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Chapter 125: Don’t Be Impulsive

Lausanne finally came back to his senses and quickly stood up to ask Adeline to apologize to Chu Luo.

How could Adeline, who was feeling extremely aggrieved, be willing to apologize to Chu Luo?

However, under Lausanne’s intense gaze, she had no choice but to lower her head and apologize to Chu Luo.

“Chu, I’m sorry. I really didn’t do it on purpose just now. Please forgive me.”

Chu Luo looked at Adeline and smiled with an unreadable expression. She pointed at the painting on the table and said, “Our compet.i.tion isn’t over. Do you want to continue painting?”

How could Adeline continue to paint at this time? She looked at the vivid flowers on Chu Luo’s paper and prepared herself to say that she admitted defeat.

“Eh… I don’t think you are in the mood to draw now, but we have to continue with the last step of our compet.i.tion.”

After saying that, Chu Luo turned to look at Amina. “Amina, where are the b.u.t.terflies that you’ve asked others to catch?”

Without thinking, Amina reflexively turned to the two servants standing beside her. “Release the b.u.t.terflies.”

The b.u.t.terflies had been placed in a container by the servants. In the living room that was as bright as day, they started dancing as soon as they were released.

The people standing near the papers automatically made s.p.a.ce for them.

Soon, to everyone’s surprise, the b.u.t.terflies flew directly towards Chu Luo’s drawing paper.

Chu Luo looked at the wide-eyed Adeline. “Do you still think that our empire’s paintings can’t compare to your oil paintings?”


What else did Adeline have to say? The truth had hit her hard in the face. She felt her cheeks burn.

She lowered her head in shame and said, “I apologize for what I said before.”

Chu Luo didn’t expect this person to lower her head so quickly. She was a little bored and turned to look at Li Yan.

Li Yan lowered his eyes and gestured to Qin Ming.

Qin Ming went over to take Chu Luo’s painting and turned Li Yan’s wheelchair.

Atlantis immediately understood what Li Yan meant. He first praised Chu Luo’s painting before saying to everyone, “It’s all a misunderstanding, all a misunderstanding. Since there’s nothing else, everyone, please continue drinking.”

Then he said to Amina, “Amina, take Miss Adeline to change her clothes.”

Amina quickly nodded and led Adeline, who was dying to leave, to the side.

After the two of them had walked out of the crowd, Adeline finally couldn’t help but sob softly.

Amina quickly comforted her. “Adeline, stop crying. About this…”

“Amina, I’m really not as good as Chu.”


“I’ve never seen anyone’s painting attract b.u.t.terflies. Chu’s painting has actually done it.”

Amina suddenly didn’t know how to comfort her.

Adeline added, “Someone really pushed me just now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have b.u.mped into Chu and knocked over the paint.”

Amina gave her a complicated look, not knowing how to comfort her.

She simply maintained her silence and brought her to her bedroom.

But Adeline didn’t want to go out after changing. She said, “It’s humiliating. I’ve never been so embarra.s.sed.”

“You’re wearing a mask. Li and Chu don’t know who you are.”

“But everyone else here knows.”

After saying that, she started crying.

Amina had no choice but to sit beside her and comfort her.

In the hall.

The group of women went back to the hall.

Lausanne wanted to apologize to the two of them, so he asked a servant to bring over a few of wine.

He said to Li Yan and Chu Luo, “It was my daughter’s fault just now. I’ll bring her along to apologize to the two of you.”

Chu Luo looked at the wine Lausanne was handing her and her nose twitched. She realized that there was something added to it and her lips curled up. She took the wine and gave Li Yan a gla.s.s.

When she handed the wine to Li Yan, she leaned in and said in his ear, “There’s something added to the wine. Since someone is being so insensible, why don’t we play along? We can use this chance to make an example out of her. How about that?”

Li Yan tilted his head and looked at the fair face inches from his own, as well as at those sparkling eyes that were calculative. His gaze darkened.

In the eyes of others, the two of them appeared extremely intimate.

Chu Luo said to him, “After you finish your wine, go outside and take a breather. Don’t let anyone else follow you.”

After saying that, she stood up.

Li Yan picked up his gla.s.s and drank.

Chu Luo also drank the wine in her gla.s.s.

Lausanne was delighted and quickly downed a gla.s.s of wine.

Seeing that Li Yan and Chu Luo had already forgiven Adeline, everyone s.h.i.+fted the topic back to their concerns.

The atmosphere became lively again.

Chu Luo stood beside Li Yan for a while before suddenly summoning a servant and asking softly, “Where’s the washroom?”

The servant quickly said to her in a low voice, “Miss, please follow me.”

Chu Luo followed the servant.

Not long after she left, Li Yan said to Qin Ming, “Push me out for some air.”

When Atlantis heard this, he expressed his willingness to accompany Li Yan.

The others had the same thought.

