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Long Xiruo was dumbstruck and this state lasted for more than one minute.

When she felt her body getting smaller and the sleeves flapping down, she sensed things were going to be very bad.

She squatted down out of instinct.

But when she saw the club boss, she didn’t see any taunting expression in his eyes. Instead, it was a look that he had met a problem and was thinking how to deal with it.

She could distinguish that thought even if it flashed across his mind in a second… but that made Long Xiruo feel even worse.

“Anyway… Change your clothes first, Miss. Long.” Luo Qiu replied with a finger snap.

A suit of clothes fell on top of Long Xiruo from nowhere. And at the same time, a black screen circle rose up around her.

No adjectives could be used to describe the true dragon’s mood… except, perhaps, chaotic?

Maybe her IQ and EQ dropped to fit her age and body size. Long Xiruo quivered while looking at the clothes, weeping tears.

She would never wear such kinds of clothes several minutes ago.

“It’s actually clothes for a loli!”

“Can you see the door behind me?”

Luo Qiu asked You Ye, ignoring the issues going on inside the black screen circle… or one could say that he focused more attention on his own statement, “I cannot see it at all.”

“You Ye can only see an imaginary shadow,” the servant girl said.

Luo Qiu fell into deep thought and said, “But I can feel it… now.”

But it was still very vague… comparing his small body with the huge meaning behind the door.

But Luo Qiu didn’t say it out; he stated indifferently, “I didn’t plan to fight with Long, but I asked the club defense mechanism to deal with it. Do you know why it didn’t kill her, but changed her appearance only?”

You Ye thought it, and gave him a vague answer, “Maybe due to some reason… but also could not forgive her?”

“You’re so cautious.” Luo Qiu smiled, shaking his head. However, he didn’t continue discussing this question but said, “Go make some tea.”

You Ye nodded, turning around, and going in.

After waiting for a while, Luo Qiu found a small figure started to expand inside the black screen… The rejuvenated true dragon walked out with a complexed expression…

She looked shy.

“Miss. Long, today’s issue is finished.” Luo Qiu added, “We’re just doing business and don’t want to make enemies with anybody.”

Long Xiruo sighed… she knew she was unable to fight again.

She wouldn’t continue to infuriate her enemy after losing. She just pulled the collar with a frown, “It fits my body very well… I think it can prove one thing at least.”

Luo Qiu was curious giving her a puzzled look.

Long Xiruo snorted, “It proves that you’re a total pervert!”

‘So did your IQ decrease with your age?’

Boss Luo gave a start as Long Xiruo stepped away. When the servant girl said the tea had been made, Luo Qiu picked up all the displays from the ground.

When he picked up the old red ball finally, he said, “If I did not have supernatural powers… will I feel helpless and perplexed?”

The ball was placed back.

She definitely made a wrong decision today. Long Xiruo never felt walking was troublesome before… she just walked 3km.

She didn’t feel tired; but weird looks were thrown on her body all the way!

‘This d.a.m.n suit!’

She sat on the railing of one shop, with her head lowered and bit her thumb’s nail.

She just thought to test the person behind the club using this opportunity. Because the true dragon wouldn’t die, she could challenge any kind of trouble.

She thought she could escape if she lost and she wouldn’t suffer a loss. At least she could find ways to deal with it after seeing it.

She couldn’t bear the current look being seen by other monsters, especially Su Zijun, or she would be looked down upon by her.

“What a f*ckin pervert!”

She tried to release her anger by biting the small fingernail. She jumped up and started to destroy the flowers outside the shop.

Very ferociously.

Suddenly, she felt some hand on her shoulder, “Girl, didn’t you mother tell you not to destroy flowers?”

Long Xiruo frowned… she couldn’t even sense a person coming up behind her.

In such a situation, she knew that her condition was much worse than she thought. She turned back, and found a 30-year-old man in a suit standing there.

His smiling face was filled with darkness… The man squatted down, his eyes opened wide while smiling, “Where’s your family? Do you need help? My home is around here. Are you hungry?”

Long Xiruo frowned, “Did you stare at me for a long time and found that I was alone here and that n.o.body came to me?”

The man was stupefied, but soon laughed, “Girl, what are you talking about? I’m not a bad guy… do you like the cake in that shop?”

Long Xiruo suddenly faked a smile; she walked closer and almost stuck to the man, “The back of my dress is a little torn, can you help me with it?”

“Oh… I understand. But it’s hard to do it.” the man eyes were filled with excitement as if he would earn a lot, “But there is a crowd here. How about going somewhere quiet? Then I can have a look at your dress.”

“F…” Long Xiruo smiled sweetly, but the following letters were not ‘ine’, but ‘uck’.


The man whined like a dying animal… because the little girl kicked his crotch heavily.

“Go back to play with your dolls!”

Saying that, Long Xiruo kicked him again, holding her dress and leaving quickly, before onlookers come looking.

What a disaster she experienced! She felt her bad luck had just started.

Long Xiruo could not go back to the pet hospital with this appearance. If she went back, those unruly guys would become more lawless.

But, where could she go?

Watching the busy traffic and people… the No.1 true dragon felt panic for the first time.

‘Was this city so… large?’


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