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Chapter 245: You Deal With Her, I’ll Be The Lookout

The way Eldest Brother Shao was staring at Shao Qihai was similar to when he had suddenly returned. In fact, he was even more terrified than someone looking at a ghost. He had never known that this second brother of his could be so ruthless when provoked.

As she was looking at Shao Qihai and listening to the commotion inside, there was only one thought in Eldest Sister-In-Law Shao’s mind—she wanted to go back to her parents’ house. These two people were too scary. They were even scarier than the two great cavaliers[1] on TV.

As Mu Jingzhe had never done such a thing before, she was actually a little unsure of the timing. She didn’t really want to drown Shao Qiyun, so she could only count the time and pull her up to let her catch her breath before pressing her down again.

However, when Shao Qihai came in, the timing problem was resolved.

Shao Qihai looked at the time. Mu Jingzhe was about to pull his sister’s head out, but he reached out to stop her. “It’s fine. We can wait two more seconds. I have experience in this. Alright, pull her up.”

Shao Qiyun had thought that, no matter what, Shao Qihai would stop Mu Jingzhe. She hadn’t expected that not only would he not stop her, but he would also make her suffer even more by looking at the time.

“Second Brother, how could you do this to me!”

“Why wouldn’t I do this to you? Back then, I just didn’t think of such a good idea. Otherwise, I would have done it long ago. It’s just nice now.”

After saying that, he personally pressed Shao Qiyun’s head down. The two of them worked together, switching back and forth a few times. Only when Shao Qiyun reached her limit did he throw her away like a dead dog.

Seeing Shao Qiyun in this state, Mu Jingzhe exhaled. The raging anger in her chest had finally dissipated a little, and she no longer felt like she was about to explode.

“This is only the first time. Just wait. I’ll play with you a few more times. It allows me to vent my anger and instill in you a deep sense of regret.”

Shao Qiyun panted heavily. “How… How can you two be so vicious and scary?”

Previously, Shao Qiyun had already been afraid of Mu Jingzhe and Shao Qihai, but at the moment, her fear had reached its peak. Furthermore, she genuinely regretted it. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have gone to ask them for money.

Why would she care about loan sharks if she was dead?

“It’s just the beginning, yet you’re already afraid?” Mu Jingzhe stared at Shao Qiyun’s two hands. “It was these two hands that almost drowned Xiao Wu, right?”

As Shao Qiyun had a bad premonition, Mu Jingzhe moved her neck and flexed her wrists. “I’ll feel bad if I don’t do anything, so your hands…”

Mu Jingzhe glanced at Shao Qihai. “Do you think we should break them?”

Shao Qiyun, who had collapsed on the side like a pool of mud, started struggling when she heard that. “Mu Jingzhe, how dare you. Who do you think you are? You can’t treat me like this. Second Brother, are you just going to watch Mu Jingzhe commit crimes? Aren’t you afraid that the villagers will hear and come to see?”

Shao Qihai frowned slightly. “You are the one who started it. But what you said makes sense.”

He looked at Mu Jingzhe. “Do you want to do it yourself, or do you want to go outside so others can watch?” Given the commotion, the villagers would definitely come to watch.

He gave Mu Jingzhe a choice.

“I’ll do it myself.” Only by doing it personally could she appease her anger.

“Alright, I’ll go outside and act as a lookout then.” Shao Qihai nodded. “It’s convenient for you because you’re strong, but don’t hurt yourself.”

Mu Jingzhe raised her brows, a tad surprised that Shao Qihai would say such a thing. Was he such a person? She had never known that he was capable of sarcasm.

Seeing them like this, Shao Qiyun almost vomited blood. “Mu Jingzhe, Shao Qihai, don’t go overboard.” She stopped calling him ‘Second Brother’ and directly called him by his name.

Shao Qihai didn’t react at all and just left. Mu Jingzhe gave her a slap across the face.

“Alright, shut up. Unless you want to announce to the world that Xiao Wu is your son.” Mu Jingzhe and the others didn’t want Xiao Wu’s ident.i.ty to be publicized, but Shao Qiyun didn’t want it either.

