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Chapter 137 Lucky Ji Tian

Just as Fang Yu had guessed before, the Frozen Wraith Sect had been targeting Ji Tian and his group since they arrived in the inner forest. Or at least that’s what Dongfang Liutao said. According to him, he and Yunyun were sent to one place while Fatty Lu and Ji Tian were also in the same area.

The moment they arrive in the forest, they immediately met each other because they have been running from the disciples that had been chasing them around.

“So they just chased you around without hurting you?” All disciples that the Frozen Wraith Sect sent were powerful. If they wanted to kill them, then they could definitely do it.

“Yes, they just keep on chasing us.” Dongfang Liutao cursed. “Those people were laughing as they treated us like a d.a.m.n plaything!”

Fang Yu nodded. So the goal was to exhaust them and stop them from looking for treasures. If that was the case, then it meant that Xiawen Dong just wanted to make Fang Yu mad. How cute. Just like a high school kid who can’t stop bullying his crush. She sneered at the thought.

“So… what about that scorpion?”

“It’s called Algret. It’s not a scorpion.” Dongfang Liutao immediately corrected him.

“Oh! Then what about it?”

“They have mounts. They asked it to chase me. Just me!”

Fang Yu nodded. So, they wanted to get rid of Dongfang Liutao probably because he came from an influential family and was a personal disciple of an elder.

“So, what is the plan?”

“Just distract them.” Fang Yu answered.

“Jin! What are you talking about? You know that your cultivation is lower than their own cultivation, right? How are we supposed to distract them?”

Fang Yu fell into silence before she asked him where did he last saw Ji Tian and the others. After hearing Liutao’s answer, Fang Yu told him to meet her there as she needed to find something first. When Liutao asked her about it, she immediately said that it was something Elder Fang wanted.

Fang Yu immediately went to a cave that was shown on Mo Li’s map. This cave was abandoned and was home to some blood-sucking bats.


Meanwhile, Ji Tian spit a mouthful of blood just as the attack of someone from the Frozen Wraith Sect hit his chest. He struggled to stand up as he continued coughing up blood.

“Ah? He is still alive! I thought he will die.”

“The Elder said we don’t need to kill him. This should be enough.”

“What about the woman and the fat one?” the man eyed Yunyun and Fatty who already lost their consciousness.

“I think we could kill them.”

The man just smirked. “I think that woman is a little pretty.”

“Then you can do whatever you want.”

“Yes, boss!”

The group fell into a puddle of laughter as they walked towards the unconscious Yunyun. However, before they could approach her, a huge fireball was thrown towards them.

“You—How dare you do this to the Eight Palms Sect?” It was Dongfang Liutao. Despite Fang Yu warning him not to reveal himself, he still chose to act when he saw the bad state of Ji Tian and the others.

“Oh!? He is still alive? Hey Xin, I thought your mount is powerful enough to defeat this dumb bloke?”

“You! Who are you calling a dumb bloke?” Liutao stood in front of Ji Tian. “I will kill you!”

“You think you can fight against the four of us?” someone from the group sneered. “You will die before you could land a blow against us.”

“It’s your fault for being weak.”

Both Liutao and Ji Tian gritted their teeth.

“Can you still fight?” Liutao asked Ji Tian who just finished drinking a potion that his master made for him for this trip.

“Yes.” He glared at the group, determination flashed in his eyes. “Let’s beat them.”

“Hmph! Big talk!” The man with flaming red hair snapped his fingers and a huge fireball immediately materialized in his hands. “Can you even stand?” He sneered.

“Xin, don’t kill them.” Someone warned.

“This man killed my mount. It is only right that I kill them or my poor mount won’t find peace.” A sinister smile was on Xin’s face. He raised his hand that was holding the fireball intending to throw it towards Ji Tian and Liutao. But his thoughts were interrupted when the group heard someone shout.

“AHHHHHHHHHH! Get away from me!!!!!!!”

The group eyed each other, their gazes turned alert. Soon enough, a man wearing an Eight palms sect robe ran towards them, behind him was a dark cloud of….

“What is that?”

“What the…


Seeing the man running towards their direction, the group’s faces immediately changed. Seeing this, Fang Yu or Jin threw pills to both Ji Tian and Liutao before running towards the unconscious fatty and Yunyun. Then she threw two potions towards them. Finally, she drank another one of those tablets that she gave to Ji Tian and Liutao.

“You—this man is from the Eight Palms Sect! This is one of them!”

“d.a.m.n! We have no time! The bats are coming our way! Run!”

“d.a.m.n!” The four people from the frozen wraith sect thought that the bats would attack Yunyun and the fatty first. After all, they are lying on their way. Contrary to their expectations, the bats didn’t even seem to notice Yunyun and Fatty Lu and went straight towards their direction.

“Run!” The four of them immediately run in different directions, hoping to escape the onslaught of the blood-sucking bats behind them. Of course, they knew that something was definitely wrong with these bats and they needed to avoid them at all costs.

Seeing this, Fang Yu pretended to run out of breath as she sat next to Yunyun and patted her chest. “You are safe… good… good.” She nodded and smiled.

“Jin! Are you alright?” Ji Tian asked. Fang Yu nodded in response, she examined her disciple and sigh in relief when she saw that he still had complete limbs.

“I think we need to find a place to hide first. They might come back.” Jin said. Seeing his extremely pale face, Ji Tian and Liutao immediately decided to carry Fatty and Yun away from this place. After finding a cave, the group finally rested and healed themselves.

In Fang Yu’s story, Elder Fang asked Jin to protect her favorite disciple Ji Tian. She even provided a secret map for Jin just so he can do his job properly. Because of this, Jin would do everything to protect Ji Tian. He wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice his own life just to keep Ji Tian safe. This impromptu story was something that Fang Yu concocted just so these people would stop asking him questions about everything.

When everyone heard this, they immediately thought that Ji Tian was indeed very lucky to have a master like Fang Yu. Even Ji Tian couldn’t stop himself but feel really grateful. He silently decided to gain more strength and make himself as strong as possible so he could protect Fang Yu in the future too.

Of course, Fang Yu is unaware of this. If she was, she would have told him to stop right now and never mention this in front of Mo Li. Or that man… would kill him right then and there.




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