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Chapter 51 – Zhao Xiaoyu

On the other hand, Fang Qiao, who was driving, stole glances at the little sister in the rearview mirror from time to time.

Lu Boran was in a very good mood!

It was all thanks to this little sister, the immortal little sister. In the future, he wouldn’t have to grin and bear it when his artiste was slandered!

There was also the movie “Obsidian” which his artiste had just wrapped up filming on. If all went well, Lu Boran would get a Best Actor award!

Fang Qiao was extremely excited, and his hands were quick on the steering wheel.

Very quickly, they arrived at the “Luo Mingshi” set.

A certain big brother didn’t look too good. He hadn’t even really talked to his little sister yet, and they were already here?

“Thank you, Big Brother, and to your manager too. Then, I’ll go look for the director, okay?”

His little sister had a sweet smile on her face. After getting out of the car, she finally took the initiative to say this to him.

“Yes, go, go!”

A certain big brother’s expression immediately changed. He was extremely attentive, and even said, “Are you familiar with the way? Do you want me to take you?”

Fang Qiao’s eyebrows were about to fall off!

He thought to himself, “It’s your first day on set, and your little sister arrived a day before you did. Even if she doesn’t know the way, how would you know?”

Sure enough, things were completely different with the little sister around!

Give me ten more little sisters like this, and I would also want to be treated gently~


Lu An was straightforward. She quite liked being with Big Brother.

Big Brother was very quiet. The aura he gave off was very comfortable and fun.

If Fang Qiao knew what she was thinking, he would definitely say…

Little Sister, you might have some misunderstanding about your big brother!

Thus, the big brother and little sister went to look for the director together. However, they had only taken a few steps, when suddenly…

Xiang Quqi rushed over anxiously. “Not good, Xiao An. Xiaoyu said that she can’t act as the female lead!”

“What’s going on?”

Lu An was a little confused. She took the phone from Xiang Quqi, and the message on the screen was:

[Thank you, Director, for your recognition. I’m also really thankful to Little Sister An’an in particular! No one has ever been so straightforward in choosing me like you, and without making any other requests.

[I’m really sorry that I’ve failed to live up to your expectations. I’m not as good as you think.

[I’m purely a newbie. Perhaps, I can’t even be considered an actor. I don’t have any representative works, nor do I have any memorable roles. I don’t have the confidence to act well as Luo Mingshi. I must have been overly arrogant yesterday!

[I’m very sorry, really sorry. In order not to affect your filming, I’ve decided to give up on this role. I’ll have to trouble Director Xiang to pa.s.s on the message to Little Sister An’an. I’m too ashamed to see her. I wish you all the best!]

It was a very long, very self-deprecating and resigned message.

Lu An found it a little strange. Before she could say anything, another staff member rushed over anxiously. “Director, Miss An, bad news. We’ve been scolded again, and it’s trending.”


Xiang Quqi frowned and immediately took out his phone for a look.

He saw —



Similar topics were all trending.

After browsing for a bit, one would see that a video had been uploaded less than half an hour ago, and it had already been viewed more than a million times.

In the video, there was a very plain, rural couple. They were dressed in old, gray clothes, and were sitting at a long table. The calluses on their hands, the wrinkles on their faces, and their helpless and sad expressions didn’t look like they were feigned.

They were a true poor and rural couple.

The man introduced himself as Zhao Shuangping. He was 50 years old this year, and the woman only said that she was Zhao Shuangping’s wife.

The two of them then mentioned their daughter, Zhao Xiaoyu.

Zhao Xiaoyu!


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