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Chapter 342: Pulling Her Back In

The woman who had addressed Wei Zhiqian turned around and stomped away furiously. Her friends hesitated for a moment before chasing after her.

No matter how good-looking Wei Zhiqian was, she wanted to forget him, because the insult she’d suffered that day would haunt her for the rest of her life.

In the future, whenever she thought about that day, she would remember how she had been humiliated by Wei Zhiqian in front of everyone.

The woman wanted to leave the scene right away, not wanting to stay in the restaurant any longer.

Yet, they had only eaten a small portion of the food they had ordered. If they were to leave right away, they would have to waste all of the food and still have to pay for it.

She had no choice but to sit back down at the table.

No matter how hard she tried not to look at Wei Zhiqian, her curiosity would get the better of her. She was intrigued by what was going on over at the other table.

After Tan Mo had promised over and over again that she would never ask a guy for his number, Wei Zhiqian was finally satisfied, and he began to peel the prawns for her.

He would carefully remove all the heads and, leaving only the meats on skewers for Tan Mo to enjoy easily.

When the woman saw that, she couldn’t help but pout.

He’s a great uncle to his niece, but a demon to other girls…

After enjoying their meals, Tan Mo and her companions returned to the campus.

The night was still young as it wasn’t even 8:00 o’clock yet.

“I’ll walk you guys back to the dorm,” Wei Zhiqian offered.

Since he had already graduated from Beijing University and was no longer a student there, he had to register with the guards before getting permission to enter the school grounds.

Tan Mo was clinging onto Wei Zhiqian’s arm, leaving Qin Muye and Ming Yeqing walking together behind them.

Tan Mo hugged Wei Zhiqian’s arm and asked about what had happened in his life for the past few days, knowing that there was no need for her to share her life with him as he would have already known if he wanted to.

Tan Mo wanted to know everything pertaining to Wei Zhiqian’s life. She didn’t even want to miss a minor part of it.

Wei Zhiqian had never been the type of person who would share what he was up to with another person, but Tan Mo was the only exception. He would always tell her everything that had happened to him.

As the journey from the gates back to the dorm was short, Wei Zhiqian decided to share only the important stories with Tan Mo.

However, most of them were things that had happened during work at the office.

“Why are they all about work?” Tan Mo asked. “Don’t you do anything after leaving the office?”

“After leaving the office? I go straight home,” Wei Zhiqian said. “Why would I want to spend the evening out after such a tiring day? I’d rather just lie down and rest. Plus I usually get off work pretty late because of all of the extra work I have to do. However, I still meet up with my friends during the weekends from time to time.”

Other than meeting up with his friends, there wasn’t really any other form of entertainment in his life.

Tan Mo couldn’t help but think that this was the reason why Wei Zhiqian was still single after all these years.

He would basically spend his day either in the office or at home.

Thus, he would never have the chance to meet women other than those working with him.

They arrived at Qin Muye’s dorm first, which was just next to Tan Mo’s.

After parting with Qin Muye, Wei Zhiqian and Tan Mo stopped outside Tan Mo’s dorm to talk even more.

Tan Mo had enjoyed the past few days. Ever since she’d started her university life, this was the most time she’d ever spent with Wei Zhiqian.

She couldn’t believe that she would get to meet him again on Monday after spending the weekend with him.

Noticing that Tan Mo didn’t want him to leave, Wei Zhiqian patted her head and smiled, “Muye’s birthday is next month. Mufeng has already booked a hot spring villa to celebrate with her. We’ll all be going and spending our weekend there.”

Since it was already April 27, there were only less than 30 days until Qin Muye’s 18th birthday, which was on May 20.

“Also, it’s not like I won’t come and visit you from time to time,” Wei Zhiqian added.

Upon hearing that, the smile returned to Tan Mo’s face.

Wei Zhiqian turned to look at the dorm next to them and noticed that Qin Muye still hadn’t headed inside yet. She was still talking to Ming Yeqing outside the dorm.

He couldn’t help but wonder why they had so much to talk about as they would usually see each other every day, unlike him and Tan Mo, who could only meet once every one or two weeks. It justified why they would spend more time together as they had more to catch up on.

Even though the two dorms were close, Qin Muye and Ming Yeqing weren’t able to hear Wei Zhiqian’s voice. Yet, he still had subconsciously lowered his voice when he’d told her about Qin Mufeng’s present for Qin Muye, causing Tan Mo to miss that part.

“Uncle, what did you say about Brother Mufeng just now?” Tan Mo asked as she raised herself by standing on her toes and turned her head a little so that her ear would face Wei Zhiqian.

Since it was already nighttime and there were no guys around, the girls were having fun in the dorm. Their waves of laughter could even be heard from outside.

Wei Zhiqian turned back to look at Tan Mo and smiled, “Mufeng is giving Muye a surprise gift. She doesn’t know about the party yet.”

“Really?” Tan Mo, who’d finally heard the details, exclaimed.

She suddenly lost her balance after standing on her toes for a while. And when she tried to regain it, she’d only made matters worse and fell forward.

Tan Mo quickly reached her arms out and grabbed Wei Zhiqian by his s.h.i.+rt.

Wei Zhiqian had not put his suit jacket back on after leaving the barbeque place, and he could feel Tan Mo’s hands on his skin.

He felt as if he was half-naked now.

WHEW! Tan Mo let out a breath of relief, and that breath was blown directly at Wei Zhiqian’s chest.

He immediately could feel the heat on his chest, and it began to itch.

It was as if everything was warming up around him.

“Thank G.o.d you caught me,” Tan Mo said, and the breath hit Wei Zhiqian on his chest once again.

It made him want to put his jacket back on right away.

Tan Mo then moved away from Wei Zhiqian and out of his arms. She knew that she couldn’t hug Wei Zhiqian like that anymore, as she had when she was still a kid.

The moment that Tan Mo lifted her hands off his chest, Wei Zhiqian felt like something was missing.

He let out a deep sigh and almost pulled Tan Mo back into his arms.

Tan Mo stood back up and looked as if nothing had happened.

“Well, if Qin Muye doesn’t know about it, then I won’t tell her,” Tan Mo whispered, continuing where they had left off.

However, the moment she spoke, waves of laughter could be heard from inside the female dorm as if there were thousands of bells going off all at once.

It would be fine if one or two bells went off at once…


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