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Chapter 219: Chu Luo Was Taken Away by the Opponent

In the girls’ dormitory, at past eleven at night, the lights had just turned off not long ago. It was time for the girls to chat.

In one of the girls’ dormitories, the short-haired girl, Zhao Chuxia, was lying in bed listening to the other girls talk about celebrity XX and XX. Her phone suddenly flashed. She quickly picked it up and glanced at it. After reading the message, she sat up.

“Chuxia, where are you going?”

“To the toilet.”

After Zhao Chuxia replied, she opened the door and walked out.

Someone muttered behind her, “There’s a toilet in the dormitory. Why are you going to the public toilet?”

After the door was closed, Zhao Chuxia quickly went downstairs. When she pa.s.sed by the window, her body flashed and she appeared by the iron gate in the courtyard outside.

There was a small courtyard outside their dormitory and a two-meter-tall wall outside it. Zhao Chuxia climbed over the wall with familiarity and went out of the dormitory door.

Once she was out of the door, she quickly walked to the side. As she walked, she took out her phone and dialed a number. When the other party picked up the call, she said:

“Something happened to the people guarding Chu Luo. Before that happened, I was sent a message saying that a large group of people went over to take her away. They should be facing Li Yan’s bodyguards right now.”

No one knew what the other party said, but she acknowledged them and hung up the phone. She quickly ran towards Chu Luo’s place.

Chu Luo stopped a hundred meters away from her dormitory building. She didn’t take off her Invisibility Talisman and sat on a bench by the road to give Li Yan’s bodyguards an order.

After about five minutes, a group of people quietly walked over.

Their surroundings were quiet and their footsteps were light. However, when they approached the dormitory building Chu Luo lived in, a few of Li Yan’s bodyguards came out.

“Who are you? If you know what’s good for you, leave immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!”

The other party didn’t even speak and directly attacked.

The two sides immediately started fighting.

Chu Luo glanced at the group of people fighting and calculated when the short-haired girl would come.

Just then, she saw a few people coming around to the back of her dormitory building.

Chu Luo stood up and walked towards the dormitory building.

She walked behind those people and watched as they gestured and threw a rope hook at her bedroom window. She jumped into a nearby window and flashed in.

When she returned to her bedroom, she removed the Invisibility Talisman on her body and looked at the things in the room before quickly putting the books away in her Heaven-and-Earth pouch.

Soon, a person climbed up the rope.

He b.u.mped into Chu Luo, who was standing there.

That person suddenly jumped in and threatened in a low voice, “Don’t move or I won’t be polite to you!”

Chu Luo cooperated and revealed a frightened expression. “Who are you? Why are you in my room?”

After saying that, she looked like she was about to scream.

“Shut up! I’ll kill you if you dare to scream!”

Then, another person climbed in.

The two of them walked towards her.

Chu Luo retreated backward. As she retreated, she said, “Don’t come over. I have many of Master Li’s bodyguards around me. If you dare to do anything to me, they won’t let you off.”

Chu Luo quickly retreated to the door. She reached behind her back and quickly opened the door. Then, she turned around and ran out.

The two of them quickly gave chase.

However, as soon as they walked out of the bedroom, they could no longer see anyone in the corridor.

The two of them looked at each other. One of them said, “She must be hiding somewhere, right?”

“Let’s search.”

There were only three rooms upstairs: two bedrooms and a study.

The two of them quickly searched the two rooms. When they came out, they shook their heads at the same time with ugly expressions.

But at that moment, they heard rapid footsteps heading down the stairs.

The two of them gave chase immediately.

When Chu Luo ran to the middle of the stairs, the two men chased after her.

“Stop right there!”

Both of them grabbed the railing at the same time and propped themselves up. They actually slid down the railing. Once they reached the middle, they jumped onto the ground at the same time.

Before Chu Luo could run down the stairs, she was flanked by the two of them.

One of them reached out to grab her. “Come with us or suffer the consequences of resisting!”

Chu Luo turned around to run upstairs.

But a knife was pressed against her back.

“If you keep running, I’ll kill you.”

Chu Luo trembled and stood still.

That person was about to catch her.

Just then, a loud bang came from the window in the living room, followed by the sound of gla.s.s falling to the ground.

The three of them subconsciously looked over and saw a short-haired girl standing there staring at them coldly.

“How can two grown men deal with a girl?”

“Hmph! You better not poke your nose into other people’s business.”

One of them went up to her.

The girl suddenly exerted her might and quickly walked over to fight that person.

Chu Luo tilted her head to look at the two people fighting, then at the person who was pressing a knife against her back.

She turned around and escaped from the knife. At the same time, she kindly made a sound to remind that person.

