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Chapter 236 – Feng Qingmiao

[If you ask me, Lu An shouldn’t have meddled and saved that Liu Yumin!

[The real murderer has been caught, and it’s not like there’s not enough evidence. In the end, that pervert should be given a death sentence, right? Now that Liu Yumin’s alive, however, shouldn’t the sentence be reduced?

[And now, the nine critically ill patients don’t know what to do. In short, Lu An shouldn’t have done anything unnecessary!

[What’s there to be proud of? She wants to prove that her medical skills are good? Hehe.]

For some reason, the comments became like this, and a large group of people started to criticize Lu An.

They said that she had destroyed the original peace, and shouldn’t have cared about Liu Yumin’s life.

No one could bear the weight of nine lives. If they had to choose, most of them would tacitly give up on Liu Yumin.

Liu Yumin’s fans, as well as Lu An’s fans, were worried.

Why should their idol be abandoned?

In today’s world, was it a crime to be kind-hearted and save someone?

They were dissatisfied and wanted to clamor. In the end, they were advised to consider the big picture and not lose their heads over the small things.

[So? You’re not the one who was abandoned!]

[Then what’s the use of you nagging me? Between nine people and a single person, of course I will choose the nine.]

[Then, what if the one who was abandoned is your relative, and the other nine have nothing to do with you? Do you insist on doing the same?]

[We should still consider the big picture, right? Sometimes, things don’t always work out the way we want.]

[Then, why don’t you give up on your relative? Hypocrite!]

The group started arguing again.

[In the end, it’s just that Lu An shouldn’t have saved Liu Yumin. If she hadn’t saved Liu Yumin, these terrible things wouldn’t have happened! She’s such a troublemaker; she’s been trending all day! I hate her to death!]

Fine, back to blaming Lu An.

Some even said —

[Lu An really deserves to die. There is no hope for that man’s only daughter; who knows how terrible he feels? Lu An wouldn’t be so cruel as to sue him, right? No way, right?]

[If you ask me, it would be fine if Lu An had been stabbed to death by that father. Then, those nine people might still be saved. Instead, an innocent person was actually injured. What a f*cking disaster!]

The online users spoke one after another. The haters especially treated Lu An like she was the main culprit, and simply wanted nothing more than to rush over and kill her.

Lu An’s fans were dumbfounded. Did such haters really exist in this world?

What on earth were they up to?

At the hospital.

Feng Qingmiao’s injury was more or less treated.

The knife had almost punctured his spleen. It could be said to be serious, but also not. However, if the person in question continued to kick up a fuss, it would probably become serious even if it was not!

The doctor who had operated on Feng Qingmiao looked at him rolling around in bed and crying out in pain.

Feng Qingmiao had his eyes closed and was crying.

Sure enough, he had the mind of a child!

The doctor really was at his wit’s end. He went to speak to Lu An and Ling Chuan, who were waiting outside, to see if they could do anything.

Puzzled, Lu An went in.

The man who had been lying on the bed just now had shrunk into a corner.

Tears welled up in his eyes. He was still crying softly and looked very, very sad. He was timid, afraid of trouble and looked very pitiful! He clearly had the same face as Feng Qingchao, but he looked very different.

He had upright features, a tall nose, thick lips, and fair skin. He exuded an indescribable s.e.xiness.

So, even now, this face could still look this good?


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