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Chapter 22: How Does It Feel to Slap Yourself?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu Luo looked at the middle-aged woman adorned with gold and silver jewelry in front of her. Her expression turned cold and she was about to speak.

Old Gao, who had finally snapped back to his senses, quickly s.h.i.+elded her behind him and asked Jiang Siyi’s mother politely, “Mrs. Jiang, since you said that Chu Luo harmed your daughter, please show us the evidence first.”

The school’s heads standing at the side also had the same thought.

Jiang Siyi’s mother glared at Chu Luo and pulled Jiang Siyi to the center. “Evidence? Xiao Yi, tell me, your body and face… is this person the one who harmed them?”

Everyone stared at Jiang Siyi and her mother, feeling that they were just here to cause trouble.

The dean couldn’t stand it anymore and reminded her sternly, “Student Jiang Siyi, since you say that Chu Luo harmed you, you have to show evidence. Our school’s motto is ‘Be kind and beautiful.’ We will never tolerate any student who causes trouble for no reason.”

When Jiang Siyi and her mother heard this, they raised their voices and retorted simultaneously:

“How can my daughter cause trouble for no reason?!”

“It was Chu Luo who harmed me!”

The dean frowned, as did the others.

Jiang Siyi was obviously on the verge of breaking down. She pointed at Chu Luo and said hysterically, “She has always been jealous of my good looks. That day at the Zhang family dinner, she followed me and Tianyi. She even hit Tianyi with a stick. She must have poisoned me.”

Chu Luo stood behind Old Gao and said coldly, “Why should I be jealous of you?”

“Because I’m prettier than you!”


Chu Luo didn’t intend to be polite to Jiang Siyi. She walked out and took off Jiang Siyi’s mask. “Is this what you meant by how I ‘must have’ poisoned you?”

Chu Luo deliberately emphasized the words “must have” and said, “In that case, show us the hospital’s medical report first.”

“Ah…” The mask on her face ripped off, Jiang Siyi screamed and quickly covered her face with her hands, crying again.

When the others saw Jiang Siyi’s face that was covered in black, white, and red lumps, they were all stunned.

Jiang Siyi’s mother was the first to react. Her eyes widened in anger as she raised her hand to slap Chu Luo. “You little b*tch, see if I don’t beat you to death!”

“Ah…” A female school’s head in the office screamed in shock.

The others didn’t expect Jiang Siyi’s mother to be so impulsive. A few of the school’s heads who were sitting down stood up.

Old Gao was the first to react, but he was still a step too late.

Chu Luo looked at the hand that was about to slap her face. A sharp glint flashed across her eyes. Then, she sneered and grabbed the woman’s hand. “Since you like to slap people so much, then have a taste of slapping yourself.”

With that said, she let go of her hand and quickly chanted a series of ancient incantations.

Her voice was so soft that only Jiang Siyi’s mother could hear her.

Then, everyone watched as Jiang Siyi’s mother moved her hand away from Chu Luo and quickly slapped her own face.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The three heavy slaps shocked everyone so much that they opened their mouths wide and forgot to react.

Pa! Pa! Pa!


It wasn’t until Jiang Siyi’s mother had slapped herself more than ten times, her cheeks had swollen like a pig’s head, tears and snot had flowed down her face, and she had screamed until her throat was almost hoa.r.s.e, that Jiang Siyi’s father reacted, the first one who could do so. “Guixiang, what are you doing?”

He quickly grabbed her hand.

Jiang Siyi was so frightened that she forgot to cover her face. She stared at her mother blankly.

Only after Wu Guixiang’s hands had been grabbed that she stopped slapping herself. Her body trembled as she wailed.

The others looked at each other. They really couldn’t understand what Jiang Siyi’s mother was up to.

After a while, Old Gao pulled Chu Luo behind him again. He cleared his throat and told Jiang Siyi’s father, “Mr. Jiang, I think your wife must be sent to the hospital immediately. Also, regarding Chu Luo… I think there must be some misunderstanding.”

Jiang Guodong had come with his wife and child today, but he didn’t approve of it in the first place. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have kept silent all this while.

Now that he was seeing his wife in such a state, he was in no mood to find trouble with another student. Moreover, for Jiang Siyi’s face and figure to suddenly become like that, he didn’t believe that a high school student was the one behind it.

He was startled by Wu Guixiang’s self-mutilating behavior just now and was anxious to send her to the hospital for a checkup. He said to Jiang Siyi with a dark face, “You’ve been causing trouble at home these last two days. Stay at the school and study well today.”

“I don’t…” Jiang Siyi felt that since she was already in this state, how could she still have the face to go to school?

Jiang Guodong hollered, “You don’t want to go to university anymore, do you? If you don’t want to go, come back with me!”

Jiang Siyi’s body trembled and she dared not say another word.

Jiang Guodong turned around and apologized to the school’s heads before leaving with Wu Guixiang.

Just then, a knock sounded on the office door.

Coincidentally, someone was standing by the door and opened it.

Standing outside the door was a 27-year-old man who was dressed like an elite.

When the man saw the people in the office looking at him, he immediately introduced himself. “I’m CEO Chu’s secretary, Liang Bin. CEO Chu has something to attend to and can’t leave, so he asked me to handle Second Miss’s matter.”

He then looked at the Jiang couple and took out his name card. His att.i.tude became serious. “Mr. Jiang, Mrs. Jiang, this is my boss’s name card. If Second Miss has offended Miss Jiang at the school, you can call my boss directly.

“On the other hand, if it is Miss Jiang who bullies our Second Miss, then we can only meet in court.”

Everyone: “…”

Wu Guixiang was still wailing. Jiang Guodong looked at Liang Bin with a displeased expression and said in a deep voice, “It’s just a fight between children. Does Boss Chu have to take things so seriously?”

Liang Bin asked in a tone that sounded like he was complaining, “Isn’t Boss Jiang the one who is trying to blow this up into a serious matter?”

Jiang Guodong choked and said angrily, “I don’t have time to argue with you now. Please move aside and don’t block the door.”

Liang Bin had no intention of making things difficult for them. He simply stepped aside. However, when the Jiang couple walked out of the door, he suddenly said, “Madam’s parents are all in Ocean City. If Mr. Jiang wants to look for Boss, please do so when Boss is free.”

When Jiang Guodong heard that the Wei family was here, he didn’t dare to say a word. He immediately pulled Wu Guixiang and left.

Once the two of them had left, Liang Bin turned around and glanced at the school’s heads in the office, but he had no intention of going in. He first nodded at them, then said to Chu Luo, “Second Miss, Boss asked me to tell you that you should stay at the school for the time being. If you need anything, just give me a call. But don’t cause trouble.”

With that, he turned and left.

“Hey! No…” Old Gao looked outside the door and was furious with Chu Luo’s family. He wanted to stop that person and make things clear, but that person was only Chu Luo’s father’s secretary and was only a messenger. In the end, he could only look at Chu Luo with a complicated gaze.

“Chu Luo, don’t let your imagination run wild. It’s possible that your father is really being held up by something and couldn’t come.”

Chu Luo nodded calmly. “Teacher Gao, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to cla.s.s.”

She didn’t care about the Chu family’s att.i.tude towards her. She just needed Chu Zhiyang or Wei Wei to sign the papers when she applied for the exam.

Teacher Gao nodded. Suddenly, his gaze fell on Jiang Siyi, who was standing there with a gloomy face. He said with a headache, “Jiang Siyi, you should go back to cla.s.s with Chu Luo.”


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