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Chapter 320: Life Is Too Hard

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I’ll have the housekeeper send you home!”

As Dad spoke, he was already calling for the housekeeper.

“No, no need. I can go back on my own!”

Qi Yan hurriedly refused. Her black eyes were fixed on the new shoes that Father Lu had already changed into. They were brand new and beautiful, and indeed looked a little good on his feet. Qi Yan gritted her teeth. Why hadn’t she thought of this?

Why hadn’t she thought of this?!

“How can I let you do that?

“A girl out alone at night is worrying. It’s still better for the housekeeper to send you home.” This is also to prevent your mother from talking nonsense and bullying my daughter.

Father Lu was very insistent, and had already called the housekeeper over.

Qi Yan was stumped. She thought that he was still concerned about her, and finally listened to him.

After Qi Yan left, Father Lu’s birthday party officially started.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you…”

Lu An took the lead in singing the birthday song, and her brothers cooperated with her.

Everyone looked at Little Sister with puppy-dog eyes that were doting and seemed to sparkle.

Lu An couldn’t help but blush. She covered her face and said shyly, “Why are you looking at me?” She felt embarra.s.sed!

Singing the birthday song or whatever was embarra.s.sing somehow.

Her brothers didn’t say anything, and just gave her an extra chicken leg.

Lu An was really… Fine, she could eat! In any case, she liked it!

After the birthday song, little No. 5 was given the task of cutting the cake for everyone. He glared secretly at his father and sneakily only cut a small slice for him! Just a small slice.

See if he would contact that girl again! Hmph!

On the other side, Father Lu was very confused. He was the birthday boy. Why didn’t he get even a small piece of fruit on his slice of cake?

This was a cake made by his daughter!

Little No. 5 stared at him with fierce eyes as he cut the cake.

Little No. 5 wasn’t afraid of him! Besides, he had his little sister to back him up!

Then —

“Lu Boran, you big devil. Lu Jingfan, you’re so inflexible. Lu Qingzhou, you…”

A certain father whispered these familiar words in little No. 5’s ear.

Little No. 5, who was about to collapse and cry. “…”

He secretly cut another big slice for his father, and also gave him the most important red fruit.

Father Lu, who was instantly satisfied, ate very happily!

His daughter’s cooking was really good! The cake she made was so fragrant and soft!

However, on the other side, the faces of the other brothers had already darkened. They stared at little No. 5 like a tiger watching its prey, with a look that clearly said, “Didn’t we say to only give the d*mn old man a small slice?”

Little No. 5, who wanted to cry even more: “…” Why was he the one who had to divide the cake? Life was too difficult!

On the side, a certain little sister couldn’t help but secretly laugh as she ate her chicken leg. A threatened little Fifth Brother was too, too, too cute!

When Qi Yan arrived home, Zhang Xinhui was already waiting outside.

She noticed that the car Qi Yan came back in wasn’t an ordinary one, and she couldn’t help but tug at her daughter and ask, “Yan Yan, who sent you back?”

“Just a friend.”

Qi Yan was impatient and couldn’t be bothered to say anything else. She gave a simple reply and walked into the house.

Zhang Xinhui couldn’t help but be worried, and asked, “W- what friend? H- he’s not duping you, right?”


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