“No, Mu Jingzhe, don’t come closer! You can’t do this to me!” Shao Qiyun tried her best to break free and shrink into a corner.

“Why can’t I?” Mu Jingzhe flexed her wrists and walked over step by step.

“Don’t come over, don’t come over!” Shao Qiyun looked at Mu Jingzhe’s manner and only wanted to run far away from this lunatic. However, Mu Jingzhe had long seen through her intentions and said directly, “Squash any crooked ideas you may have. Don’t even think of running away.”

Her gaze landed on Shao Qiyun’s legs. “Seems like something has to be done to these legs. You want to run? I’ve got to make sure you can’t.”

“Don’t come over!”

Mu Jingzhe ignored her screams and attacked directly. When dealing with a person like Shao Qiyun, no matter how many words one said or how many times one said things, she would only remember it if one inflicted enough pain on her once. She had to beat Shao Qiyun until she felt the pain and fear completely. Only then could she protect Xiao Wu and stop her from hara.s.sing him. Otherwise, there would be endless trouble in the future.

When Mu Jingzhe thought of Xiao Wu’s fearful crying and his pale face just now, she steeled her heart and dislocated Shao Qiyun’s arms and legs.

She didn’t break them, only dislocated them, but the pain still made Shao Qiyun scream incessantly.

Mu Jingzhe covered her ears and took off the socks on her feet. She rolled them up in disdain and stuffed them into Shao Qiyun’s mouth. “Your voice is ear-piercing. Don’t worry. Your hands and legs aren’t broken. I’m not you. I really know how to do these things. I merely dislocated them. They’re dislocated, understand?”

Shao Qiyun was delighted to hear that they weren’t broken. Alas, she then heard Mu Jingzhe add, “I think I should give the debt collectors the chance to break your arms and legs. Otherwise, if I break them, I’d be depriving them of the opportunity to do that to you. I can’t do it all myself and not give them a chance. That would not be good.”

Ignoring Shao Qiyun’s venomous gaze, Mu Jingzhe squatted down. “Come on, tell me. Do you still want to shamelessly go to Xiao Wu and ask him for money?”

Shao Qiyun’s face was covered in cold sweat from the pain. Her eyes were red, and she was letting m.u.f.fled cries out of her stuffed mouth. Mu Jingzhe shook her head. “I don’t understand. Anyway, if you don’t want to die, just pretend that you don’t have a son. Your answer can only be yes.”

Shao Qiyun was truly afraid. She didn’t care about her son, but she couldn’t speak, so she could only nod.

“Since you understand, let me put it this way: If you dare come again, I’ll really break your limbs.”

Mu Jingzhe wiped her hands and walked out. She sneered at Zhao Lan, who was glaring at her with tears of resentment. “You have the cheek to resent someone else when you didn’t teach your daughter well. Who can you blame?

“Everyone has to pay the price for what they’ve done. If you people had behaved yourselves, this wouldn’t have happened. But you’re too greedy and you want to take advantage of everything.”

She had just sold them out and caused Shao Dong and Shao Nan to be kidnapped. This debt had yet to be settled, and now, this incident with Xiao Wu had happened. She was extremely greedy.

“Zhao Lan, I’ll give you a mission. Keep an eye on Shao Qiyun and don’t let her leave the village.”

Zhao Lan was furious. Why not?

“Her arms and legs aren’t broken. I just dislocated them. You can get someone to move the joints back into place. This will also make it easier for you to keep an eye on her. Listen to me now. If you don’t do this, you’ll be the one getting drowned every day. You choose. Just weigh the pros and cons.”

Zhao Lan’s gaze flickered, and Mu Jingzhe chuckled. “Don’t even think about suffering for your daughter and moving everyone with your deep mother-daughter bond. You can’t take her place. You’re an accomplice, and you’ve also committed grave sins. You have no right to suffer for Shao Qiyun. I’m not willing to let you either.”

[1] a man-and-woman duo highly skilled in martial arts


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