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Chapter 452: Curse You

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Even the lighting, sound, production design, and everything else in this movie didn’t do any worse!

Everyone in the country was about to go crazy, whether they were fans or not.

At that moment, everyone was talking about Lu An, her movie, the actors, and even the staff who had worked hard behind the scenes for her movie.

There was a lot of heated discussion online.

[Ahhh, I still remember the first time I saw photos of Xiaoyu. She looked so dejected. It’s only been two years, and she’s won Best Actress at the Oscars. She’s really awesome!!]

[That’s right. As for Big Brother, it’s a given. In any case, he’s already used to being outstanding. However, it’s also because of Little Sister’s appearance that summer! I wonder if Qi Yan regrets it now!]

[Speaking of which, do you still remember He Dandan? That actress from Evaluating Actors China whom Little Sister said suits the role of a vicious second female lead? Am I seeing things? She actually got Best Supporting Actress??]

There were online users who were puzzled, but very quickly, there were others who dispelled their doubts.

[That’s right, don’t you know? Dandan looks good now. In the past, she somehow had a sharp and unkind appearance? In any case, she didn’t give people a good feeling. Now, even though it’s the same face, she somehow looks good. Sometimes, it has to do with temperament. I really feel that she’s completely different from before! I heard that she became the female lead for Director Xiang’s new drama a while ago. If you want to know more, you can go to her Weibo account to take a look.]

The online users promoted He Dandan’s Weibo.

Very quickly, the puzzled online users got it.

On the other side, He Dandan was still feeling emotional.

After she caused trouble during Evaluating Actors China, she didn’t have any other work.

Her manager gave up on her and didn’t bother with her anymore.

It was just like how actors were frozen out when something happened. Of course, she probably couldn’t be considered to have been frozen out; she was just abandoned.

But no matter what, she had to live!

When she really ran out of money, she secretly went to work part-time at a hotel. In the end, she got into a conflict with some guests. At that time, she really had no choice but to call Lu An.

In the end, compared with those friends who not only didn’t help her, but also kicked her while she was down, Lu An was the only one who arrived immediately and resolved all her financial and interpersonal issues for her.

She still remembered what Lu An had said back then. She had said, “I’m not helping you because what you did was right; it’s just that I need you to act a role for me. If you had done a little more wrong, then I wouldn’t be helping you now, but would be sending you to the police station instead.”

Speaking of which, she hadn’t really thought about it, until it was time for her to really act.

There was a scene where the vicious second female lead wanted to slap the female lead, and He Dandan seized the opportunity to hurt the other party.

Lu An had seen through her. Ultimately, she actually had He Dandan perform against her.

She said, “I don’t care what thoughts you have. Focus on the performance. When it’s time to hit someone, hit them hard. However, if you deliberately do it with the intention of taking revenge or whatever, don’t blame them for retaliating later.”

He Dandan clearly remembered how she had slapped Lu An hard back then. She had thought that Lu An would be especially angry or directly fire her. Actually, after slapping Lu An, she had felt inexplicably nervous, and was really afraid that she would return to her previous predicament.

However, not only didn’t Lu An blame her, she also said that He Dandan’s acting wasn’t pure enough, and had her do it again.

Speaking of which, she had been very nervous at that time. She had thought that Lu An would definitely retaliate. Unexpectedly, she calmed down and put on her best performance. In the end, not only didn’t Lu An blame her, she even praised her acting.

It was at that moment that He Dandan truly felt a little repentant.

However, it was only after she finished playing that role that she finally understood that her so-called convictions and ideas were nothing. Looking at the overall situation, she was herself and an open book; there was no need to pretend!

From then on, she no longer thought the worst of everyone else. She did what she wanted to do without hurting others. She only made strict demands of herself and didn’t quibble with other people over petty things.

[Ahhh, Dandan is so awesome, I like you more and more!]

[Don’t think about the past, don’t fear the future. Let us all get better together!]

[Love you~]

Looking at the warm comments from her fans, the corners of He Dandan’s lips couldn’t help but curve up. Her pretty face couldn’t be considered special, but it shone brightly.

On the other side, Mr. Xiao Shan was being interviewed.

Compared with his previous arrogance when he couldn’t be bothered with the media, this time, Mr. Xiao Shan answered all the questions with a pleasant expression.

Because he had a soulmate who understood tones and respected them, he was willing to share his sounds with the world once again.

Countless online users couldn’t help but cry.

Everyone in the know knew the reason Mr. Xiao had gone into seclusion back then and wasn’t willing to share his sounds was because some people only cared about autotuning. They abandoned tradition and even thought that it was meaningless for Mr. Xiao to run around looking for sounds, when they could just be synthesized on the computer without impurities.

However, Old Mr. Xiao didn’t feel the same. Even if there were impurities in the sounds of nature, that also demonstrated how real and vivid they were. Mere synthesized sounds definitely couldn’t compare.

However, those people wouldn’t accept it. They even scoffed at Mr. Xiao’s strenuous efforts and didn’t appreciate it. In a fit of anger, Mr. Xiao retired!

Thinking about it, it was all thanks to Lu An!

[If Little Sister still had Weibo, I would definitely give her 100 likes! Little Sister is too awesome!!]

[Forget 100 likes; if you have the time, why don’t you just laugh happily 100 times? I think that will make Little Sister even happier.]

[Speaking of which, I was still blaming her a little for saying all that on purpose before because she didn’t want to deal with us. Now that I think about it, maybe Little Sister really doesn’t care about that. Who knows, she might be hiding behind the screen like the rest of us! *hehe*]

On the other side, a certain little sister was really hiding behind the screen and reading —

Many people were praising her. Happy!

She was secretly happy~

But there were still people scolding her!

Hmph, curse you!

The little girl pretended to be fierce, but then immediately looked at the next happy comment.

It was better to read more happy comments. Why bother looking at the negative ones?

The more you felt hurt, the happier they would be. On the other hand, those who cared about you would take extra time to show concern for you.

You may as well block the negative comments so that those who liked you would worry less. Oh, yeah~

[Our little sister doesn’t care about your so-called sarcasm. The more you mock, the more outstanding you make our little sister out to be. Happy~ *smile*]

Seeing that a certain little fan was about to cry from fighting with the other party, a certain little sister stepped forward to help.

One after another, she cheered up her little fans.

Just as a certain little sister was feeling smug —


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