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Chapter 68: Inside the Temple of the Koi Fish G.o.d 2

Qi Qingyao was in a good mood. She shrugged, uncaring. She brought the children to a food stall nearby and picked a long table to have a seat. Jiang Yeqian and Sijin also sat down unceremoniously. Qi Qingyao had them order whatever they wanted. Jiang Yeqian ordered a bowl of wontons and Sijin ordered a bowl of Yangchun noodles. The children, who had not eaten out before, did not know how to order. They imitated the two adults; two of them ordered wonton noodles and one ordered Yangchun noodles.

Qi Qingyao ordered herself a bowl of douhua from the next stall along with a bowl of soy sauce and shredded scallion noodles as well! There was also a bowl of duck blood vermicelli soup. When the meal had not been served yet, Qi Qingyao strolled around a little, and came back with some fuling cakes, dragon beard puffs, six tea eggs, and a packet of sugared chestnuts!

The three children were flabbergasted when Qi Qingyao set everything on the table.

Xiaobao, “…”

Mother was a total expert at spending money!

Before he could say something, his Yangchun noodles was served.

“All of you get a tea egg each, and you can eat everything else as much as you want. I’ll buy some when you think it’s not enough,” Qi Qingyao said.

Jiang Yeqian, “…” ‘Just what is this woman? Why is she skilled at everything now that she’s not a fool?’

Dabao, “…” ‘Mother’s amazing!’ He picked up a fuling cake and took a small bite.

Erniu, “…” “What’s a tea egg? That dragon beard puff looks good!”

Everyone’s dishes were served.

“Mother! The wontons are so good!” Dabao was shocked after he drank a mouthful of wonton soup. It tasted so flavorful! This was his first time eating something so delicious!

Xiaobao let Dabao feed him a spoonful of wonton soup. He nodded. “I like the Yangchun noodles more!”

“I think the wontons are delicious too,” Erniu said with a smile as she ate her wontons.

Qi Qingyao pointed at the huge pile of food on the table and said excitedly, “After we finish these, let’s go buy some sugar people there. How does that sound?”

“Great! Mom, you’re the best!” Dabao was the first to show his support.

Only Xiaobao paused in the process of eating his noodles. He thought, ‘Are we spending money again?’

Qi Qingyao had bought too much food, and so the children’s tummies were bloated when they finished the snacks on the table. They were so full. Dabao burped, feeling satisfied.

The group of six headed toward the temple of the Koi Fish G.o.d. They pa.s.sed by an old man selling sugar people. When the old man saw the adorable children, he said, “You’re all so cute. Here, these sugar people are for you.”

Dabao looked at Qi Qingyao’s expression. He only took the sugar person from the old man after Qi Qingyao gestured for him to take it. He said demurely, “Thank you~”

“What an obedient boy.” The old man laughed happily after he saw the children’s smiles.

Jiang Yeqian sensed a murderous aura nearby. He turned back instinctively and saw about six young men dressed in blue. All of them had a serious look on their face.

Jiang Yeqian’s gaze lightly scanned across the market.

On all the men’s arms was a special badge.

The badge was made up of only one word, Li.

They were working for Li Ruoxuan, the State Preceptor!

Jiang Yeqian did not expect the State Preceptor to be so persistent. It seemed that he would not rest until he found Jiang Yeqian’s body, and he was planning to find him until the end of all time.

He was merely the Head Grand Secretariat.

Who was he to have the State Preceptor do so much for him?



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