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Chapter 135 Treasures

Judging from their robes, the three people coming her way was from the Frozen Wraith Sect. What a microscopic world! Fang Yu smiled inwardly.

“Hey! Did you hear us? This tree is too small! Four people can’t occupy the tree.” The man who spoke had a long scar on his left cheek. Coupled with his sharp eyebrows and phoenix eyes, he looked a little sinister. Fang Yu immediately noticed that the three of them are all at the peak of the ninth level. They are only one step away from advancing to the foundation stage.

That could mean that these three people have some good treasures! After all, these three can be considered core disciples of the Frozen Wraith Sect. Just the thought of treasure made her smile, a huge smile that reached her ears. With her current appearance as Jin, this smile looked a bit scary. Seeing her smile like this, the three people frowned.

“He is only eight level.”

“He is from the Eight Palms Sect, right? I think we should just kill him.”

The three looked at Fang Yu who was calmly sitting in one of the branches.

“I think he is deaf. Or he might have a problem in his head.” One of the three people said. This man can clearly see that their cultivation is higher than his, yet he was not showing any fear in his face. Instead, he was looking weirdly at them, while smiling like a crazy person.

“Do you think they will send someone crazy here?”

Fang Yu could only smile as the three discussed. She was looking at the screen in front of her eyes.

[Quest: Feed the tree, obtain its fruit, and give it to Ji Tian. Reward: Five coins. No option to decline.]

This robot is really partial towards the lead. She darted her gaze towards the three people. Surely, feeding the tree involved these people, right? Well then, why waste any more time? Fang Yu vanished from where she was sitting and suddenly resurfaced next to the man with the scar.

“Look out!” the other man shouted and watched as Fang Yu stabbed a dagger in the man’s neck. Without waiting for them to react, Fang Yu vanished again and attacked the second man. When the third man saw that the second man was already dead, he turned his heel, planning to run away. But how could Fang Yu allow him to leave? She vanished and appeared in front of the man. Again, she used a dagger to attack him.

Seeing the three people dead on the ground, Fang Yu couldn’t help but shook her head. These three are still young with an extremely vast future. But they were too arrogant. Well… they have the right to be arrogant after all, they were considered talented. She clicked her tongue and keep her dagger.

All throughout the fight, Fang Yu didn’t show any ability as she was afraid that other people will track her. After all, she had no way of disguising her abilities. So she used a dagger that she found of Mo Li’s things. She knew that this dagger was not from this world. It would be easy to let people think that the one who attacked them was not human.

Fang Yu quickly lifted their bodies and put them next to the roots of the tree. Then she used the dagger to make a bigger wound on their neck. Feeding this tree… meant making it drink blood. That might sound sinister but most plants in this place needed blood to survive.

Under her gaze, the roots started to dance. A weird slurping sound reached her ears as the three corpses wilted like a flower until they turned into bones. “Weird tree.” She uttered. However, what happened next made her speechless. The tree swallowed the bones. Then it hissed. The loud hissed made her flinched. Fang Yu flew a few meters away and watched as the tree became taller, bigger.

She immediately wondered if this tree would become smaller if it’s hungry. After a good ten minutes of growing, the tree in front of her is already so tall, she couldn’t even see the top anymore. What kind of tree was this? She couldn’t help but wonder. Then she smelt something sweet. Fang Yu’s eyes widened at the fruits that suddenly appeared.

Seeing that the tree had now stopped growing and is now bearing a lot of fruits, Fang Yu didn’t even hesitate. Using her ability, she scooped the tree with the land surrounding it and put it in her s.p.a.ce. Who would want a fruit when one can get the whole tree? Fang Yu beamed when she examined the tree in her s.p.a.ce. She just had to create a s.p.a.ce that is similar to the environment in these plains and she knew that the three could survive there.

Plus, this was such a great way to hide bodies! Wouldn’t it be nice to just make it swallow the body of her enemies?

This treasure was enough to complete her day! Smiling, Fang Yu decided to leave the place and continued flying. This trip had benefited her so well. She didn’t only get a lot of gra.s.s but a tree that eats corpse! She was extremely in a good mood! So, she decided to fly faster and obtain another treasure.


Fang Yu paused. From the gra.s.s to the trees, it seems that there’s a lot of treasures in this place! With her s.p.a.ce magic, it would easy for her to just gather everything that she could see and transfer it to her own s.p.a.ce. However, after a couple of seconds, Fang Yu realized something.

This s.p.a.ce is extremely vast and magical. Would it be possible that the one who create this is someone like her? Someone with s.p.a.ce affinity? If that is the case then she can’t be too greedy. Those people might have some traps prepared for people like Fang Yu. She immediately shook the thought out of her head and continued her journey. She should stop thinking about things that didn’t concern the male lead.

But what if she can help the male lead using her s.p.a.ce? The plot that she got from the system was not very clear on how Fang Yu will help the male lead to advance. What if she creates some s.p.a.ce for Ji Tian where he can cultivate faster? Using this method, his cultivations would surely advance by leaps and bounds! Just the thought made her excited!

As long as Ji Tian will become stronger and Dong Hu will avoid this death then… her mission is considered complete!




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