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A light shadow landed on the warehouse at a very fast speed— in front of the Elysium Bar.

Before it completely landed, it said with a hip-hop intonation, “Ha, ha, I’m back! YO! I’m back! Back with my Liquor, my Liquor, hurry, hurry up!! Ha! I, I have a favorite… “

With the moderate-size wine jars in each hand, Brother Xiaosheng twirled a strange dance and came here.

It was not Reggae, nor Breaking, nor Kids Hip-hop, it was just a weird and non-descriptive Popping!

Then Brother Xiaosheng quickly stopped and curiously looked at them, “Ha! Everyone is here!”

Weren’t they?

The monsters, no matter big or small all gathered in front of the door, with their dropping heads and holding their breath.

Brother Xiaosheng was used to this kind of situation… He was a mogul among monsters, noticing Long Xiruo standing here, he blinked his eyes and said, “Ha! This is Granny Lo…”

Brother Xiaosheng covered his mouth immediately, blinking his eyes a few times, he smiled, “Master Long, I’m greatly honored by your gracious presence!”

“Sun Xiaosheng.” Long Xiruo coolly looked at the Monkey Monster and exhaled, “Thank you for your Monkey-Soul Liquor.”

One of Sun Xiaosheng’s wine jars directly flew into Long Xiruo’s hand— Sun Xiaosheng was very reluctant, but he couldn’t show that… He had no choice but to watch the sky.

He went to retrieve his Monkey-Soul Liquor, of course, not out of this kindness…

Reminded of the purpose of taking the Liquor, Sun Xiaosheng immediately found Gui Qianyi among the monsters. He came to him and whispered, “Old turtle! Where is my Zijun? You’ve said she is back, but why I don’t see her?”

“Princess has gone first.” Gui Qianyi lightly said, “Everything here is settled, the honorable princess will not stay longer.”


Sun Xiaosheng heavily grabbed Gui Qianyi’s ear in a sudden and angrily said, “Ha! How dare you lie to me?”

“No no no! I dare not… ” Gui Qianyi felt the pain and said, “Oh, I remember the princess has left some words for you!”

“For me?” Sun Xiaosheng blinked, letting go of Gui Qianyi’s ear, he rubbed Gui Qianyi’s chest to calm him down, “What did she say?”

“Uh… She… ” Gui Qianyi paused, “Princess said you are a nice man. She is very happy this time and she likes you… “

“She likes me…” Sun Xiaosheng was so cheerful as if he was in heaven.

“…your loyalty.” Gui Qianyi said that.

Brother Xiaosheng… suddenly dropped from heaven.

Miss Maid had all kinds of cosmetics, even boss Luo Qiu didn’t know all the names… They filled the table.

It had been a while, Miss Maid turned naked light shadow who had nothing but a pair of golden eyes into a beautiful little girl with this table of cosmetics.

At last, the little girl was given a wig and a white small dress.

“Done, Master.”

Looking at her masterpiece, You Ye smiled… Luo Qiu thought that You Ye must be very satisfied with it.

But why was it a girl?

Noticing the boss’s doubt, Miss Maid said, “It is said that the Earth is a mother. Well… The earth has always shown as the image of the mother in the world. The will has no gender, I think it’s alright to let it be a female.”

Luo Qiu had no objection, he smiled, “You are the one who made it anyway, just do as you like.”

Miss Maid smiled, she pushed a mirror in front of the will… a little girl, and whispered, “Dear customer, now you can open your eyes.”

It opened its eyes slightly and it looked at itself in the mirror… The original golden eyes became black and white.

You Ye crouched down behind it and lightly pressed its shoulders, “These are contact lenses, they cover your eyes. Oh… well, and this.”

You Ye helped it put on a lovely embroidered mask.

“Is this me?”

It looked at the mirror in a blinding way. Seeing itself, it was confused, “Do I have to dress like this?”

It looked at Luo Qiu blankly.

Luo Qiu was just smiled and reach out his hand.