Li Yan glanced at them coldly. “No one is allowed to follow me out.”

Everyone could only give up on this thought.

Nonetheless, Atlantis still brought Li Yan to the garden at the back. Before leaving, he said, “Li, if you need anything, get someone to call me immediately.”

Li Yan nodded slightly and Atlantis left.

After Atlantis left, Li Yan gestured to Qin Ming. “Go get some water.”

Qin Ming nodded at him and turned around to walk into the villa.

Only Li Yan was left in the garden.

The faint light of the streetlamp shone on him and the fragrance of the flowers wafted around him. Li Yan raised his hand. He originally wanted to use his communicator to contact Chu Luo, but he remembered that he had given her his suit.

There was a fire burning in his body. When he thought about the fact that he had been drugged, he didn’t feel like he was being burned by a fire. Instead, he felt the urge to kill someone.

Suddenly, a figure in a suit walked quickly to the side.

Li Yan narrowed his eyes at the figure that quickly disappeared and his lips curled into a bloodthirsty smile.

He operated his wheelchair and followed that figure.

Atlantis’s residence was a garden villa. The garden behind was huge, and some flowering plants were as tall as a person.

When Li Yan pushed the wheelchair over, he saw that the woman was standing with her back facing him.

Li Yan’s murderous aura intensified. “Who asked you to wear my coat?”

The thought of the little thing actually giving his coat to another woman made the bloodthirstiness in Li Yan’s body burn even more fiercely.

He took out a whip from his wheelchair and pointed it at the woman.

The woman turned around.

It was Adeline.

Adeline had removed her mask to reveal her gorgeous face.

She was originally delighted to turn around, but when she saw the whip in Li Yan’s hand, her expression changed.

“Master… Master Li.”

Li Yan’s tone was cold and dangerous. “Who asked you to wear my coat?”

Even though Adeline was scared to death by his aura, she didn’t dare to tell the truth. She stuttered and replied, “Chu… Chu gave it to me.”


Chu Luo walked over from the side and said angrily, “I only went to the toilet for a while, and you already took away my coat.”

Li Yan suddenly glanced at Chu Luo.

Then, he waved the whip coldly.



Adeline covered her right arm and screamed. Blood flowed from her fingertips.


Li Yan quickly attacked, sealing Adeline’s mute acupoint with a bead.

Adeline was instantly rendered mute and retreated in fear. She staggered and fell to the ground.

At this moment, Qin Ming quickly walked over.


Li Yan said coldly, “Let her have a taste of this drug and throw her into the living room.”


Qin Ming walked towards Adeline.

Adeline was so frightened that she didn’t care about the pain in her arm. She propped herself up with both hands and retreated.

As Qin Ming approached, she wanted to get up and run to the side.

However, she wasn’t as fast as Qin Ming.

Qin Ming reached out and grabbed her arm. He took out a pill and fed it to her mouth. Then, he moved her chin and the pill slid into her throat.

Adeline let out a silent scream of horror.

Qin Ming pulled her towards the villa.

After the two of them had left, Chu Luo looked at the suit on the ground that Adeline had dropped while struggling. She started to walk over to pick it up.

However, at this moment, Li Yan grabbed her arm.


As the world spun around her, she was pressed into the wheelchair by him.

“Little imp, did you let her wear my coat on purpose?”


Chu Luo was about to deny it when she was startled by Li Yan’s breath as he suddenly got near her.

Their lips were about to touch.

She quickly turned her head away and pushed him with both hands. “You… move aside.”

His body temperature was so high that it almost burned her palm.

Chu Luo then remembered that he had been drugged and quickly said, “Don’t be impulsive. I’ll give you the antidote immediately.”

Li Yan looked at her cherry lips, which were more beautiful than flower petals, and his throat bobbed.

“It’s too late.”


Time seemed to have suddenly stopped.

The surroundings were so quiet that only the sound of each other’s heartbeats could be heard.

Something snapped in her mind.

In the next moment, Chu Luo abruptly snapped out of her trance and slapped Li Yan. She quickly jumped out of the wheelchair as Li Yan was pushed back by her internal energy.

She jumped a few meters away before glaring at him in disbelief. She raised her hand to wipe her lips.

She pointed at him and stuttered. “You, you, you… you lecher!”

Li Yan looked at her with those deep eyes and suddenly coughed.

This little thing was too ruthless.

Chu Luo quickly took out a pill and threw it at him.

She said to him in exasperation, “Hurry up and swallow the antidote.”

Li Yan took the pill and swallowed it.

He stood there for nearly a minute, and when he heard the chaos in the villa beside him, he said in a low voice, “If you dare to let other women wear my clothes again, I’ll punish you like this again.”

“You, you, you… just try!” Chu Luo’s face turned red.

Li Yan looked at her face, which had turned red (from fury or embarra.s.sment?), and said lightly, “See if I don’t.”


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