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Volume 10 – Chapter 22: Little Things & Big Things (Part 1)

It wasn’t nighttime yet. The sunset of this summer evening came much later than usual.

It was a well-decorated cafe. Of course, the price would make the general public frown. Usually, Caroline would never visit such a place.

But, she had to wait for someone here. Unfortunately, the other party had appointed this place, which left her with no choice. In the end, she ordered the cheapest black coffee at that place.

Soon after, a middle-aged man hurriedly walked into the coffee room. He looked around as if looking for something. Caroline knew that this was the person she was waiting for—the lawyer friend Nia asked her to contact.

Caroline took a glance at the time. 6:37 p.m… It’s pretty late. I hope I can make it on the last shuttle bus.

If it went on too late, she had to choose another route and probably needed to go through several unfamiliar areas. Although she was a local, the differences between districts would put her on wary.

“Are you Caroline?” The middle-aged man quickly found Caroline’s seat, and he was welcome and sat down directly.

Caroline felt the essence of time in the appointed person. She noticed that the man had glanced at the time three times starting from the moment he entered the door until he sat in front of her — twice with his watch and once on the wall clock inside.

The man wore a suit and a pair of leather shoes. He looked serious and deep-eyed. It was basically the typical appearance of an elite.

The man’s name was Carlo.

Caroline hadn’t spoken yet, and Carlo rushed directly into the subject at this time, “Before the conversation, Ms. Caroline, can you tell me, what is your relations.h.i.+p with Nia? Family members? Or her daughter?”

Caroline wasn’t offended by his questions. On the contrary, Caroline felt that this man probably didn’t remember who Nia was—The reason he appeared was perhaps that the meeting was a business deal.

Perhaps this man wasn’t as glamorous as he looked. Maybe the business of the law firm he ran was terrible. He might urgently need this entrustment to pay his firm’s rent, water, electricity, and employees’ wages this month.

That was why he made himself look professional.

Caroline’s perception of people in this respect was pretty good. After all, as a s.e.x worker… She had come into contact with too many types of men. She had seen millionaires, with even the n.o.ble sons visiting her bed. Of course, those who were lower in terms of social-economic were no exception.

She had a great hunch on personalities, but she still wasn’t confident enough to deal with all types of men. She knew that she didn’t have enough knowledge to face these men with masks, as she would never know what they were thinking.

Men were more fickle and difficult to grasp than women.

“I’m Nia’s friend.” She replied to Carlo.

Perhaps, the other party had guessed from this answer what kind of work she was in? Caroline was too familiar with Carlo’s gaze at this time.

Those men who looked for her service had this kind of gaze as if a.s.sessing the goods.

Carlo nodded, “Ms. Caroline, according to what you said earlier, Nia intends to have me handling a property in the West District for her. It was inconvenient to converse on the phone previously. But, since we met, I would like to ask you about this commission. What does Nia have in mind? Do you have the right to negotiate with me on her behalf?”

“She just asked me to find you and help her.” Caroline didn’t know how to answer. Maybe it would be better to nod at this time. However, she hesitated about some of the responsibilities she had to bear after giving the nod at this point.

I’m not taking any further responsibility for this. I have done my best… locating Carlo. Caroline thought so and immediately said, “Perhaps you should go to the hospital to see her. She is in a bad situation now.”

Carlo wasn’t impatient but asked about Nia’s request carefully and professionally.

Seeing the other person asking about everything in detail, Caroline was a little overwhelmed. But, she couldn’t help but have another thought in her heart: Maybe this man can help Nia.

Judging from her previous visit to Nia, the operation schedule should be urgent. However, dealing with the resale of real estate wasn’t something that could be done overnight. Again, the real estate’s location had a promising price, but finding a buyer immediately was also a serious problem.

“How about this? Can you take me to see Nia?” Carlo suddenly proposed at this time, “I think I still need to talk to her in person about this matter.”

“I can write you an address.” Caroline thought of the shuttle bus for her safe return and politely declined.

Suddenly, Caroline didn’t want to revisit the lifeless Nia. She had thought about this problem before. If Nia’s disease persisted, she would meet Nia’s last moment eventually. It was just that sometime before, she stopped thinking about what happened after Nia suddenly pa.s.sed away from illness.

She didn’t want to carry any burden.

She had fulfilled Nia’s request. This man might help for the sake of remuneration. If he didn’t help… then she couldn’t do anything about it.

Caroline could easily afford Nia’s operation cost, but she needed to use the bank with a considerable sum in her possession. In the end, she didn’t want to spend this wealth at this time.

She felt that she had already done her best among many people Nia knew, visiting her in the hospital when she had an accident and helping her find a lawyer. There was nothing else she could do.

With that in mind, Caroline suddenly felt relieved.

Carlo didn’t push further and soon left after acquiring the address.

What annoyed Caroline was that although Carlo left hurriedly in an anxious manner to visit Nia, this guy didn’t pay for the bill!

She randomly ordered some desserts in this cafe, a sandwich, and ate hurriedly. Then, she left the place, planning to take the shuttle bus back.

Before getting on the bus, Caroline received a call from Livia that asked her where she had been. Caroline replied to Livia that her matters were settled and she was on her way home.

Livia told her that it was better for her not to come back in recent days. It would be better to hide outside the district for a few days. Also, Livia was planning to leave as well.

The reason was because of Boss Neymar’s death. The gang was in chaos. Ronal was at war with those who supported Boss Neymar’s son. In addition, Joseph, who came from the neighboring district, was also dead. Joseph’s boss also clamored to hand over the murderer. Otherwise, he would invade this district. At the time Caroline was away today, many people had already been killed in the war.

Caroline thought for a while, then picked up the phone and called Caro, who had just left.

“Mr. Carlo, I have changed my mind. How about I go with you to visit Nia? I’m a little worried about her…”

“Who are you? This is a private booth. No one is allowed to enter!”

On the upper floor of the Theater Hall, there was a separate booth in the circular corridor. This was a VIP room for the wealthy or prominent people to enjoy the performance.

Typically, it was possible to spend some money to sit in this place. However, since there was an event involving the neighboring countries’ consuls, the situation was different now.

The person who yelled should be a bodyguard. He had a towering and st.u.r.dy figure, giving off a militaristic vibe. He should be a soldier now.


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