The will also reached out its hand instinctively to put in Luo Qiu’s palm… It needed to touch the body of the boss to maintain its present image.

To be formed.

The boss looked at You Ye and whispered, “Then, let’s go!”

“Yes, Master.”

Luo Qiu pushed the club door open, taking the hand of the will and walked along the street out of the club.

After the chaos in daytime subsided, the traffic became more chaotic.

But in the evening… if things stopped here and didn’t worsen, people would quickly forget this and throw themselves into pleasure.

Of course, the main reason was that… there is a rea.s.suring government.

“I heard that there’s a huge pit by the East River section. The diameter is more than thirty meters! It suddenly cracked, no wonder it made a pretty big racket!”

“I’ve read the report… Some geographers invited by the government speculate that the reason

for the earthquake causing so many run-away rats was because they were afraid.”

“It’s the nature of the little animals… just a false alarm!”

“Yes, but I never thought that there would be a ‘sky hole’ in this place.”

People were talking about— the hottest topic today— the chaos during the daytime.

Holding the will’s hand, Luo Qiu walked through the crowd. You Ye in plain clothes walked by the other side… They, along with the will, were like a young family.

It listened to the discussions and suddenly raised its head… It could only see up to Luo Qiu’s chin.

Luo Qiu smiled and lowered his head, “If you can explain a thing using an explanation from the past, people will probably not think about it in a weirder way.”

It tilted its head, and then nodded.

It didn’t have a mouth, but it could talk, so the mask was useless, “Where are we going now?”

Luo Qiu touched its head and said, “Where do you want to go?”

“Go to…” It seemed to be thinking hard.

No one would look at them strangely, even if there were so many people there— in the large square of the city.

Because they were like a young couple, leisurely taking a walk with their little daughter.

Although the little girl was wearing a mask, she was very cute with the white dress and a pair of small flat shoes.

It suddenly asked, “What is he doing?”

Luo Qiu took one look, “That one? It is a magic show on the street. “

Then she curiously asked, “What about this?”

“Well… This is a shooting game. If you hit a balloon, you can get a reward. Do you want to play?”

It blinked, “OK!”

“I hit it!”

It jumped up with joy!

“This is the reward.”

Only when Luo Qiu gave the doll to it, it immediately held it with two hands. Luo Qiu thought, if it could smile, it would be cuter.

It stopped in front of the small ice cream booth. You Ye crouched down and looked at it, “Do you want to eat it?”

It shook its head.

The boss asked Miss Maid to buy three ice-cream cones, and then they sat on the bench in the square. Luo Qiu patted its face, and it felt its face become different once more.

It was a mouth.

“Though it’s just for a while and you can’t eat anything, at least you can taste it.” Luo Qiu lightly said.

Miss Maid didn’t eat anything usually, but now she slowly ate the original-flavored cone.

Someone suddenly walked by, taking a photo of them without asking anything. It suddenly became frightened and looked at the pa.s.serby in shock.

The pa.s.sersby smiled and walked to them awkwardly.

He gave the photo to them at once, “Sorry, I’m a photographer. I’m taking pictures with the subject as ‘love’. I couldn’t help taking photos of you when I saw you.”

The photographer gave the photo and put it into its hand.

It looked at the photo and saw itself. It should not have any image. There was nothing in the world that could keep its appearance.

But it knew that this was because of Luo Qiu.

In the photo, it was in the middle of them… Was it smiling?

Yes, it was a smile.

The flashlight turned on all of a sudden— the photographer pressed the shutters several times, then he smiled, “Those photos are yours and I’ll take this one… Then, have fun.”

“Thank you.”

Seeing the photographer leave, Luo Qiu looked at it and said softly, “Now, where do you want to go?”

“Well… park. ” It wore the mask again.

And it put this photo into its skirt.

Long Xiruo sat at the top of the storehouse of the Elysium Bar, looking at the city’s bright lights, she felt nothing was more pleasurable than the Monkey-Soul Liquor held in her arms.

