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“Fortunately, I found some sweet potatoes.” Old Feng said with smiles, “But the fruit tastes sour.”

Tao Xiaman looked at Old Feng. She felt relaxed upon hearing his voice and smiled. “I haven’t eaten sweet potatoes in a long time.”

Old Feng tried to ask her. “Can you see anything now?”

Tao Xiaman shook his head with smiles. “Yes. I can see now but it is very blurred.”

Old Feng sighed with a relief. He sat down and buried the sweet potatoes under the bonfires. “No wonder you look happier now.”

Tao Xiaman spread her hands to the fire and nodded, “I never thought how a bit of light was so important.”

Old Feng didn’t respond.

Tao Xiaman asked, “Old man, can you borrow me your cellphone?”

Old Feng shook his head and answered, “Do you want to call your families? But I don’t have one.”

Tao Xiaman sighed, “I want to call my fiancé. He must be worried now.”

Old Feng reminded, “It’s foggy now. I will take you back tomorrow.”

“That’s the only way left.” Tao Xiaman felt sorry, “Old man, sorry. You wouldn’t have to stay here if you didn’t meet me.”

Old Feng shook his head, “It’s okay. Chatting with you is better than…” He lowered his voice and looked at Tao Xiaman, “…staying alone.”

Thinking of his words, Tao Xiaman empathized with this solitary old man. “Old man, did your daughter abandon you? Why do you not meet with her?”

“It’s all my fault.” Old Feng shook head.

“Er…” Tao Xiaman comforted him, “Old man, you should speak to her directly, you two are not enemies.”

Old Feng broke off the firewood and whispered, “Really?”

Tao Xiaman sighed, “Maybe… I have no right to say so. I haven’t seen my father in a long time too.”

“Why not?” Old Feng raised his voice.

Tao Xiaman said nothing and hugged her knees. She was sinking into deep thought while looking at the fire.

Old Feng sighed too. “Sorry.”

“No… it’s nothing.” Tao Xiaman shook her head.

She wanted to share her feelings but she couldn’t find a suitable person. The old man knew nothing about her. Maybe he would be a great listener. “Old man, I…” She raised her head, “My father is a murderer.”

Old Feng trembled. He put the firewood down and managed to breathe shallowly.

“Will you despise me?” Tao Xiaman was nervous.

“Of course not.” Old Feng shook his head, “I have no right to look down upon others.”

“Old man, you…”

“It’s nothing” Old Feng took a deep breath, “Everyone has their story. I have nothing to comment about others.”

Tao Xiaman smiled with a relief, “The world will be more peaceful if people can be tolerant as you are.”

Old Feng frowned, “Do you care a lot about how people see you?”

Tao Xiaman shook head and continued, “I don’t know. I can’t remember a lot of things from my childhood. But some will still come into my mind just like a clock, reminding me when I forget them… I am afraid of them.”


Tao Xiaman raised her head and tried to hold back her tears in an effort, “At that time when my father was arrested… the families of that victim vented their anger on me…”

Tao Xiamn smiled bitterly, “Can you imagine that… they accused me of being a daughter of a b.l.o.o.d.y murderer… Everyone gave me cold looks…”

“How could they treat you like this! You are just a kid.They! They! They! ” Old Feng was sorrowful. He threw the wood into the fire heavily.

Tao Xiaman was shocked, “Old man, why are… you so agitated?”

“I…” Old Feng sighed, “I heartily sympathize with you!You shouldn’t undertake your father’s faults.”

Tao Xiaman smiled bitterly. “I don’t know…maybe this way, they can they feel better.”

The cave was quiet. A tantalizing aroma of sweet potatoes filled the air.

“It’s done, right?” Tao Xiaman said lightly, “It smells good.”

“Wait a moment.” Old Feng nodded. He held the food with hands after taking it from the fire by wood but the potato was too hot causing Old Feng to be scalded and he shouted out.

“Are you alright?” Tao Xiaman held Old Feng’s finger and blew. “Why didn’t you wait until ti got cooler?”

“I was impatient.” Old Feng smiled bitterly

Tao Xiaman started smiling and put the potato in her hands carefully using her sleeve. She added, “My father was always burned by hot potatoes too.”

“You…still remember that?”

“What?” Tao Xiaman was stunned.

“Nothing, let’s start eating.”

“Here you go.” Tao Xiaman smiled and provided Old Feng with half of the potato.

They began eating without a word.

This was the most delicious potato that Old Feng ever tasted these years. A meal, where he could chat and see his girl happily. He had looked forward to this meal for many years.

Old Feng didn’t notice when Tao Xiaman began to fall asleep. She had gone through too much today. He was watching the fire as it died out. He still wanted to ask her more. “Xiaman? Xiaman?”

“Yes?”She gave a yawn. “Is something the matter?”

“Do you want to see your father? Maybe he misses you.”

“I don’t know…” She was too tired, “I don’t…know…how to face him…”

“Xiaman…” Old Feng turned back and saw her sleeping. He sighed, “Xiaman, I am sorry.”

Old Feng broke off the firewood one by one gradually and threw them into the fire. He sat alone at midnight with a newfound inner peace. Walking toward Xiaman, he tried to touch her face gently… but he dared not.

Maybe she had a great dream now as he could see her smile on her face. Old Feng sighed and walked out of the cave under the misty moonlight. He stood for a while and made a decision.

“You can show up now.” Old Feng said, “I know you are there… Boss.” Luo Qiu appeared after his word.

“Is there anything you summoned me for?” Luo Qiu asked.

Old Feng sighed after a silence. “Thank you for your help with this meeting… It’s enough.”

“It is nothing, that’s my promise.” Luo Qiu looked at the watch and continued, “Her eyes will recover soon.”

Old Feng nodded. He wanted to say something but not. Finally, he requested, “Send me back to the prison…”

“Customer.” Luo Qiu said, “According to our contract, the deal has begun. You will get nothing if you stop here. But if you go ahead, I can let you go back to finish that wedding dress.”

“It doesn’t matter now.” Old Feng looked at that cave deeply. “It was valuable to have a dinner and chat with her. I have no regrets now. I only care for myself but did not think about her feelings. I shouldn’t be in her life. Her life would be beautiful without me…” Old Feng walked to Luo Qiu. “So…send me back, please.”

“I understand. I will make it as you wish.”

Tao Xiaman woke up from the cold air.

She could see clearly now but she didn’t find that old man who accompanied with her last night. She noticed the fire had died out with only a coat covering her. Later, she heard someone calling her name. It seemed that many people were looking for her. Walking out of the cave, she found a helicopter in the sky.

It was dawn. “Help, I’m here! I’m here!” She shouted.

A while later, someone from the rescue team found her. She looked back at the cave, feeling that everything that happened felt like a dream.


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