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Chapter 407: Lay a Finger on My Mother Again and I’ll Do the Same to Yours

The reason Fu, Lu, and Shou had done this was because they had been bribed by Shao Xi and Shao Nan. Every time they succeeded, they would be given a yuan.

Fu, Lu, and Shou were having a hard time these days, finding it difficult to even earn a single yuan. Therefore, they had quickly agreed.

In the past, Fu, Lu, and Shou had bullied Dong, Xi, Nan, and Bei. Now, Fu, Lu, and Shou nodded and bowed in front of Shao Xi and Shao Nan, describing what they had done in detail just to ask for an extra yuan. They even vowed that they could make Shao Qiyun suffer even more and they would do anything as long as they were given money.

Shao Xi held the money in his hands while Shao Nan listened. Every time Shao Nan nodded, Shao Xi would give them money. After the money was distributed, they began talking about ways to continue. That was when Xiao Wu walked forward.

“I knew there couldn’t be so many coincidences. You guys planned something in the dark indeed.”

Xiao Wu stepped forward and kicked the calf of Shao Lu, who had burned his flute. “Shao Qiyun is my mother now. I’m protecting her. If you dare touch her again, I’ll make you suffer. Forget about earning money. I’ll send you to jail. Do you believe me?”

“Should we believe you just because you said so?” Shao Lu hugged his legs and wailed after being kicked. Shao Fu was a little stunned, but when he saw Shao Xi and Shao Nan, he became confident again.

“If I say that you stole my money and damaged my most expensive musical instrument, let’s see if you’ll go to jail!” Xiao Wu looked at Shao Xi and Shao Nan. “As for them, do you think they’ll testify for you?”

Fu, Lu, and Shou’s expressions changed, but Xiao Wu couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on them. “Get lost.”

The people he wanted to talk to were Shao Nan and Shao Xi. When Shao Nan and Shao Xi saw Xiao Wu, they no longer cared about Fu, Lu, and Shou. Seeing that Shao Nan and Shao Xi didn’t say anything, Fu, Lu, and Shou clenched the money they had received and ran away.

“You’re getting more and more impressive.” Shao Xi scoffed. “What? Are you going to threaten us next?”

“You can consider it a threat if you want. I’m indeed here to warn you not to lay a finger on her. Otherwise, I’ll fight you guys to death.”

“Fight us to death? By yourself?” Shao Xi suddenly pushed Xiao Wu. “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

“Other than brainless you, who else could I be talking to? I’ll emphasize this again. Don’t lay a finger on my mother. You guys used Fu, Lu, and Shou to deal with her just because you’re smart. She didn’t realize it at first, but she’ll quickly realize that it was you guys!”

“So what if she realizes it? Do you think we’re afraid of her? You even dared to say that I’m brainless? I think you’re the one who’s brainless, Shao Zhong. Do you still think we care about you and are afraid Shao Qiyun will find out? We’re not afraid. The sooner she finds out, the better. In fact, we intend for her to know so she’ll behave herself. Otherwise, this won’t end. Who does she think she is? She even wants to show off by trampling on Mommy.”

“Shut up!” Xiao Wu couldn’t take it anymore. “Shao Xi, do you think you’re that impressive? Do you think you can toy with someone just because you’re smart? Let me tell you something. I’m still here. If you dare hurt her again, I won’t let it slide. You’re not the only one who knows how to use tricks. I can do it too.”

“Then show me what you’ve got. Do you think we’re afraid of you?” Shao Xi was fearless.

Xiao Wu looked at Shao Xi and clenched his fists. “Are you really not afraid of anything? Don’t you care about anything either? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll pay you back in kind?”

“How are you going to do it? Go ahead…” Shao Xi’s expression suddenly changed. “What do you mean? Pay me back in kind? Are you saying you’ll do to our mother what we’ve done to your mother?”

