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Chapter 302 – Accidentally Slipped?

As the woman fell, she stared at her son in disbelief. Her son, who was leaning against the windowsill and calling out to her wildly, had a twisted expression on his face; she couldn’t tell if he was crying or smiling.

Just as the woman thought that she was going to die, a white figure descended from the sky like an angel. Without giving her any time to react, the figure grabbed her arm and heaved her up like a crane!

Zheng Xinrui, who had suddenly been dragged away and thrown to the floor by Lu An, was completely dumbfounded. Looking at his mother, who had actually been rescued by Lu An, Zheng Xinrui was dumbfounded and couldn’t react at all…

The reporters and Lu Sihao rushed over immediately.

Looking at the person on camera who flew past like a blur, the live stream audience exploded —

[D*mn, what just happened? Can someone tell me what happened??? What’s going on??]

The live stream was filled with questions and shock.

D*mn, they couldn’t believe it!!!

After a long while, someone gradually realized —

[It seems that Little Sister Lu flew down and rescued her?]

Tsk, that goes without saying. We can see that Little Sister Lu and that person are fine, alright?


[How did she save her?]

The group fell silent again because they didn’t know!

How on earth had she saved the woman?

On this side, Lu An’s face had already turned green. After pulling the clearly frightened auntie to one side to sit down, she glared at Zheng Xinrui, who was sitting on the floor in a daze, and said to Fourth Brother in a dark voice, “Brother, I suspect that someone wanted to frame us for murdering his mother. Did you record that scene just now?”

“Mm, yes, I did!”

Fourth Brother immediately responded, and hurriedly showed Little Sister the video he had taken on his phone.

When Little Sister and the woman had started arguing, Fourth Brother Lu Sihao had already taken out his phone at the first opportunity to start recording, so that the woman wouldn’t be able to malign his little sister.

When the woman rushed forward to jump out the window, Fourth Brother clearly captured the scene of Zheng Xinrui and his mother pushing each other.

Zheng Xinrui had clearly pushed hard, and his mother fell.

“Look here. It’s obvious that she was pushed.”

As Fourth Brother Lu Sihao spoke, he gazed calmly at Zheng Xinrui, his expression tense and solemn.


Lu An nodded and hurried to take a look. On the other side, the woman who had been sitting stiffly on the couch immediately got up. “No, my son didn’t push me! I accidentally slipped!”

The woman slapped away Fourth Brother’s phone fiercely. Before they could say anything, she said, “I’m very grateful that you saved me. I’ll get my son to actively cooperate with the investigation into him plagiarizing you.

“But my son didn’t push me. He didn’t push me. I accidentally slipped.”

The woman had a wooden expression on her face. After saying that, she sat down on the couch and acted as if she had yet to come back to her senses.

Lu An was a little stumped, but she quickly understood.

She traded a look with Fourth Brother, before she picked up Fourth Brother’s phone and put it away. The two of them went out silently.

Conversely, the online users in the live stream room were anything but silent.


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