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Chapter 23: Mio’s sense of worth

When I returned, I saw the somewhat tired face of waka-sama and the meek face of Tomoe-san.

At the inner room there was one person sleeping. It must be the girl that we brought not too long ago.

There was a woman sitting down facing the two people with a clear hostile intent.

Tomoe-san if you are to interrogate, a man would have been a better choice for waka.

Then that means that the woman with black cloth covering her body is a companion of those two bad tasting people?

They really tasted terrible. Even when I let the darkness eat them it didn’t fill it at all.

They can’t even be used in my knife and fork practice- oh, I should restrain myself from anymore notations or I feel that waka-sama will get angry at me.

Even if I enter the interrogation I feel like I will just be left out.

I still have a lot to learn about society after all, I am unable to catch the subtle emotions in people so it’s hard for me to perform deals.

If I carelessly end up eating, waka-sama and Tomoe-san will only feel displeasure about it.

Just, the expressionless waka-sama that I have never seen, I have a little interest in it. In the sense that I want to avoid that from happening.

Just what kind of exchange did they have?

“Tomoe, do it. You are able to right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Most likely” (Tomoe)

In that short exchange, Tomoe-san enveloped the captive inside mist. I could tell there were slight movements but there was no resistance, her body began to wobble and in the end it fell on top of the bed.

Is it some sort of sleeping magic? But the mist is still not disappearing-desu wa ne.

“Waka, with this are you able to tell the facial expression?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe-san makes a gesture as if confirming something.

“It seems there is no issues. Can you make it possible to communicate while in this condition?” (Makoto)

How expressionless. This is the first time, I have seen that face. I feel slight murderous intent on the woman that made waka have such a face.

“I will be translating the words though” (Tomoe)

“I don’t mind. Let’s begin” (Makoto)

It seems that both of them haven’t noticed that I have returned. The reason is maybe, the strong pressure that waka-sama is exuding. There is no killing intent nor rage but there is an inexplicable pressure.

“But this is no different from intelligence confession. How tasteless” (Tomoe)

To be able to mix frivolous talk in this kind of situation, Tomoe-san is really something.

“I don’t care. This may not be to your taste but this is how job is done. Let it be threats or drugs, I don’t care as long as she spills the beans” (Makoto)

“… Got it” (Tomoe)

“It’s a great help that you are here. I am glad there is no need for drugs to make her confess. And I don’t know how to torture after all” (Makoto)

He wasn’t cold yet he wasn’t warm.

It was a disinterested voice. I had heard that in the world of waka, the people were not allowed to kill each other.

That’s why I thought that waka-sama would surely be troubled when he had to treat with life and death issues but…

… Maybe.

No, no matter what it is, it’s something that shouldn’t matter to me.

Even if I hadn’t receive the ruling pact, waka has taken a part of my soul, I have already decided to offer this body to him.

This sufficiency and this happiness, they are all things that waka-sama has given to me.

Everything else is just a trifle matter.

Yeah, that’s right. I have reconfirmed my own feelings.

The two of them are continuing their interrogation.

From their conversation I can get that they have done something for her to confess and it was proceeding smoothly.

They must have asked most of what they needed. The two of them breathe deeply and the mist disperses, they looked at each other’s face.

This may be a good time.

“Thanks for your hard work, are you done now?” (Mio)

“Huh? Oh, Mio. Well yeah, what about your side?” (Makoto)

Waka-sama seemed to be surprised for a second but he soon returned to his cheerful self and responded me. His usual self.

“Of course I am done. It was terribly unappetizing though” (Mio)

I glimpse at Tomoe-san. She makes a wry smile and says some words of apology.

“You have helped me a lot. It has splendidly gone into the route that Tomoe loves so much” (Makoto)


If I remember correctly it was ‘the perfect evil’, that kind of person. I didn’t ask in detail about it though.

“No no, with what happened, there won’t be any tailers from now on, well you see, it seems that it won’t be that interesting” (Tomoe)

I couldn’t understand half of what Tomoe-san is trying to say.

What I understood was that in a few days the situation will be resolved.

“Then, does that mean that we will be moving beginning tomorrow?” (Mio)

When she was talking about tailers she must have been referring to this black clothed woman. Then that means we are done for tonight.

Then next is a-attending right?!

Ah~ my chest is throbbing!!

“A-Ara?! Um waka-sama, this is?” (Mio)

While I was drowning in my fantasies, I was shown one piece of paper.

It was probably a drawing made by using charcoal? There was one young female smiling cheerfully.

It was drawn from chest to top, an easy to see smiling face. It was quite well made.

“It’s that girl’s older sister” (Makoto)

Waka-sama tells me about the meaning of this object. Ah~ I see. So this girl is.

In the first place, the reason we brought this girl here was because she asked us about her sister that had gone missing.

At that time I had felt, even if it was for just a second, the presence of someone watching, so waka-sama decided to bring the girl with us.

I had no desire to stop waka-sama, if it’s something that waka-sama has decided then I have no complaints.

“I have an idea of where this girl is. And so, I am sorry but I will have the two of you go search right away” (Makoto)

… wa?

