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Chapter 6

I wouldn’t get stronger even if I got bald

“Ha ha, I didn’t mean to ask you to become a monk . You don’t need to protect your hair so fast . ” Yu Hui probably found my movements of covering my head funny . Then she giggled with her hands covering her mouth and said that .

“I don’t? Oh, I understand now . I only need to study the Buddhist doctrine . . . But I don’t know anything of that . It’s impossible for me to understand those abstruse things, not to mention that it is written in Sanskrit which I don’t even know how to p.r.o.nounce . ” To be honest, I knew I was not a clever person . I could force myself to memorize things mechanically but comprehending the Buddhist doctrine was a whole other level for me . It was too hard .

“I know it is difficult for you to understand those Buddhist texts . So I won’t teach you the complicated ones, only one of the practical Buddhist doctrines which called ‘Counting Spell’ . You don’t even have to read any obscure texts . There’s only one thing you need to do . ”

“Counting Spell?” I had never heard of it .

But it was good to know that it was easy .

“You only need to count one to a hundred in your heart . But there are two restrictions . The first restriction is that you have to pause three seconds every time after you count a number . The second one is that you cannot think of anything else during the counting . If you violate any of the restrictions, you’ll have to start over until you finish counting a hundred numbers . ”

“Sounds pretty simply . Will it really work on my evil thoughts?” It never occurred to me that the solution would be that ‘ordinary’ . So I asked Yu Hui doubtfully with my eyebrows raised .

Yu Hui answered me with a smile, “Just have a try . ”

“I see, I’ll do it now . ” This spell might really have some magical effect . Perhaps Yu Hui would do something to me when I counted .

So I decided to have a try .

I closed my eyes and started to count from one to a hundred .

One, two . . . Ah, I forgot, I should have paused for three seconds . Then I started over again .

. . . , . . . , . . . I didn’t know if I had paused for three seconds or not . The time interval was really hard to control . Well, I guessed I would have to start again .

. . . Seventeen . . . Well, where was I?

Eh . . .

Having tried about seven or eight times, I found myself even unable to count to twenty . So I opened my eyes and said sullenly,

“This one is harder than I thought . . . ” I did have underestimated the difficulty of this ‘Counting Spell’ .

The most difficult part was thinking about nothing but the numbers .

I considered myself a steady man and wouldn’t let my mind wander so easily . However, thinking of only the numbers was still impossible for me .

Because I needed to pause for three seconds . And that was long enough for me to think of other things . Moreover, during the procedure, I had wondered if I had already paused for three seconds enough from time to time . That also brought me back to the beginning .

It seemed that Yu Hui had already foreseen my failure . She said to me with the corner of her mouth hanged up,

“That’s why it could release you from the evil thoughts and suppress those desires . ”

“You are right . It actually worked . If I can count from one to a hundred in five minutes, I might lose all my wicked ideas . ” 

As long as I counted numbers on a five minutes cycle, I would be able to control my mental state .

The thing she had taught me sounded more like a way to distract my attention . But it was a lot easier than memorizing the Buddhist texts .

What was more important was that it was quite simple so I could do it anytime .

This method suited me well because I didn’t believe that I would recall any Buddhist texts in some critical conditions .

However, there was still a defect of this method . . . “But I can only consider it as a precaution, right? What if I don’t even have the chance to count?” I asked .

Then Yu Hui nodded and answered, “If you really cannot control yourself, it’ll be hard for you to pull yourself out of that state on your own . So if you make any mistakes, I’ll take you down . So the only thing you need to do is to take great precaution . ”

“Then I’m counting on you, Yu Hui . Don’t show any mercy on me by then . Just slap me on the face . ”

“I see . ”

Now I still had to set up a standard for me . . . When should I start to do the ‘Counting Spell’?

Well, when I started to touch a girl? No, that would be too late . . . After thinking for a moment, I finally decided to close my eyes and do the spell as soon as I couldn’t help staring at the body parts of girls .

The parts which were alluring to me were, b.u.t.t, leg, underwear, well . . . Maybe I should also includ the back, belly, as well as . . . neck, collarbone . . .

Come on! That was too hard!

Now I had to restrain myself from wanting to look at girls’ bodies . I found that a real grind . I might just poke my eyes out . Maybe I could even explore the eighth sense by being blind .

“Puff . . . ” I didn’t want to seem too worrying . It was just there were so many girls around me lately . So I had to raise my line of defense . . . Now come to think about it, my good luck with women might be caused by my previous life .

“But casting the ‘Counting Spell’ is just a temporary measure . Don’t you have a way to eliminate my evil thoughts?”

“There is one which could get it done once and forever . . . However . . . I wouldn’t suggest you to use it . . . ”

“Hmm? What kind of method? Tell me about it . ”

After hesitating for a while, with her face turning red, Yu Hui turned her head and told me the method while pointing to my trousers, “You can also cut off that part of your body . . . ”

“ . . . ” Self-castration, that was a way to end up all my problems indeed .

However, I wouldn’t get any stronger by doing that . So I would pa.s.s that .

I was the only son of my parents; I didn’t want to die without descendants .

I was really having a headache right now . Was I about to live a monkish life . . . ?

“Don’t worry, please trust me . I’ll find a perfect solution soon!”

