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Volume 8 – Chapter 53: Era

Woo~ woo~ woo~ woo~!

It was the loud siren again. Naturally, the s.h.i.+p had reached the place where the s.h.i.+p initially set off.

The Baiyu had docked, half an hour earlier than originally scheduled.

The sky had just lit up, and bright light was seen all over the dock.

However, this had not stopped the enthusiasm of the tourists to disembark. In other words, they have long been eager to disembark.

The tourists had already packed up their things early. Before the s.h.i.+p entered the port, the tourists had arrived at the place to disembark and waited… Of course, discussions and complaints about this terrible Golden Week Holiday were indispensable.

After almost all the tourists had left, a few police cars drove into the pier. They were here to arrest Mu Enli.

“Ma… Officer Ma, are you okay?”

On the boat, Lin Feng looked at Ma Houde in hesitation at this time.

What kind of look is that?

Mrs. Ma was holding police Officer Ma at this time, and he was holding his waist with one hand, his legs trembling, ‘moving’ arduously one step at a time… Mrs Ma still looked pretty well.

“I… I’m fine!”

Ma Houde stubbornly said, “I just ate something bad last night, so my stomach hurts! Don’t look at me, take Mu Enli away! By the way, take that Fei Ying, too!”


Mrs. Ma helped Ma Houde to the stairs to disembark, “Old Ma, can you do it… told you not to exert so much energy, stubborn guy!”

What could Officer Ma do…? He was also very helpless. G.o.d knows why he couldn’t control himself last night. I didn’t eat raw oysters, right? Oh no, my kidneys hurt!

Mrs. Ma suddenly exclaimed, “Old Ma! Be careful!”

Officer Ma was taken aback, “What?”

Officer Ma didn’t pay attention and mistook a step on the stairs… and rolled down!

Mrs. Ma was shocked and ran down quickly.

On the boat, Ren Ziling, who was about to disembark, saw this scene, sneered abruptly, and said, “This guy, he hung Fei Ying like a salted fish, but he still crawled off the s.h.i.+p. He’s unprofessional… By the way, Li Zi, those medicines seem strong, get me some more!”

“… Okay.”

But Li Zi kept feeling that she would fail…

“Hey, Sister Ren, who is that woman?”

Li Zi glanced forward.

Ren Ziling looked over subconsciously, but saw a woman with a headscarf and, wearing a windbreaker and a beautiful figure walking towards Luo Qiu and You Ye.

“This feeling is… a sly fox!”

Ren Ziling was shocked at this time!

“Little Brother, we meet again.”

“Miss Mu Zi.” Luo Qiu looked towards the sound and nodded towards the other party, “Have you not disembarked yet?”

“I was a bit late just from packing up… I said it’s fine to call me Sister, why are you still so formal?” Ms. Mu Zi’ smiled slightly, looked behind Luo Qiu at the menacing Ren Ziling, and suddenly said lightly, “Lately, were you startled?”

Luo Qiu shook his head and said, “I’m fine… right.”

Boss Luo glanced at the maid at this time, and saw that the maid took out a chain of from the luggage.

“This is… for me?”

Luo Qiu whispered, “Take it as a gift. After all, Ms. Mu Zi also gave me a very nice bracelet. However, it’s not anything precious. It’s just I picked up on the island. I hope you won’t mind.”

“How would I!?” Ms. Mu Zi grabbed the handmade sh.e.l.l necklace and said softly, “I will definitely cherish it.”

As she said, she glanced at Ren Ziling, who was about to approach, suddenly took a step forward, kissed Boss Luo lightly on the cheek, and whispered, “I hope we meet again… Also, your little girlfriend wouldn’t be jealous, right?”

The maid just smiled… Not to mention the true ident.i.ty of Ms. Mu Zi, this was just a kissing etiquette. In the eyes of the maid… it was just an etiquette, nothing else.

But Subeditor Ren… Aunty Ren was motionless like petrified at this time, but her body was shaking slightly.

Li Zi looked at Ren Ziling’s clenched fist and imagined in horror. If Sister Ren is also a demon, will the power of demons explode at this moment, bursting into the scene?

“Sister Ren, you have to hold back… Don’t get too excited! Luo Qiu knows about Ah Li’s ident.i.ty!” Li Zi quickly whispered, “Don’t be exposed!”

“I’m already holding back!”

Miss Mu Zi dragged her luggage, walked past Ren Ziling with a smile, and said with a chuckle, “You have been dominating for so many years, so it’s not too much to have a kiss, right?”

