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Chapter 208: Ancient Chinese expert

“Which tickets did you buy?” Professor Tang asked Shen Jing Yi.

“I haven’t purchased them yet.” If Professor Tang was here, then she couldn’t leave just yet.

“Professor, I was negligent and didn’t do my job properly.” Shen Jing Yi knew that she couldn’t dodge her responsibility. But was still finding excuses as she wasn’t willing to admit that she was wrong.

“Professor, please. Can you give me one more chance to make amends?” she pleaded. “It was my fault that… I didn’t grasp director Liu’s words clearly. That was the reason of this mess.”

“Let me stay, and I’ll help out as much as I can,” Shen Jing Yi said.

“If you’re ask me, then I would say that would be unnecessary. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have been delayed in the first place.” Professor Tang wasn’t holding. “But of course, this is Director Liu’s play. What do you say, Director Liu?”

Director Liu laughed and said, “Since Professor Tang has already said this much, I think that sums it up. Would teacher Shen please go mind their own matters?”

“I don’t have any other matters to attend to,” she said, shamelessly. “Since I’m already here, I can offer an extra helping hand. Wouldn’t that be more efficient?”

“Professor Tang might have a bit too much on his hands already,” she suggested.

“What do you mean?” Tan Mo interrupted. “I’m here too.” She took a bite out of the cake Director Liu ordered especially for her.

Shen Jing Yi ignored her.

“You do you,” Professor Tang said to Shen Jing Yi. “You’re not going to listen to what I say anyway.”

If Shen Jing Yi didn’t buy any plane tickets, it wasn’t like anyone else could force her to leave.

If she was willing to waste her time at the hotel, so be it.

“If you want to stay here, sure. We can’t force you to leave,” said Professor Tang.

Shen Jing Yi never thought that Professor Tang would treat her with such disdain.

“You should think this through. Even if you do stay, your social practice points will not go up at all.”

Shen Jing Yi was startled. She looked at Professor Tang in shock.

“I know that you signed up to come over for additional of points,” Professor Tang said bluntly. “But not only did you do a bad job, you also brought upon such inconveniences for the scriptwriting team. You want an increase in points? You’re lucky I’m not deducting any.”

“Well, that’s what I can tell you now. There won’t be any addition in your points. If you still want to stay, you’re welcome to,” Professor Liu said.

Shen Jing Yi clenched her fists tightly.

“I’m still staying,” she said with determination.

If she couldn’t increase her points, at least she could rebuild the trust between herself and the professor.

This time, it seemed like his att.i.tude and opinion towards her had truly changed. She must think of a way to save her relations.h.i.+p with him.

“This is all my responsibility. I really do want to make amends. I would never be so bold as to ask for extra points,” Shen Jing Yi lowered her head and took upon a humble posture. “If you can just give me one chance and let me fix my mistakes, that would be very appreciated.”

“Professor Tang, I know that you must be very disappointed in me. I initially lose interest in learning and researching history. This punishment has truly taught me a harsh lesson, but it’s also helped me readjust my state of mind,” Shen Jing Yi said. “Please give me one more chance.”

“I’m begging you, just let me prove to you that I really am changing for the better. I won’t make the same mistakes again,” she continued to plead.

Professor Tang quietly looked at her for a moment, before he finally nodded. “Do what you want.”

Shen Jing Yi let out a quiet sigh of relief. At least she could stay.

That was a good thing.

Yuan Qi Shang however, curled her lips in disdain. She wasn’t very happy.

They let Shen Jing Yi stay?

How could they?

She had already been done so dirty by her!

Shen Jing Yi took a breath and looked around the living room for a place to sit, but there were no remaining seats left.

Everyone was sitting around the coffee table.

Director Liu, Professor Tang and Tan Jin Qi were all sitting on the long couch

Tan Mo was sitting on the armchair.

Yuan Qi Shan had moved the chair from her desk.

Shen Jing Yi halted for a moment, and went over to the corner of the coffee table and sat down on the carpet.

Professor Tang ignored her and continued his discussions. “Important matters in the timeline such as war, big decisions, politics et cetera will be handled by Tan Mo.”

“I can help too,” Shen Jing Yi interrupted immediately. “I’m thinking we’ll also be needing the quotes from the historical figures in the historical records.”

“So you know about it too.” Yuan Shan Qi blurted out as sarcasm dripped from her tongue. “You should’ve told me about it before I asked since you knew all this beforehand.”

Shen Jing Yi bit on her lip and pitifully said, “Sorry, I was the one in the wrong.”

Yuan Qi Shan huffed in annoyance and didn’t bother with her anymore. She looked at Director Liu and said, “Director Liu, you can leave the scriptwriting to me. I can pull an all-nighter and finish it by tomorrow. You’d have to waste anymore time finding another scriptwriter. Also, finding a new one would also mean having to recommunicate all over again. Even if Professor Tang and Tan Mo organized all the information for them, it wouldn’t be worth all the effort. It’s easier if I do it since we’re able to communicate directly anyway.”

Director Liu hesitated for a moment. He actually wasn’t very satisfied with Yuan Qi Shan’s performance.

Other than the issue with the script, Director Liu directly said, “Actually, apart from the things Professor Tang and Tan Mo have pointed out, some of the dialogue in the script needs to be refined.”

“Director Liu, some of the audience might not understand the older dialects,” Yuan Qi Shan tried to explain.

“This I know, but we can’t use modern dialect either.” He said. “I initially planned to hire an expert in ancient Chinese to help us edit our script.”

“An ancient Chinese expert?” Professor Tang asked.

“Indeed.” Director Liu continued. “I contacted Professor Gu, but his students were all busy. So I’m still finding someone else.”

Professor Tang looked at Tan Mo.

She didn’t say anything.

She s her scratched her head and said helplessly, “Just say it.”

Sigh. How did she end up being Professor Tang’s student?

Now that he’s stumbled upon a problem, she had no choice but to help since she’s his student.

Professor Tang laughed at this. “And why wilt thou seek farther than thou come near?”

“What do you mean, Professor Tang?” Director Liu did not understand.

Seeking something further away and neglecting what lies close at hand?

Dose that mean someone here understands ancient Chinese?

But apart from Tan Jin Qi, Yuan Qi Shan and himself, the others were all Professor Tang’s students who studied history.

Majoring in history didn’t seem to go hand in hand with ancient Chinese.

It was a specialized field.

Understanding history did not mean that one would understand ancient Chinese.

“Tan Mo represented Beijing University and won the Ancient Chinese Compet.i.tion held between six universities last year. Not only that, she single handedly carried the whole team in order to win the champions.h.i.+p,” laughed Professor Tang.


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