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Chapter 108: Let Mo Mo Follow Me Back to the Wei Family’s House

Driver Zhang left because there was nothing else for him to do.

“Didn’t I tell you guys to go to a cafe to wait? Why are you all here?” Xu Mingzhen walked over and saw that they were standing in the shade but their faces were flushed, so she knew that they had been waiting here since they left the room. They hadn’t gone to have a snack at all.

“You guys are tidying up inside, so how could we eat ice cream in the comfort of the air-conditioning?” Tan Wenci said.

“Okay, you guys can wait, but isn’t Yeqing still here?” Although Xu Mingzhen thought that Ming Yeqing’s parents probably wouldn’t care and, on the contrary,, might be happy that Ming Yeqing was being exposed to some hards.h.i.+ps.

“I wanted to wait.” Ming Yeqing said. “Just now, everyone helped me clean up my room, but I didn’t help Mo Mo.”

Xu Mingzhen didn’t say anything further, and she smiled. “Let’s go. Let’s find a place to take a break, then walk around the school to get familiar with the place.”

“Yes, it’s a rare trip to Beijing University.” Tan Wenci smiled. “Although we live in City B, who usually comes here? Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to look around.”

“Mom,” Tan Jinqi pointed his chin toward the girls’ dormitory and asked, “what’s the situation with those three?”

“I think Lin f.u.xi has a sensitive and awkward personality. She is always lamenting the unfairness of life. She’s the type of person who thinks that if she did it, she would definitely do it better. If I had such-and-so family conditions, if I had those kinds of connections, if I am also from City B, I would definitely be able to do better, and I could achieve the same success as her.’” Xu Mingzhen was quite accurate at judging girls after all these years. “Isn’t it uncomfortable to always compare yourself with others? How can there be so much fairness in the world?

“When you guys couldn’t go to Jixia Academy, did you guys lament that if you had been born later and met the Wei family, you would have been able to get a place at Jixia Academy just like Mo Mo?” Xu Mingzhen shook her head and said, “This world is unfair but also fair at the same time. You can get what you want with your own efforts. If you keep thinking about the starting line that is inherently unfair, except for making yourself more resentful and sensitive, you won’t get anything else done.

“I really don’t want to talk about that girl.” Xu Mingzhen shook her head. Perhaps it was caused by how she had grown up, but although Xu Mingzhen didn’t like to judge a person so arbitrarily, she still didn’t like her.

“As for the other two, they’re okay. They’re more tactful. As long as they don’t bully Mo Mo, it doesn’t matter. As for whether Mo Mo will have a deep friends.h.i.+p with them, Mo Mo can judge for herself after getting to know them,” Xu Mingzhen said as the group entered a dessert shop.

As soon as they entered the shop, they felt the cool temperature of the air-conditioner and smelled the sweet aroma of ice cream.

Everyone ordered ice cream. Tan Wenci shook his head and said, “I thought the students of Beijing University had good grades so they kept their minds on their studies, but I didn’t expect…”

“Everyone is different.” Tan Jinqi put the ice cream that the waiter had just delivered in front of Tan Mo and asked her to taste it first. “If you only know how to study and can’t do anything else, what’s the use of graduating from Beijing University?

“They can’t talk about anything else. Just use the people you meet in your business dealings as an example. Many of them come from Beijing University. Some have started their own businesses, and some have gone to major investment banks, brokerage companies, etc. They have to be adaptable, clever, and, sometimes, know how to play dirty as well.”

Tan Wenci flashed a side eye at Tan Jinqi. Why did he feel like Tan Jinqi had just thrown shade at him?

He was also a businessman, and sometimes…he also played dirty.

After Tan Jinqi waited for Tan Mo to taste the ice cream, he took a bite of the ice cream and said, “Anyway, how can you do these things without intelligence? People who are good at studying aren’t just forcibly memorizing, but they really are good at thinking. They have mastered all the knowledge. Besides, there is also a need to compete for various awards and interns.h.i.+p opportunities in universities, especially some opportunities recommended by professors. There are few places, so you have to resort to all kinds of methods to get more opportunities for yourself.

“As long as there is compet.i.tion, the environment can’t be pure and innocent.” As Tan Jinqi spoke, Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi also pushed their ice creams to Tan Mo.

Tan Mo was about to taste the ice cream that Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi had given her when suddenly, the ice cream was taken away.

Tan Mo was about to look to see who had done such an annoying thing when she heard a nice, familiar male voice above her head say, “Didn’t I forbid you to eat so much ice cream?”

Probably because she had healing powers, she had never been sick herself. The fever from when she treated Wei Zhiqian had been caused by excessive use of her powers.

Tan Mo had never needed to pay attention to some of the physical problems that ordinary girls needed to, such as avoiding cold foods to prevent cramps during menstruation.

But even so, Wei Zhiqian still wouldn’t let Tan Mo eat too much cold food.

When she saw that it was Wei Zhiqian, Tan Mo immediately let go of her anger and couldn’t act tough anymore.

“You two are her older brothers, so why are you two so careless and can’t even take care of your sister?” Wei Zhiqian returned the two ice creams to Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi.

When Tan Jinqi heard Wei Zhiqian’s words, he got a bad feeling. There was going to be a problem with Wei Zhiqian’s next sentence.

Tan Jinqi was about to stop it, but Wei Zhiqian was still a step faster. “If you can’t take care of your sister, let Mo Mo follow me back to the Wei family’s house.”

Tan Jinqi: “…”

Qin Muye: “…”

Ming Yeqing: “…”

Even after so many years, Wei Zhiqian still hadn’t given up and still wanted to abduct Tan Mo to the Wei family’s house.

The three Tan family brothers were still young after all, so they were all shocked by Wei Zhiqian’s shameless words.

Tan Wenci reacted quickly and retorted, “What do you mean, follow you back to the Wei family’s house? As if Mo Mo is your family member! Pay attention to your words!”

Xu Mingzhen: “…”

Tan Wenci was being really bold now. He’d even dared to yell at Wei Zhiqian.

If word got out, no one would believe it.

Before, Tan Mo had been curious as to why Wei Zhiqian always seemed to know where to find her.

But now she knew.

Wei Zhiqian only needed to move his ears to know where she was.

“Little Uncle, aren’t you still on a break?” Tan Mo asked happily. “Did you make a special trip to see me?”

Although school was on a break, his company wouldn’t let people out on breaks.

Wei Zhiqian had made a special trip from his company.

“This is your first day of university, so of course I wanted to come and have a look.” As Wei Zhiqian spoke, Tan Mo moved aside to make room for him.


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