It should be so.

But the question she asked was hanging over her mind… Why?

“Why, did it come to this…” Long Xiruo drank a mouth of the liquor. She heavily wiped her mouth and murmured, “What true dragon… I can’t even solve this little thing.”

She was drunk by herself.

However, the monsters were having fun below.


It was the sound of the swaying swing in the park where the iron chain rubbed against the hook. It sat on the small board and held the chain with both hands with the doll in her arms.

Behind it, Luo Qiu was pus.h.i.+ng the swing.

The little girl— it kept its feet straight and pointed to the night sky, laughing happily.

“I’ve always wanted to play this!”

It turned back when it was pushed up, its laughter continued, “Really.”

But its voice suddenly became lower, “I thought I would never have this chance.”

“Long Xiruo is not going to do anything to you in the end.” Luo Qiu suddenly said this.

It shook its head, looking at the night sky, “She has been with me for a long time. I know her… She is the child of the earth and she undertakes many responsibilities. She has created enough time for me. However, there is something we can’t change, neither she nor me.”

It said this in a narrative way, “Isn’t it ironic? The leyline is born from the earth and it nourishes and returns to the earth. Where there is a leyline, there is aura. The land will become fertile and the creatures will be happy naturally. No matter what happens and how time flies, everything will be better if there is a leyline. But… “

It shook its head, “The leyline should not have its own will. If it has, the will will have the chance to live… and become something similar like the evolution of monsters. We will leave this land and take everything here, everything. “

The swing stopped suddenly.

It instinctively stopped it.

It came down from the swing, turning around, taking off the mask and shedding all the disguises on itself, returning to its original appearance— a light shadow.

“So, something like me should not exist.”

“Thank you.”

The golden tears began to drop from its golden pupils and its body slowly flew into the night sky.

“Thank you for letting me out of the seal. Thank you for stopping this event for me and giving this city, all people here, and the monsters a bright future.”

Luo Qiu silently watched it flew into the air… it was very bright, very bright.

“This is my last transaction.”

It raised its head and opened its arms, “Please…please let me disappear forever and let it be that I never had any consciousness. Let me be able to… nourish the earth, all the time. “

Luo Qiu turned to it with the most solemn etiquette and he nodded slowly, “Dear customer, your desire, I’ve received it.”

“Thank you for bringing me to play this evening, thank you for giving me a gift, buying me delicious food… and pus.h.i.+ng the swing for me, letting me… letting me… be so happy! “

Eventually, the light suddenly rose to the sky like a meteor flying from the ground.

And under the night sky, there a bright light appeared above all the lights.

All of a sudden, it exploded out and a riot of colors came out, scattering everywhere in the city.

It was like… like a brilliant firework.

It should have been a very quiet night.

But the trees suddenly got a fresh lease of life, flowers suddenly bloomed overnight, people in the city felt peace and patients seemed to feel no pain as they slept with a smile.

Those who lingered outside raised up their heads to look at the wonderful fireworks.

A puzzled voice, “Is someone celebrating something?”

A guessing voice, “Someone is celebrating something.”

A sigh, “You… you’re silly. “

A happy voice, “Ha! Music! Music! I’m so happy now! “

A naive voice, “Mom, look! Fireworks!! “

Many, many different voices.

When the fireworks went out, luxuriant imageries filled this city.

It was the gift of the earth and the last gift the will left to the world.

In the park, Luo Qiu looked at the swing where the will had sat—There was a doll and a photo.

In the photo, it…

“It had such a smile.” Luo Qiu whispered.

The servant girl suddenly crouched down, picking up something from the ground and putting it into Luo Qiu’s hand. Boss Luo smiled. He stretched out his hand and lifted it up carefully, looking at it under the night sky.

“Let’s plant it.” Luo Qiu said this with a glimmer of expectation, “Near the gem flower. I don’t know what it is, but I think it must be beautiful.”

A seed.


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