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What is happening in this house?

With fuzzy feelings, I picked on the salad.

However, I stopped the fork in the middle of doing it. That’s right. I should mind my manners.

It appears like living in this house isn’t as easy as it seems. I haven’t understood this since I arrived until this day, but the mysterious scorch marks I saw all over the house made me uneasy.

Can I really keep on living here…? Shuri-san’s lessons this morning have to be continued the next day for me who doesn’t know aristocratic manners.

I’m sure it must be disappointing to get stuck with some brat who doesn’t know etiquette.

“El-chan, Shuri spoke of you greatly. Because you know, it’s fun having pupils who are fast learners, today too—”

“Lucsher-sama! Today, today please let me teach him, too!”

Leont replied to Lucher-san’s words surprisingly fast. Why was he so desperate?

“Now that you mentioned it, that’s right, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is!”

With a disappointed expression, Lucsher-san stood up.

“Then, I’ll tell Shuri so do your best in studying, alright?”

Saying that, she left the room while laughing ‘ohohoho~’. Do all female aristocrats give off that sort of impression?

“Arithmetic or Social Studies, which is better?”

A study session with Leont. The tea and several books that Edna left were placed in the desk in front of me that wasn’t there yesterday.

“No, wait. Don’t I need to learn reading and writing?”

I asked him a question and he seemed to suddenly remember. ‘Wait for a while’, he went somewhere after saying that.

I inevitably became alone in the room. Since I had spare time will waiting, I drew the book, which was separated a little from the others, to myself with a lot of effort and flipped through it. I thought I could go with arithmetic but as expected, it’s a little different… The way they write the numbers seems quite different.

“Sorry to keep you waiting~”

Leont came back while holding a large rolled-up paper in his right hand. The paper made a rustling sound when it was spread on the desk.

I wonder how many years since I’ve last seen something like this? It’s Alternate World Edition Alphabet Chart. The numeric characters I wanted to see were also written.

Hmm… Was it like that?

I can understand it roughly.

Lifting my face from the alphabet list, Leon’t was writing something in front of me.

“Oh? Can you see it? I’ll leave this little thing here. If you can’t understand any part, just look at here. I saw a textbook about arithmetic a while ago, so there’s no problem on arithmetic.”

I was given one piece of paper. When I scanned it over, it certainly had a one digit + one digit addition written on it.

Nevertheless, it’s Leont’s messy penmanship… I thought, and Leont look at my way happily.

“You don’t understand it? I’ll teach you!”

I thought about it. Is a seven year old a first grader or second grader in primary school? They seem to enter school at the age of five in this world. So that means, a third grader. If that’s the case, knowing arithmetic is fine.

“It’s fine.”

I took the papers from Leont and began working on it.

“It’s done.”

When I raised my voice, Leont started checking the answers.

Yes, it took a long time, but I think they’re indeed correct.

“All the answers are correct. Then, next is this one.”

Alright! It’s addition again!

The sound of paper rustling and gliding resounded in the quiet room, but stopped swiftly all of a sudden.

“This… is this truly your level?”

“Yes! Even so, was it difficult? Maybe it was difficult… but I solved it.”

“It’s excellent!”

Is this really a question that grade schoolers solve?

Studying in this world seems to be very difficult, and I was just solving an equation.

Addition, subtraction… even as far as division was good.

After solving a lot of problems, Leont took out a difficult problem. It wasn’t grade school level. But, I intended to say ‘I dont know’ when I heard a brief comment ‘You can’t solve this?’ from Leont, and drew back.

‘Can’t solve’ was it?

The pen on my hand worked tirelessly around like an engine on full throttle being released. I am getting used to these numbers, it’s a good feeling.


How’s that!? Even though I didn’t have the expression which says that, I thrust the solution to Leont.


He returned a stupid answer and began taking a look through my paper.

I didn;t know his expression due to the paper. Could it be possible that I made a mistake? A short time later, Leont’s hand began shaking with a clatter.

What is it? I thought, looking blankly at him. Suddenly, he threw the answer at me then stood up and shouted towards me.

“El is an idiot! Idiot!”


Note: Poor Leon, defeated by a kid.


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