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The uncooperative part of its body prevented it from climbing down the stairs… Because there were so many different things in its body, it couldn’t completely control itself until it a.s.similates them.

Especially due to the huge injury that made this difficult integration tougher.

And now, if all parts of its body felt hungry, it would not be able to move firmly.

It came to this place like a snake from a distance, but now, it was like a gecko, climbing up the wall beside it and leaving— The incongruity of its body immediately relaxed after leaving there.

But with the disappearance of the incongruity, the feeling of hunger grew stronger.

Looking for food as usual? Since it was badly injured last time, it clearly knew that lots of people in this world could hurt it.

So it needed to be very careful… to avoid disturbing others when looking for food or be found by those who could hurt it.

Walking through the shadowed alley, it began to move closer to another prey that made it excited. Since it escaped from the serious injury last time, it found this delicious food.

What’s more, this world was full of this delicious food. And more importantly, it could easily get them— they had no resistance at all.

It didn’t know that the formal name of this food was ‘human’— because so far it just acted according to its instinct.

Yes, it always acted on instinct since it was created.

And with this instinct, it quickly found the right prey— deep in the alley, its so-called food was lying on the ground.

It didn’t know this situation was called ‘drunk’ in human’s world and it didn’t know these people who were drunk were called ‘tramps’ either.

The head, it liked biting the head of this food first.

The tramp couldn’t even feel any pain. He might be having some beautiful dreams under the influence of alcohol— and then he left the world that abandoned him forever.

When it swallowed the head of the tramp completely, it sprawled the rest of its body on the tramp— all the parts of its body began to “move” now.

Suddenly a hiss sounded and it felt something peeling off its body— and then a great pain began to stir its nerves, letting it give out a strange hiss.

The voice was not really loud even though it was painful… because its mouth-like part hadn’t evolved completely.

Two parts, its body broke into two—It was cut by something, like wood which was cut by a woodworker.

But the split body was still twitching strongly.

“Why aren’t you dead yet?”

At this time, Nero slowly came out of the alley. She took a glance at it on the ground and looked at the two pieces of the tramp before she began to size it up.

She came here much earlier because Yama had smelled its taste.

In order to reduce its awareness to a certain extent, she didn’t act immediately while it was eating… As for the life and death of the tramp… it was not her business since she was a stranger.

“Core…” Nero suddenly waved her arm, a cold light flashed over her hand and directly swept its lower part.

The devil Yama… was like a knife.

After being sliced by Yama, this part of the body immediately turned into purulent blood. Nero then calmly said, “Not here… Then in the other part. “

She walked towards the other part of it hiding in the corner, dragging Yama on the ground at will and walking along.

The sound of the blade sweeping across the concrete floor was like the sharpening sound of a butcher.

“You must be very surprised. Why were you been found?” Nero squinted. “Because Yama has eaten so many things like you, so no matter how you hide your taste, you can’t escape from its senses.”

Its body suddenly contracted a little.

“Congratulations, Yama.” Nero sneered at the moment and said, “No wonder you were so excited about meeting your usual food in this country. But this guy seems to be a little different from the one you normally eat. Perhaps it is made out of Oriental monsters…”

Yama suddenly penetrated its body, “Let me see where you hid your core… Well, who put you together? It’s absolutely not the style of the club’s old*le who specialized in this kind of thing… Was it Kuck?”

But Nero thought it couldn’t be, so she shook her head again, raising Yama and then penetrated another place.

Kuck should not be interested in such things.

Its body was going to collapse under the two stabs of Yama… It was incongruous, and now it was completely paralyzed like a machine whose gears were locked; only the horror was magnified.

But Nero suddenly shook her head, “It seems that it hasn’t evolved to the third stage. It’s impossible to ask you what was going on.”

So she pulled out Yama and raised it high, a blue-purple flame slowly rising, “The old rule is that you eat as much as you like except for the core.”

The blue-purple flame suddenly became stronger, perhaps Yama was excited.

“Well, I can’t get my spirits up.”

Nero shook her head, slowly chopping it down with her arm.

But it suddenly moved in this instant— something squirted from a ‘face’ on its remaining abdomen!

And it strongly shot toward Nero’s heart!

Nero instantly took up Yama and blocked it in front of her. A tinkling noise rang out… What it squirted was similar to a poisonous needle… a needle behind the tail of a bee.

“It resisted?” Nero suddenly felt a trace of surprise.

But more surprising thing was— its body suddenly turned into a pool of purulent blood and quickly fled into the drain.

“Ah, it escaped.”

Nero muttered expressionlessly, and then she put Yama away who was shaking and showing discontent the entire time.

“Well, just pretend we didn’t meet it. Anyway, it’s none of my business.”

So she carried the long black tube, yawned, and left with her hands in her pockets…

Yama, “What about my meal???”

The next day, Luo Qiu who was frying eggs and bacon in the kitchen, heard a hurried voice just after he sprinkled a little salt on them.

Ren Ziling’s voice.

She rushed into the kitchen with a rubber band in her mouth—tidying up her hair.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Qiu asked casually.

“I won’t be having breakfast.” Ren Ziling hastily took a piece of bread and bit it in her mouth. “News! Big news! The body of a headless tramp was found, the rest was cut in two and dumped in the alley! Maybe there’s a perverted killer! “

Boss Luo slowly turned around.

Ren Ziling glared with her eyes, “You also feel that it is awesome, right?”

Luo Qiu shook his head.

Ren Ziling blinked and said incredibly, “Aren’t you too calm, not surprised at all?”

Luo Qiu lightly said, “I just thought that you’re pretty awesome to speak clearly with the bread in your mouth…”

Ren Ziling… Subeditor Ren showed her third finger to Boss Luo, then she rushed out hastily.

So, how did she speak clearly with the bread in her mouth?

Boss Lou… Luo Qiu continued to fry eggs.


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