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Chapter 25: Rumor Has It That Chu Luo Took Plastic Surgery Pills


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When Chu Luo returned from her run, to her surprise, she saw Li Yan waiting for her at the dining table.

She went in to wash her hands and sat opposite him, gazing at him curiously.

Li Yan merely lifted his eyes and picked up the bowl of porridge before him to start eating.

Chu Luo looked at him and asked, “There has to be someplace else you can eat. Why do you insist on eating with me?”

Without waiting for him to answer, she continued, “Oh, I know. No one would be willing to eat at the same table with someone as cold as you.” Actually, she was unwilling, too.

Li Yan couldn’t even be bothered to look at her and continued eating his porridge.

Chu Luo curled her lips in boredom and picked up the bowl of porridge to drink as well.

After they had eaten, Chu Luo said to him, “After I treat you tonight, all your curses will be lifted. However, you haven’t walked for several years, so you’ll need some time to get used to it. That’s why, you’d better not walk too much. You should still sit in the wheelchair whenever necessary.”

Li Yan finally responded with an “Mm.”

Chu Luo didn’t feel much towards his coldness. When she thought that she wouldn’t have to see this person tomorrow morning, her mood instantly brightened.

Li Yan watched as she left with a spring in her steps, a glint flickering across his eyes.

It seemed like this little thing really wanted him to leave…

Chu Luo arrived at the school. Just as she was walking on the tree-lined road that led to the Grade 12 building, a few “muscular” girls suddenly walked out and stopped her.

The students who pa.s.sed by quickly walked around them. It was obvious that no one wanted to be involved in this matter.

One of the girls with an explosive hairstyle asked as she chewed gum and shook her leg, “Are you Chu Luo from Grade 12, Cla.s.s 4?”

Chu Luo glanced at the group before her gaze returned to Miss Explosive Hairstyle. She asked coldly, “What is it?”

Miss Explosive Hairstyle spat out her chewing gum and her expression hardened. “What is it? Do you know who you’ve offended? Today, we’re going to teach you who you can’t offend.”

Chu Luo said firmly, “You are the people that Jiang Siyi hired.”

Just as Chu Luo finished speaking, another girl with a sharp mouth and monkey-like cheeks said bluntly, “So what if you know? Since you’ve offended Sister Yi, you should be prepared to be taught a lesson.”

She then made a move to pull Chu Luo’s hair.

Chu Luo’s expression turned cold as she said in a low voice, “My time is very precious, yet you guys are wasting so much of it. You’re courting death.”

With that, she raised her hand and swiftly grabbed the outstretched wrist, twisting it.

“Ah~ ~ ~ ~”

The others were instantly stunned. At this moment, Chu Luo’s body moved, and the group didn’t even have time to see how she attacked. In the next moment, their expressions changed drastically. They either covered their arms and cried out in pain or covered their feet and jumped on one leg with a twisted expression.

Chu Luo looked at them and said in an icy tone, “Don’t appear in front of me again. I won’t be so soft-hearted next time.”

After saying that, she stuffed the earpiece that had fallen out of her ear back in and carried her school bag as she continued walking forward.

Along the way, everyone automatically made way for her. They were obviously stunned by her fierce behavior just now.

After she left, the girls were in so much pain that their tears and mucus were flowing out. A few people who knew Chu Luo were in disbelief.

“Is that really Chu Luo from our cla.s.s? To think she dared to challenge the school’s gangster girls alone!”

“She used to be so easy to bully. Why is she so fierce now?”

“Could it be… that her personality changed drastically because of her failed attempt to commit suicide last time?”

“It’s possible. Maybe she changed her personality because of the school hunk. But have you noticed? She looks a little more good-looking today than yesterday.”

“Did she secretly go for plastic surgery?”

“What kind of plastic surgery hospital is so good that she could get plastic surgery without anyone knowing?”

“Maybe she took pills.”

“That’s very possible… I didn’t expect Chu Luo to work so hard for the school hunk. Now that Jiang Siyi is disfigured from her allergies, if Chu Luo continues to be beautiful, the school hunk might fall in love with her.”

The rumors spread like wildfire throughout the entire high school. Everyone heard that Chu Luo from Grade 12, Cla.s.s 4 was willing to undergo plastic surgery for the school hunk.

This matter quickly spread to Old Gao.

Old Gao called Chu Luo to his office and said to her earnestly, “Student Chu Luo, I know you’re under a lot of pressure, but you can’t take that kind of plastic surgery pills. It’s harmful to your body. Previously, some online newspapers had published reports of people regretting their actions after suffering the adverse side effects from those plastic surgery pills. Blah blah blah.”

Chu Luo listened with a confused look as Old Gao tried to correct her thinking.

After he finished speaking, she couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher, what are you talking about?”

Old Gao: “…”

Teacher Li, who had been upset by the absence of two top students in her cla.s.s, suddenly spoke up sarcastically.

“Instead of studying properly, you waste all your time thinking about unrealistic things all day long. I think you’d better not waste your time on such a person, Teacher Gao. The college entrance examination is getting closer and closer. You should focus your efforts on the best students in your cla.s.s. Otherwise, none of your students might get into any of the key universities.”

Chu Luo and Old Gao turned to look at Teacher Li at the same time with displeasure in their eyes.

Teacher Li stiffened her neck. “Am I wrong? As a normal cla.s.s, it’s already good enough that you have a couple of students who could get into the key universities.”

After saying that, she looked at Chu Luo and lectured, “As a student, you only know how to think about trivial things. It’s fine if you don’t feel pained for the tuition fees your family pays, but you…”

“Teacher,” Chu Luo suddenly interrupted her, “please don’t judge a person with such malicious thoughts.”

“What do you mean? Aren’t you the girl who confessed to Zhang Tianyi…”

“Enough!” Old Gao couldn’t bear to listen anymore and directly shouted, “Teacher Li, as educators, we should set an example. Chu Luo is my student. There’s no need for you to make irresponsible remarks about her.”

“I’m making irresponsible remarks? Could it be that the rumors about her taking plastic surgery pills for Zhang Tianyi are fake?”

“Of course it’s fake.” Chu Luo looked at her sternly. “I’ve just been eating much better than before.”

As she spoke, she pointed to her cheeks. “If you don’t believe me, take a good look. Other than my cheeks turning rosy, are there any other changes?”

Old Gao really started to look at her face carefully. After which, he looked at her with a complicated expression.

Chu Luo’s gaze turned cold as she looked at Teacher Li with confidence. “I have always been good-looking.”

Teacher Li was rendered speechless by her words, but she was a little angry in her heart. She continued to grade papers, muttering as she did so, “What’s the use of becoming more good-looking? Don’t tell me you can raise your grades just because you’re good-looking.”

To that, Old Gao replied coldly, “Teacher Li, I’d advise you to keep your mouth shut. Perhaps Chu Luo is a dark horse.”

Teacher Li rolled her eyes and ignored them.

Old Gao knew that Teacher Li was only showing off because her cla.s.s was the elite cla.s.s, but he didn’t mind. He even comforted Chu Luo. “Chu Luo, just study according to your recent learning progress. If there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask.”

Chu Luo nodded at him and glanced at Teacher Li, who was listening to them. She said, “Teacher, don’t worry. I said that I will go to Imperial University, so I will definitely get in.”


“Chu Luo, you can go back to the cla.s.sroom first. Those papers that I gave you, you can submit them to me after you’re done with them.”

“Got it, Teacher.”

The two ignored Teacher Li and left together.

Teacher Li was so angry that she sat there sulking alone.


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