That person abruptly turned around and saw Chu Luo standing on the stairs. His pupils shrank.

At this moment, Chu Luo pointed at the two people fighting and calmly warned him, “Your companion seems to be losing.”

The moment she finished speaking, the other man suffered a punch from the girl and staggered backward.

When the person saw this situation, he took his knife and attacked. As he attacked, he said to his companion, “Take that woman away first.”

Chu Luo shouted, “Help!”

The moment she did that, the sound of rapid approach and fighting came from the door.

A group of people quickly rushed in, including Li Yan’s bodyguards and the other party’s men.

The person who was heading towards her to catch her was quickly restrained.

Chu Luo glanced at the short-haired girl who was being attacked by two people and kindly took out two beads to flick at the knees of the two people attacking her.

While the two of them were staggering, Zhao Chuxia knocked one of them down with a turn.

At the same time, she kicked the other person.

As the two of them retreated, she quickly walked up to Chu Luo and wanted to grab her wrist.

Chu Luo turned to the side. “What are you doing?”

“If you don’t want to be caught by that group of people, come with me.”

Chu Luo glanced at the people fighting and hesitated for a while before nodding at her.

“Don’t pull me. I don’t like physical contact with people.”

Zhao Chuxia sneered. “What’s wrong with you?”

Then, she said, “Follow me.”

After saying that, she turned and ran out of the door with Chu Luo.

There was also a fight outside the door.

Zhao Chuxia led Chu Luo while dodging those people and quickly ran forward.

After running for a while, Chu Luo suddenly stopped and said, “I can’t run anymore.”

After saying that, she walked to the bench and sat down.

Zhao Chuxia pursed her lips and looked at her. She said coldly, “Those people will catch up soon. If you don’t want to be taken away, get up and move.”

“What does it matter?” Chu Luo said confidently. “Those people definitely can’t beat Master Li’s men.”

“Ha!” Zhao Chuxia sneered. “Looks like you still don’t know the severity of the matter.”

“What severity?” Chu Luo looked at her.

“Aren’t you curious why those people dared to come and catch you when Master Li sent so many bodyguards over?”

“What’s there to be curious about?” Chu Luo shrugged, looking like she had long understood. “These people want to capture me. It’s obvious they want to threaten Master Li into using money to ransom me.”

When Zhao Chuxia heard this, the corners of her lips couldn’t help but twitch. She thought: ‘Why should I talk to such a narcissistic girl who doesn’t even have a brain?’

At this moment, Chu Luo glanced at Zhao Chuxia and asked, “Why did you appear? Don’t say that you just happened to pa.s.s by. This is the PhD students’ residence area. Normal people won’t come here.”

Zhao Chuxia was stunned for two seconds. There was displeasure on her face. “Are you suspecting me?”

Chu Luo looked at her with those bright eyes. “Shouldn’t I suspect you?”

After saying that, she stood up and walked in front of her. “You must be in cahoots with those people. You people are putting on a show. While your accomplice is holding Master Li’s bodyguards back, you brought me out and then made me obediently follow you.”

Zhao Chuxia looked at her strangely. Two seconds later, she said, “If you think that way, you can leave directly.”

Without a word, Chu Luo turned around and left. After walking two steps, she broke into a run.

Zhao Chuxia was stunned to see her run faster than a rabbit.

Seeing that Chu Luo was about to run out of her sight, she quickly chased after her with an ugly expression.

Just as she turned the corner, the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated.

Zhao Chuxia quickly stopped and took out her phone to answer the call. She quickly described the current situation to the other party.

The other party said, “Think of a way to bring her out from the west school gate. There will be someone to receive you.”

Zhao Chuxia responded with an “Mm” and hung up.

When she turned around, she saw that Chu Luo had been grabbed by a few people. One of them even covered her mouth and quickly led her to the side.

Chu Luo saw Zhao Chuxia and whined for help.

“Leave her behind!” Zhao Chuxia bellowed and rushed over.

The person who covered Chu Luo’s mouth said in a low voice, “Leave two people to deal with her.”

The others quickly left with Chu Luo.

Zhao Chuxia panicked, took out a folding knife, and quickly attacked.

“You want to leave? No way.”

The two men who had been left behind rushed towards her.

The fight lasted for about three minutes. Seeing how ruthless the girl was, the two men looked at each other and ran in two different directions.

Zhao Chuxia stomped her feet in anger and quickly took out her phone to make a call.

The moment the other party picked up the call, she quickly said, “Chu Luo has been taken away by the other party’s men.”

The person on the other side: “Go to the woods near Crescent Lake.”

Zhao Chuxia hung up and quickly ran over.


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