“Thank you so much . . . You help me every time and I don’t even know what to say . Is there anything I can do for you? Don’t mind, just say it . As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely satisfy you . ”

I always paid back to the people who helped me and I would never forget about other people’s favor .

Yu Hui had done so much for me . She had even blocked the knife with her body for me . I owned her so much . However, I had never done anything for her . . . “Don’t say anything like ‘It’s my duty . ’, just tell me what you want . ” After I had said that, Yu Hui still waved her hands and wanted to refuse my proposal .

Ah, that was really troublesome . I would put it this way .

“Haven’t you said that you would listen to anything I said? Since that’s the case, now I order you to tell me something you want!” This should work .

I had to give orders to return her favor . How strange was that .

Hearing that it was my order, Yu Hui stopped rejecting me . Then she lowered her head uneasily and played with her fingers while saying haltingly, “Yes, I want . . . ”

“Ki?” I only heard one syllable . Because her voice was so low that I couldn’t catch other parts of the word she had said . Then I asked her back .

Yu Hui became like a cat which was frightened right away . She retreated to the corner with her face turning completely red and covered her face, shouting,

“No, no, no! I don’t want a kiss!”

“ . . . ” Ki, Kiss?

“No, no . I didn’t . . . Because Jiang Xueqing has kissed you so many times and I have only kissed you by accident for once . I just want you to make it up to me . . . No, that’s not what I mean! I didn’t take off my clothes just now because I wanted to surpa.s.s your sister . . . Eh, what am I saying right now . . . ” After realizing that she had said something she shouldn’t have, Yu Hui bit her tongue instantly . Then she covered her mouth due to the pain, with tears almost coming out of her eyes .

“ . . . Ha ha . . . ” It was unexpected to see Yu Hui’s loveliness .

Not only wasn’t she able to lie, she couldn’t hide any thoughts at all!

I even felt a bit shy about that . . . Then I would meet her requirement . . . Stop!

Feeling that evil thoughts coming up again, I closed my eyes immediately and began to count numbers . After a long while, I opened my eyes again and scratched my head, saying,

“Sorry, I really cannot do that right now . You know my mental state is a little bit . . . So, well . . . Can you change to another request?”

“No, it’s not your fault, Lord Jun Cheng! I shouldn’t have asked too much from you! I’m really sorry to trouble you!”

“Don’t get anxious, just relax . ” Hearing my words, Yu Hui took a few deep breaths . After she had calmed down, she looked at me again and said,

“What I have said doesn’t count . I’m going to say what I really want . . . Can you please date me once? Just the two of us . If you are unwilling to it or don’t have the time . . . ”

Again, stop spoiling me, Mother Yu .

I could handle the date . Then I agreed without any hesitation .  

“Dating . That’s OK . I’ll be there anytime . ” Hearing my words, Yu Hui bowed to me and expressed her thanks to me with a beaming smile .

“Thank you so much . ”

“Perfect, just leave it to me . ” I happened to have agreed on a date with Lian Bing . It was not a problem for me to date once or twice . I could handle that easily!

So, back to the problem I had at the beginning .

I needed to find a job in order to have enough money to go on a date .

I knew there were some Apps for looking for jobs . However, I found them quite unreliable .

And I really didn’t want to give out leaflets or deliver food . In fact, working indoors was my first choice .

Tutoring sounded good . However, my grades at school were actually average . And I didn’t think I was qualified to teach others .

Then what about working in a fast food restaurant or a supermarket?

Anyway, I should go out and have a check first .

Because jobs wouldn’t come to me by itself if I nested at home all the time .

Since it was too late, I would go for a stroll then .

“Lord Jun Cheng, you want to go out again?” After I had put on my clothes, Yu Hui walked by my side and handed me my wallets, keys and phone while asking that .

“Yeah, I want to find a job . ”

“A job . . . Do you want to buy anything?”

“Not really . I just want to save some money . Now my wallet is totally empty . ” By the way, Xiang Yuexun had already returned my coat and my wallet to me when she had visited me in the hospital .

However, though she had returned my wallet, she still took away all the money in it . In her words, she needed to charge those money as her medical (saliva) fee .

But Xue Qing told me that Xiang Yuexun actually had used the money to buy some tools for cosplay . . .

It turned out that cute girl liked to do cosplay . I believed her body shape was perfect for playing Lolita . I should ask when was the next time for her next exhibition and have fun there .

“Can I follow you?”

“Sure, I still need you to awaken me when I am not able to control myself . ” I straightened my collar and said that with a joking tone .

“But don’t follow me 24/7 like that crazy stalker . I’ll be so uncomfortable then . You can come home at night . Don’t worry, I’ll also come home on time . ”

“Sure, don’t worry . I know about the limit and won’t bring any trouble to your daily life . ”

“Yeah, you are the most reliable person for me . ” It was true that Yu Hui was the one I trusted the most . The trust I had for her had raised to the highest level which was equaled to the one I had to Xue Qing and my families .

Having got dressed and put on my, I walked to the door . As I turned my head and wanted to say goodbye to Yu Hui, I found her already disappeared . She really was a mysterious girl .

So she would only show up when I needed her? I should call her Doreamon! (Laugh)

Now, let’s find a job .


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