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“Prometheus?” Long Xiruo frowned, “Constantly swallows cells, and absorbs different genes… endlessly evolves, human rebirth? Xiang Liu… said so?”

“Yes.” Gui Qianyi showed serious look.

It was a dozen minutes after he climbed back to the pet hospital… and Long Xiruo came back before him, with a terrible look. Gui Qianyi knew that she met something unfavorable.

“Humph, those guys are ambitious.” Long Xiruo sneered, “Monsters have been researching for the subject of life evolution, but we move forward cautiously… however, this ‘Prometheus’ is quite a trouble. It seems that Shu You has been swallowed and became part of Iron Whistle’s body.”

“I think so too.” Gui Qianyi said, “That makes sense about why Iron Whistle cares more about Cheese. But it’s not easy to feel where Iron Whistle is and catch him using the monsters’ aura.”

Long Xiruo sighed. She ma.s.saged the forehead, looking sleepy, “Since we know the background of Iron Whistle, it will not be so threatening to us… But Wind… he’s who I concern most. He has too much hate to everyone.”

“Yeah… it’s quite troublesome.” Gui Qianyi didn’t find any possible way to solve the issue either.

Long Xiruo asked while thinking about the roar of Wind, “Gui Qianyi, did I…”

Before she finished, the office door was opened, Ghost Baby walked in and said, “Master Long, Master Gui, those monsters recovered!”


“Yeah, they went back to normal.” Gui Qianyi frowned, “However, we don’t know if it’s Wind’s order. Anyway, why did Wind remove the control on them? It’s his chip.”

Long Xiruo observed those innocent monsters, saying while biting her fingernail, “Is it to let us think that they recovered and release them?”

“Maybe.” Gui Qianyi nodded, “If they stay here, Wind cannot use them.”

“No…” Long Xiruo frowned, “If so, it would be very easy to be seen through. A demonized person wouldn’t do such silly things like this.”

“But there’s no reason for him to give up his important chips.” Gui Qianyi wandered around, “Unless… unless these ‘tools’ were useless and he gave them up to find new ones. But it doesn’t make sense… even if he’s looking for new ‘tools’, it’s not reasonable to give up the chips here. Why? Did he…”

Gui Qianyi abruptly looked towards Long Xiruo while Long Xiruo also looked back at him. and She said, “He can only control limited monsters!”

“Probably.” Gui Qianyi heaved a sigh.

Long Xiruo smiled bitterly, “But we cannot deny the first guess… Wind, I never thought he was so cunning. He’s not an adult. What if he grows up? He will be a more dangerous member than Xiang Liu.”

“Let me go confirm the situation of these monsters.” Gui Qianyi suggested.

Long Xiruo nodded and said, “Wait, don’t let Cheese know the ident.i.ty of Iron Whistle.”

Gui Qianyi answered, “I got it.”

As the door was closed, Long Xiruo lay on the table, using her arm as the pillow. She gave a weakened look, looking at the calendar silently.

It felt as if 60 years had pa.s.sed after going through the matters these days… she never thought that time would pa.s.s by so slowly.

“Today is only Friday…”

‘I did well this time… after handling with Li Zifeng’s affair, Cheng Yun felt his boss was very happy.

And he was happy too, feeling that his status had been enhanced.

He walked in the old house full of Virginia creeper and met Zhong Luochen, “Second Young Master, where’s Cheng Yiran?”

“He’s not here, but should be coming back soon.” Zhong Luochen said indifferently.

‘How weird, he didn’t come back for a rest but went for a stroll outside?’ Cheng Yun thought so; but since the Second Master didn’t blame him, hence he didn’t plan to mention it.

He said, “Li Zifeng is imprisoned. I was asked to prepare the materials and hand them in. Then, we just need to wait for the interrogation and verdict. I’ll ‘take care of’ that traitor.”

Zhong Luochen didn’t care about such issues but he asked suddenly, “Cheng Yun, have you found the person I was asking?”

Cheng Yun gave a start, then understood—That was the first issue after they received and started to manage Heaven’s Shadow.

As Zhong Luochen’s financial resources, it was not hard to open another entertainment company; but to receive and manage Heaven’s Shadow could save him much time—originally, Heaven’s Shadow owned a big star—Tu Jiaya.

Taking over Heaven’s Shadow meant getting the contract with Tu Jiaya—but it was a pity that the famous star was missing. Zhong Luochen definitely didn’t give up looking for this money tree.

“Sorry, Second Master, we haven’t found her yet.” Cheng Yun said helplessly, “I asked them to check all exit and entry records, including trains, s.h.i.+ps, planes, and so forth, but we cannot get a trace of her at all. It is liked she vanished into thin air! Second Young Master, I suspect… that she’s dead!”

“Even a dead man has a trace.” Zhong Luochen said calmly, “I don’t believe that there are no traces of her. However, there are no exit and entry records meaning we cannot confirm she’s still in the country…”

Cheng Yun hurriedly added, “Second Young Master, I contacted some guys doing illegal immigration… but they had no idea about that.”

“Go on searching.”

“Yes, I will.” Cheng Yun nodded, and opened his briefcase, “In addition, we’ve discussed the program on Sunday. That day, we plan to order a new singer to replace Cheng Yiran when somebody challenges him. This is her information.”

“It’s up to you.” Zhong Luochen shook his head, showing an indicator of disinterest to the new star.

“I’m going now.” Cheng Yun nodded.

But he was still happy… because the new star was beautiful with a good body and knew how to entertain males.

“Hold on.” Unexpectedly Zhong Luochen opened his mouth, “Wait for a second, stop the plan for now, and let me think…”

Cheng Yun had to hold back his desire and stopped politely.

“Go find a person for me.” Zhong Luochen said, “Hong Guan.”

“Hong Guan?” Cheng Yun gaped, and didn’t know the reason.

“Yes, but I haven’t decided if I want to meet him. Anyway, pay attention to him and make sure I can see him if I want to.” Zhong Luochen nodded, “But, don’t let Cheng Yiran know this… go ahead.”

‘So will you meet him or not…’ it was hard to guess Second Young Master’s mind.

Cheng Yun dared not to say this; he hurriedly left the old house… and this place became quiet again. Zhong Luochen reopened the book—‘Les Miserables’.

He continued reading the paragraph where Mr. Madland, with gray hair, yelled ‘I’m Jean Valjean’ in the court.

He liked this paragraph very much.


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