Shao Xi’s face was filled with mockery. “Not only do you not acknowledge Mom anymore, but you also want to deal with her?”

Xiao Wu glanced at Shao Xi. “What I do will depend on what you do.” He actually admitted it.

Shao Xi paused for a moment before he reacted. Just as he was about to explode, he suddenly realized that someone else was faster than him. Shao Nan rushed over and slapped Xiao Wu’s head. “You actually want to hurt Mommy now? I definitely won’t allow it!”

Shao Xi wasn’t lagging behind either. Xiao Wu was. .h.i.t by Shao Nan, but he slapped Shao Xi’s hand away ruthlessly. “Just because I didn’t retaliate, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have the ability to retaliate. This is the last time, Shao Xi. I didn’t say that I would take the initiative to deal with anyone, but if you continue to be so willful, then it’ll be your fault if something happens to your mother!”

Shao Xi was even angrier when he heard that. Seeing that the two of them were about to fight, Shao Nan’s eyes darkened and he stopped Shao Xi. “Alright, don’t be angry. There’s no need to waste your breath on a person like him.”

“Yes, there’s no need to say anything else. I know what kind of people you are. Don’t let me discover your cheap tricks again. If you dare do this again, I won’t let you off.”

Xiao Wu, who would only be eight years old after New Year’s, spoke ruthlessly. There was no innocence on his face anymore. It seemed as if he had grown up and changed.

Shao Nan felt unfamiliarity while looking at Xiao Wu. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly tilted his head and saw Mu Jingzhe and Shao Dong standing not far away, watching them.

Shao Dong looked at them with a stern gaze, while Mu Jingzhe looked at Xiao Wu quietly.

Xiao Wu sensed Shao Nan’s abnormal head tilt and found himself meeting Mu Jingzhe’s gaze. He quickly blinked and calmly looked back.

“Mom…” Shao Xi panicked when he saw Mu Jingzhe. “What are you doing here?” His voice was filled with frustration. He didn’t know why his mother had heard him.

Even he couldn’t stand hearing those words, let alone Mu Jingzhe.

“I just came to ask you guys to come and eat. Li Fang’s family is treating relatives and friends to a feast after the Chinese New Year.” Mu Jingzhe slowly walked over. “Don’t do this again in the future. We have no right to care if Shao Qiyun’s showing off.”

After she said that, she looked at Xiao Wu. “Sorry I didn’t keep them close to me. It won’t happen again.”

Her voice was calm, and her gaze became unfamiliar. She looked at him as though he was a stranger. Xiao Wu looked at her and didn’t say anything for a moment.

Mu Jingzhe didn’t care about his reaction. “But I don’t want anyone to threaten my children again. I don’t have anything else, but I do have strength. If you provoke me, I won’t be polite.”

Only a moment later did Xiao Wu realize that she was addressing him. Just as he was about to answer, Mu Jingzhe wrapped her arm around Shao Xi’s shoulder and walked away.

“Shao Xi, I realize that you’re becoming more and more impressive. Your temper grows with your age and height, huh. When you’re taller than me, I won’t be able to control you anymore, will I? You’re so lawless, aren’t you? You were very obedient in the past.”

“I’m still very obedient. I’ve always been obedient.” Shao Xi had been just like a fire-breathing dragon a moment ago, but he leaned over like a husky now. “Mommy, I’ll always be obedient. So if I get bullied one day, you have to help me fight back.”

“Don’t say such things. You’re already so old, yet you still want me to help you fight. Just be good and don’t do anything ridiculous. You’re getting more and more hot-tempered.”

“I know, Mommy. I admit my mistake.” Shao Xi obediently admitted his mistake.

Shao Nan added, “I am aware of my mistake, but I’ll still dare do it again.”

This pair of enemies, Shao Xi and Shao Nan, started fighting again. Mu Jingzhe simply let them be. Shao Dong looked at the two of them and walked past them in disdain. “Mommy, are you alright?”


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