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At this time, the enterprising boss of ‘Heaven’s Shadow Entertainment Company’ was sitting on a sofa in his office.

He was holding a syringe and several different small bottles were placed on the tea table.

Lin Geng inserted the syringe into these bottles bit by bit, then extracted the liquid in them.

Lin Geng then flicked his finger at the syringe slightly, taking out the yellow rubber hose and binding it on his own arm, before locating the place of his blood vessel and inserted the syringe into it.

“You… you even do…”

Actually, there was another person in the office.

However, she was in a bad situation. Her legs had been restrained to the chair, and white strings surrounded her body.

Heaven’s Shadow Entertainment Company fully occupied two floors of this office building; however, it was past office hours, so n.o.body else was still staying here.

“It’s a good thing.”

Lin Geng laid on the sofa after the injection, closing his eyes. “It makes me more clear-headed and smarter. And I’m curious that you just said ‘you even do’ …it seems that you understood what I was doing. Did your sister tell you that?”

“None of your business.” Tu Jiaya turned her head aside.

Lin Geng wiped his nose. After twitching heavily twice, he revealed a relaxed expression and laughed craftily, “I regard it as a yes… but it’s OK. Because you’ll be addicted to these items just like your sister very soon. One Tu Jiaya is not enough, I need more chips for Heaven Shadow. And you are a good one because you’re young and beautiful, with considerable talent. So it’ll be easy for you to gain popularity, reaching a certain height, just based on your sister’s reputation.”

Tu Jiaya sneered, “Sounds great but eventually we’re only the tools for you to get more.”

Lin Geng laughed. A kind of happiness that came from the soul enthralled him.“Sounds like your sister has told you a lot… but that’s alright, it saves my time.”

He gazed at this lady, like a predator looking at his prey, and laughed grimly, “I’ve been being in a good fortune ever since I met these things…”

Suddenly, he paused. He skipped some words that almost escaped his lips due to his sheer delight. “Oh… don’t you think so? For instance, you sister is too naughty, she wanted to escape from me. While I was looking for her, unexpectedly, you wandered willingly into me.”

“I won’t let you have your way!” Tu Jiaya’s firm determination showed on her face. “You can control my body, so what? You will never command my heart.”

Lin Geng got up from the sofa, shambling over to her, “It’s weird. Your tone sounds the same as your sister… quite an exquisite piece of art. But are you aware that I love to smash down those flawless items? For instance, throwing it on the floor, have it break… no matter how you put the debris together, some cracks will be left on it.”

He grasped her chin but unexpectedly, Tu Jiaya suddenly revolted, biting Lin Geng on his palm hard.

She used all her full strength, which cut open Lin Geng’s skin and tear his flesh. Yet, it was as if Lin Geng didn’t feel any pain at all. he merely moved his palm to his mouth, licking the blood up. Then he narrowed his eyes, seemingly enjoying all these. “Yeah, just like this… your stubbornness, is so wonderful!”

““Have you gone mad due to the drugs?” Tu Jiaya inconceivably looked at Lin Geng’s appearance, who seemed to be possessed by the devil.

“Gone mad?” Lin Geng chortled, “No, I’m relaxing myself in a better way… In addition, you don’t know, the drug I’ll give you is not the same as what I’m enjoying. Nevertheless, the degree of exhilaration we’ll attain is pretty much the same.”

He approached her, both hands holding the arm of the chair and faced her. “You’ll feel that pretty soon.”

As if he had gone crazy, Lin Geng drew back several steps, walking towards one corner of the office quickly. He turned on some advanced equipment and a piano allegro started playing in a second.

“Der Erkonig”—Schubert.

With the man’s deep voice released from the equipment, Lin Geng became even more intoxicated. He walked about in the office with light paces, finally returning to the sofa and picking up another syringe.

Tu Jiaya felt ridiculous… She had just met ghostlike guys before. From the reflection, she saw herself in the mirror along the way and Lin Geng’s behavior, she realized that the two guys didn’t lie to her.

Yet she sensed Lin Geng, who stood in front was more likely to be a demon, an incarnation of evil, compared to the two weird and horrible beings.

The demons would tell you what they wanted clearly, putting their cards on the table… But what about humans?

What about humans…

As Lin Geng walked close to herself step by step, Tu Jiaya felt despairing. Not only would she fall under the control of that drug, a more terrible situation was, this was her sister’s body actually…

‘Who can save me… G.o.d… even a monster …will be good as well.’

