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But Zhong Luochen moved his hand away due to the quiver he felt from Cheng Yiran.

‘He is too young.’

“You, you…” Cheng Yiran frowned.

Since the first time they met in K&C, he could feel that this big boss had many secrets.

Especially when he recalled the details from that night. He found… that Mr. Zhong did not seem to be influenced by his music.

“Are you also…” words were blurted out of Cheng Yiran’s mouth by instinct.

But he stopped after he realized something; he looked at the mysterious man—Mr. Zhong quietly.

While Zhong Luochen smiled, “Let’s talk about something simpler.”

Zhong Luochen continued talking while watching Cheng Yiran’s reaction, “Don’t you think the public in the bar acted weird? Like they were being possessed.”

Cheng Yiran face changed.

Zhong Luochen said leisurely, “But according to Cheng Yun’s words, you were only an ordinary pub singer before being found by Li Zifeng.”

Cheng Yiran’s expression became even worse.

Zhong Luochen gave a small laugh, “Since you’re so capable, why were you not discovered earlier…I heard you even wandered throughout Beijing eh? That means you’re ambitious and wouldn’t hide your abilities. So, how could this be?”

Zhong Luochen squinted eyes, “Why was everybody conquered by your song within one night… and even looked like they were being possessed. On the contrary, internet viewers tend to scold you, compared to those people that heard you live?”

Cheng Yiran grasped his guitar closely .

Zhong Luochen added, “Is it because… this guitar’s power is not enough?”

“Stop it, stop talking!!”

Cheng Yiran stood up furiously, lifting up his guitar and smas.h.i.+ng it down towards Zhong Luochen!

It was swift and cruel, past things about intentional injury and being imprisoned flashed through Cheng Yiran’s brain quickly.

His peace that lasted several years had been broken and he acted ferociously again, like a wild wolf losing its territory.

No ordinary person could fend against the attack by this hard guitar. At the very least, they would bleed.

But Zhong Luochen evaded the smash from Cheng Yiran, and his hand grasped the other side, pulling with power!

Yiran couldn’t keep his balance and fell; Zhong Luochen then launched an elbow attack on his belly, causing Chen Yiran to cover his stomach and kneel down.

Each one of his generation had been sent into the military, as per Old Zhong’s instruction. They were not as skillful as Marine Corps, but could easily deal with some emergencies.

Zhong Luochen now caught the guitar, pressing it on Cheng Yiran’s neck, “It may be a hard attack, but it won’t hurt your bones, just feeling a bit painful.”

Cheng Yiran gnashed, but could not move anymore.

Pressing down Cheng Yiran while pouring some wine; after a long while, when he felt Cheng Yiran gave up resisting, he said, “Did you calm down? Can we have a talk now?”

“There’s nothing to tell!”

“Don’t lie. However, usually, it’ll be safe if only you know that. However, considering the current situation…”

Zhong Luochen shook his head, “It’s wise for you to act… the fact is, don’t you understand that we’re of the same kind?”

“What same kind? I don’t know that!” Cheng Yiran acted vehemently!

“Really?” Zhong Luochen sneered, “Then how about smas.h.i.+ng this guitar… I think the guitar seller wouldn’t care. After all, that place only makes deals for the transaction fee.”

How could Cheng Yiran’s attention on this guitar escape Zhong Luochen’s eyes?

“Are you…” Cheng Yiran was suddenly shocked.

Zhong Luochen loosened his hand and said, “The history of that place is more than our age combined… so, why did you think you were the only customer there?”

“You’re really…”

Zhong Luochen sneered, “I said that we’re of the same kind… both of us are the customers of that place.”

Luo Qiu liked the old wall full of Virginia creeper and the 70-year-old house.

“I haven’t been here for a while.”

He easily came into a room of this house.

Luo Qiu remembered during the summer that he and Zhang Qingrui were doing ‘homework’ for Professor Qin Fang. “Nothing has been changed.”

Luo Qiu smiled, sitting down at the small seat in front of the workbench.

Miss Maid opened her mouth, “Didn’t except Qin Fang’s house to become Zhong Luochen’s property.”

Luo Qiu smiled, “Maybe Qin Chuyu didn’t expect that. She only tried to sell the professor’s heritage, and didn’t care who would be the buyer… however, it was not a coincidence that Zhong Luochen will stay in this city.”

The boss thought deeper, “Once the deal started, customers destinies are changed. Maybe he won’t get rid of it until his death…”

It turned quiet soon.

Luo Qiu finger knocked the workbench, “A pity we cannot listen to Ms. Cai’s song anymore.”

He stood up with a smile, “I’ve many weird ideas these days… but because of this, I heard many interesting things.”

You Ye nodded, “Master, Zhong Luochen should have some weird thoughts.”

Luo Qiu thought of the past, “Zhong Luochen… I was not mature when I talked to those customers at the beginning. I should have been able to predict these outcomes actually.”

Luo Qiu shook his head, “When I think back, I found that there should have been some better ways to deal with that trade.”

Luo Qiu was always reflecting on himself, and thought it common for young men to make mistakes.

“But Master, the Zhong Family has a large number of properties.” You Ye said, “Since he had such a thought, with this, we may have many ‘customers’ in the future.”

“Like the Michael Club you mean?” Luo Qiu asked.

He shook his head, didn’t wait for You Ye’s answer, but played around with some bone products the professor made, while saying, “So what? we’re only focusing on our business.”

Luo Qiu shook his head, “Even if my little hobby was included, this world still will still spin as it ought to. As for the future…”

The future should be judged by future generations, just like these bone products.

If everything went well, he, as the club boss, would be quietly looking at everything in the future, at the time that was later than the future.

“…Maybe it will not be important.”

The boss put the bone products back to its place, and said, “I should have bought it from Qin Chuyu. As expected, I was too young then.”


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