She walked up to the stairs to disembark.

“Sly fox!” Ren Ziling watched Ah Li leave and muttered very bitterly, “After so many years, I don’t even have a seash.e.l.l necklace!”

“What necklace?” Luo Qiu walked up and asked curiously.

Ren Ziling snorted coldly, looking at the sky at a forty-five-degree angle.

Luo Qiu shook his head and said calmly, “I don’t have a necklace, so take this one. It was also picked up.”

With that said, a red peony snail was given to Aunty Ren. Aunty Ren rolled her eyes, “Don’t think that a broken sh.e.l.l can send me away!”

“Then give me back.”

Aunty Ren greeted Boss Luo with her middle finger, then rested her hand on Li Zi’s shoulder, “Li Zi! Let’s go!”

Mu Enli looked at Baiyu silently. He had already disembarked, and Ma Houde and others accompanied him.

Officer Ma did not urge the old Captain to leave immediately, but whispered, “Brother, did you prohibit your crew from sending you off?”

Mu Enli shook his head, “I told them not to send me off. This is good enough. Let me take another look, just another look, and then we will leave.”

“No hurry.” Ma Houde sighed.

For Ma Houde, getting rid of the black box made him think of the Captain as an admirable person. Ma Houde suddenly smiled and said, “Brother, I applied for a position as a repairman back then!”

With that, Officer Ma approached the old Captain’s side, lowered his voice, and said, “I also did it for the treasure that you simply made up!”

Mu Enli was taken aback and then smiled happily, “Okay, take me away… That lady must have waited for a long time.”

Officer Ma patted Mu Enli on the shoulder.

They turned and headed towards the police. When they were about to get on the car, the Baiyu’s horn rang once again, and it sounded like a lament siren.

The old Captain trembled and turned around subconsciously, watching the siren do its work. Suddenly, on the Baiyu Cruise, he saw people appearing, and the crew ran to the corridor that faced the sh.o.r.e.

Mu Enli subconsciously magnified his gaze.

He saw Mu Qinghai, the doctor, each crew member, and the master chief from the restaurant.

“You guys…”

Everyone was standing in line at this time, and one of the crew members was arranging his neckline vigorously as he faced towards the old Captain, his body upright!

Mu Qinghai took the old Captain’s hat and stood among the crowd, raised the loudspeaker in his hand, took a deep breath, and shouted, “Thirty years! There is only one captain on the Baiyu! Comrade Mu Enli, your spirit, your contribution to the Baiyu, and your care for every employee on the s.h.i.+p will always be remembered in our hearts! Now, you are officially retiring! Congratulations on your retirement!”

“This is so extra,” Mu Enli frowned and muttered softly without blinking.

He couldn’t blink, didn’t know how to blink, was reluctant to blink, and didn’t want to blink.

Mu Qinghai’s chest straightened, and his voice became louder and solemn. He looked into the distance without squinting his eyes, and shouted again, “Congratulations to Captain Mu Enli for your smooth retirement!”

This was the most respected and serious words said from the son to his father.

“Congratulations to Captain Mu Enli for your smooth retirement!”

“Congratulations to Captain Mu Enli for your smooth retirement!”

“Congratulations to Captain Mu Enli for your smooth retirement!”

Everyone shouted in unison, again and again, on the dock for a long time.


Following Mu Qinghai’s command again, everyone on the deck moved neatly and raised their hands towards the old Captain!

At this time, Mu Qinghai took out a small steel jug from his clothes, opened it, raised his head, and took a sip, before saluting.

Mu Enli watched this scene blankly. After being silent for a while, he waved his hand without speaking, and got into the police car directly, and said calmly, “Let’s drive.”

But the cheers echoed.

“Congratulations to Captain Mu Enli for your smooth retirement!”

“Congratulations to Captain Mu Enli for your smooth retirement!”

“Congratulations to Captain Mu Enli for your smooth retirement!”

“Captain… We will miss you!”

“Captain! Goodbye! Captain!”


The police car left, but the shouting did not stop. Ma Houde looked at the pier that was getting further away from the car window and sighed, “Brother, your heart is too cold.”

He looked at the old Captain sitting next to him. Only then did he realize that Mu Enli had already shed tears.

“Officer Ma, can you not look at me.”

Even if there were tears, the old Captain’s voice was not hoa.r.s.e; it was as loud as the horn of the Baiyu.

But how was this heart cold?

It was simply at its weakest.


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