She looked down. At the very next second, the syringe might be inserted into her own body. Would it be stronger if it was a direct injection rather than taking pills?

“It’s actually ‘Der Erkonig’.”

Among the fast-paced and the melody full of despair, a soft voice spoke out abruptly.

Tu Jiaya raised her head, what she saw… was a black card floating in front of her with 4 golden stamps sparkling on it.

The irony was these cold twinkling lights gave Tu Jiaya a warm feeling.

Ahead of her, Lin Geng was petrified and unable to move. Meanwhile, a weird man wearing a clown mask just stood there.

The clown was looking at her.

“We came here by following your summons, dear customer.”

At the same time, another voice sprang forth, “Sister!!”

That voice made Tu Jiaya’s tears gushed out of her eyes. Her sister rushed out from the back of the clown, giving her a tight hug.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Tu Jiaqing leaned close to Tu Jiaya, apologizing to her without any intention of stopping.

Lots of scenes happened in the same s.p.a.ce. Lin Geng’s fearful expression and his still body, the appearance of her sister… a weird clown and the floating black card.

Tu Jiaya looked at the clown ahead in panic. In a trembling voice, she said, “Are you the person that tempted Jiaqing?”

‘It’s obviously No.9… not my fault.’

However, what he did was merely what any loyal worker of the club would do.

Luo Qiu said as if nothing had happened, “Oh yeah, this customer, you made a wish that you wanted me to save you just now. And it seems this deal will be successful… Well, you two can chat, I’m going deal with the other stuff.”

Luo Qiu walked to the front of Lin Geng, stretching out the black cane and pointing it at his chest. The two then disappeared in the next instant.

The twin sisters looked at each other without saying anything. Only after they stabilized their emotions did they start to speak.

After a long long time, the vanished clown showed up in the office.

Tu Jiaya looked at him. She then brought out the 4-stamp black card daringly, ignoring Tu Jiaqing’s opposition, “I, I’d like to make a wish too…”

Late at night, outside the airport.

Tu Jiaya and Tu Jiaqing supported each other.

Luo Qiu pa.s.sed some fake identifications and doc.u.ments which did not have any problems to the two and said calmly, “Follow the address as soon as you reach the destination. You’ll find a new place to live and possess new ident.i.ties.”

Tu Jiaya took them over carefully.

“Well, two customers, please keep the periods of doing good in mind… If one does something evil directly or indirectly, I’ll go personally come by to seek compensation for the breach of contract.”

Both nodded without a thought. This night was too weird but amazing, like the life after surviving a disaster.

“How did you deal with Lin Geng?” Tu Jiaya couldn’t stop herself from asking.

She couldn’t make sure whether Lin Geng would appear again and how long can their so-called new life be maintained.

“In Miss Tu Jiaqing’s wish, there are some clauses about having Lin Geng pay for his crimes… Therefore, don’t worry about these because we can guarantee it’ll be done thoughtfully and perfectly. Maybe you two will understand that later. Anyway, hopefully, you two can live on happily later on.”

“No need for you to tell us that.” Tu Jiaya was still wary.

Tu Jiaqing also didn’t say a word. The sisters held each other, turning around and walking to the airport.

As they left, clear footstep could be heard behind Luo Qiu. The everlasting beautiful servant girl walked close to him. “Master seems to be hated.”

Luo Qiu took off the mask, shrugging his shoulder, “That’s why I think it’s right to wear a mask.”

He smiled, “But it’s normal to be hated. Tu Jiaqing spent 3 years worth of time in exchange for saving her sister and paid 10 years in exchange that Lin Geng got the punishment he deserved and the rest of her time to return to her original appearance… As for Tu Jiaya, she has to do good works till she dies, in exchange for keeping her sister’s soul and the opportunity to restart her life. As a result, leaving her home and being controlled by morality forever… Don’t you think it’s normal she gets mad?”

“But she doesn’t know, if it wasn’t for the 4 stamps, she won’t get these back.” You Ye softly voiced. “However, if both of them can finish the contract, that’ll be enough to offset their souls.”

Luo Qiu shook his head. He didn’t want to talk about these matters anymore.

You Ye eyed the gradually disappearing shadows of the sisters, before commenting indifferently, “Humans, are really so weak.”

Luo Qiu nodded, agreeing. But then he said softly, “Hence, that is probably the reason, they support each other, walking down the path known as life.”


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