare has turned into her reality. Thinking of it she murmured, “No…No this can’t happen…why this awkward dream from last night seems to be turning real…”.


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