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Chapter 654: Watch Your Words

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

They were all speechless. “This guy doesn’t have schizophrenia, does he?” they wondered.

Even Tan Mo was perplexed. “Why does he appear to be calm and aloof, while at the same time he is making a fuss in the group chat? How could it be possible?”

Han Zhuoling said, “We’re all here. Cut to the chase!” After all, he had to go back to the meeting.

Wei Zhiqian said, “Type ‘1’ if you are here.”

Yan Beicheng was speechless.

Qi Chenglin said, “Come on, man, are you done yet?”

Yan Huaian said, “Cut it out, man. Just say it.”

Qin Mufeng did not speak in the group chat. He only took a casual look at Wei Zhiqian and said, “If you don’t tell them, I’ll do it for you.”

Wei Zhiqian said in the group chat, “I’m no longer single! I have a girlfriend!”

Everyone in the group was dumbfounded. Wei Zhiqian’s words were like a bomb exploding in their heads. Then, it occurred to them that Wei Zhiqian had just invited Tan Mo to the group chat.

Han Zhuofeng said, “Brother Zhiqian, you are a pervert …”

Wei Zhiqian said, “Watch your words, kiddo!”

Qi Chenglin said, “You just invited Tan Mo to this group, so, you and Tan Mo …”

Of course, Wei Zhiqian didn’t have schizophrenia. Seeing this, he cracked a mischievous smile and said, “Yeah, you are quite right. Momo is my girlfriend.”

Han Zhuoli said, “What a pervert!”

Wei Zhiqian was speechless. “Nice try, man,” he thought. “Come on, you knew everything.” After all, those photos taken by Feng Ke’er earlier were given by Han Zhuoli. However, Han Zhuoli was busy, so he didn’t ask Wei Zhiqian about the details. Later, he forgot those photos. Until now, Wei Zhiqian told him the truth. Then, he recalled the previous incident.

Yan Beicheng said, “You’re indeed a pervert. Tan Mo has always called you uncle.”

Wei Zhiqian said, “But I’m not her real uncle. I’m only nine years older than her. She can also call me brother, if she wants to.”

Zhao Gushen said, “Did you forget that when we were at Jixia Academy, we wanted Tan Mo to call us brother, but you didn’t agree? You insisted that she call us uncle.”

Qi Chenglin said, “Seriously, I’m much younger than my elder brother. It’ll just be fine that Tan mo calls me brother. But in the end, I became her ‘uncle’.”

Nan Jingheng said, “In that case, if brother Zhiqian had allowed Tan Mo to call us brother, there wouldn’t be so much trouble now.”

Chu Zhaoyang said, “You gotta blame yourself.”

Tan Mo watched their conversation as if she was enjoying a talk show. It was more interesting than reading a novel.

Qin Muye did not expect that these guys, who were originally steady and reticent people, would become so active in the group chat.

Normally, if one found a girlfriend, all the people in the group chat would take it seriously. They had to get together and treat him and his new girlfriend to a meal. That was because the girl did not know his friends. So, during the meal, the girl would get to know them, and vice versa.

However, Tan Mo had been familiar with these men since she was young. Every year, when she went to visit them on New Year’s Eve, she would get gifts from them. So, they didn’t have to treat her to a meal like they used to do. The only thing they needed to do was hold a party sometime and bring their wives to the party. By that time, Tan Mo had to attend the party with Wei Zhiqian.

Old Madam Wei made use of Ming Chengjing’s birthday party and successfully publicize the relations.h.i.+p between Wei Zhiqian and Tan Mo.

The guests who attended the party gossiped about what they heard today after they went back.

The news spread like wildfire. Soon, everybody knew it.

Wei Zhiqian was finally able to have a fair and aboveboard relations.h.i.+p with Tan Mo.

When Tan Mo returned to the school, President Mu asked her to go to his office. On the day of the mathematics compet.i.tion award presentation, President Mu told her that he wanted her to stay at the school as a teacher. After returning to the school that day, President Mu gathered a group of people to devise a plan together, a concrete and practical one.

When Tan Mo was asked to go to President Mu’s office, she knew that he had come to a conclusion. A little while later, she arrived at President Mu’s office.

When Tan Mo walked into the office, she saw Professor Yao and Professor Guo. Besides them, there were also two women teachers that she didn’t know. They both seemed to be in their forties.

“Come here, Tan Mo.” President Mu waved at Tan Mo. “You know Professor Yao and Professor Guo. So I want to introduce another two professors to you here. This is Professor Min from the mathematics department,” President Mu said. “And this is Professor Yang.”

Professor Min had short curly hair that reached her chin. She has a very amiable smile.

Professor Yang tied her long hair into a low ponytail at the back of her head and wore a pair of gold-rimmed square-framed Professor Yang looked a little bit stern. Most of the time she maintained a poker face, which made all her students fear her. However, when Professor Yang smiled, she looked like an innocent little girl.

Tan Mo said h.e.l.lo to all the professors present.

Although the two women professors didn’t know Tan Mo, they had long heard of Tan Mo’s contributions to their school. In addition, President Yao and Professor Guo kept talking about Tan Mo in front of them. Therefore, the two professors got a very good impression of Tan Mo.

“We’ve already discussed it. As I told you before, when you graduate, you’ll be Professor Guo’s a.s.sistant,” President Mu said. “Our plan is that you work here as an a.s.sistant for half a year. After you become experienced, you’ll become a teacher who teaches optional courses.”

In President Mu’s opinion, half a year was already a long time. After all, Tan Mo was so smart that she could master the teaching skills very quickly. Half a year was just a conservative estimate of President Mu.

“And then, we can make adjustments according to the actual situation,” President Mu said.

In fact, Tan Mo was just not willing to skip grades. If she wanted to, she would probably be able to finish her Ph.D. right now. Therefore, President Mu was afraid that something unexpected would happen in the future. What if Tan Mo quit this job because she lost her patience?

President Mu knew he hadn’t got much time left. He had to seize this chance and shorten Tan Mo’s time as a teaching a.s.sistant as possible as he could.

No other qualification certificate was needed. After all, Tan Mo was so smart, and she could make it. However, the main reason was, President Mu was afraid that she was not willing to take the exam.

President Mu said, “Since you haven’t graduated, how about taking the Teacher Qualification Certificate exam first?”

Tan Mo was speechless.

“After you pa.s.s the exam, you can ask for anything you want.” President Mu already had a plan. He even took out a small notebook. “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t decided what you want to ask for. I’ll write down the requests that I owe you in the notebook. When you decide what you want, call me. I’m on it.”

Both Professor Yao and Professor Guo were speechless.

President Mu had finally run out of his ideas. At that moment, he couldn’t come up with anything else that he could use to persuade Tan Mo to stay here. He was trying his best.

Professor Guo thought to himself, “Good job, President Mu.” He decided that if he had anything that he wanted to discuss with Tan Mo, he would do that as well.

Professor Guo knew he had learned something from President Mu.

“In fact, even if you don’t give me anything, I will agree to be an a.s.sistant teacher,” said Tan Mo.


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