U-Uhm. Does this mean huh. That we won’t be sleeping?

“Wa-Waka?! Are you telling me that I will be going without eating and sleeping?!” (Tomoe)

Tomoe-san’s objection is truly accurate-desu!

“That’s right. You guys are okay even if you don’t sleep every single day right?” (Makoto)

Uh wun. Certainly, we can easily go several months or maybe even several year spans without any problems but.

As waka-sama’s familiar I want to live like how my master lives.


“That is, um, that is true but…” (Mio)

“Waka, I want to sleep! Since my body turned like this I have understood the comfort of sleeping-no ja!” (Tomoe)

Tomoe-san is really straightforward. But I am the same. Since the time I turned human shaped it has only been a few days but to think I would find the act of sleeping to be so comfortable.

“Tomoe, I think you already know by the interrogation from just now but there is no guarantee that this girl is okay. You should know the place so if it’s you two then most of the problems can be dealt with” (Makoto)

“Even though it’s a situation where we have no guarantee, we are going to hurry-desu no?” (Mio)

I said the question that was in my mind. But it seems this was a verbal slip as the eyes of waka-sama became close to expressionless once again.

“Mio, if possible, I want to rescue this girl’s elder sister. I ask of you, if she is safe, please protect her and bring her safely here. Even if it’s not possible, try your best to tell me as fast as possible. Okay?” (Makoto)


I quietly a.s.sent. It feels uncomforting. I don’t want waka-sama to see me with those eyes.

An inorganic gaze that feels like he has lost all interest. For me to become an existence that has no meaning for him, I don’t want that to happen!

When I look for Tomoe-san with my eyes I saw that she was nervously swinging her head up and down.

“I am sorry, tomorrow I will be going to the commerce area with this girl so don’t worry. For now confirm the safety of that girl. We don’t have enough hands, we have to use everything we have at hand” (Makoto)

“If that’s how things are then it can’t be helped. Koumon-sama’s job is to protect the person in trouble and wait for the report after all. Mio, let’s go” (Tomoe)

Tomoe-san seems to have come to an understanding. It was an exchange that I didn’t quite get.

But I am grateful that the place has calmed down a bit.

It’s better for waka-sama to be cheerful. I thank Tomoe-san for that.

“Ah, and also…” (Tomoe)

The moment we were going to go out the door, Tomoe-san turned around.

“What is it?” (Makoto)

I am glad, waka-sama is talking in his usual way.

“When this issue is resolved I, um, I want to call myself by the word ‘washi’*-desu ga” (Tomoe) (TN: washi is like an older way of calling yourself)

I felt that waka-sama instantly lost all his tension.

I also-desu. Such a thing you should just do it if you want.

“I-I don’t think I mind but, more like, why are you asking?” (Makoto)


“Well~ that way fits me more but, as expected, from my standing I shouldn’t go with ‘wachi’ or so I thought. I felt that this was a trademark for Koumon-sama after all” (Tomoe)

“… Do as you see fit” (Makoto)

“Oh! I thank you deeply-desu zo! Then!!” (Tomoe)

Completely relaxing her facial expression, Tomoe-san expresses her grat.i.tude and opens the door. I follow her and leave the lodging. She knows the place we have to go to so I just have to follow her.

When we were outside I had one thing that was in my mind.

It was a good thing that it was only me and her. It was also pretty late so there wasn’t any signs of people walking around.

“Um, Tomoe-san. Waka-sama seemed to be pretty stormy but, did something happen?” (Mio)

“I don’t know. It was thanks to you returning that the conversation could advance, honestly, you were a lifesaver. This portrait, you have seen it as well right?” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, it’s the onee-san of the girl that we brought back” (Mio)

“That’s right, then. That girl seemed to be good at drawing so it seems that she was told to make a drawing of her sister” (Tomoe)

“That is pretty impressive for a person of her age” (Mio)

I heard that she was only 10 years old.

“Umu, but it was from then on-nan ja. Waka’s eyes were like, deprived from all his emotions, but they carried a strange pressure in them” (Tomoe)

I recall it for a bit. That’s right, I have never felt such a silent pressure before.

“Maybe she is an acquaintance?” (Mio)

“That is definitely not. Waka not only doesn’t have any friends, he shouldn’t have a single acquaintance-ja” (Tomoe)

With a way of speaking that felt like it had a hidden meaning, Tomoe-san totally denied what I said.

“… Tomoe-san really knows a lot about waka-sama huh. Even though it hasn’t been that long since you met him” (Mio)

From what waka-sama has told me, it should have only been a few days before he met me.

“You could say that. My case is a bit special though” (Tomoe)

“Is it okay if I ask?” (Mio)

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I can control illusions but, it may be a byproduct of the process, a completely different ability is made” (Tomoe)

“… and the conclusion is?” (Mio)

“I can look at the memories of my target. And I saw them. That’s what happened” (Tomoe)

“You saw?! Waka-sama’s memories?! A woman that is supposed to be an attendant?!” (Mio)

“At that time we were still enemies. Just like your case” (Tomoe)

Ugh. When she says it like that she has a point. Our meeting was a raid but.

What an envious, I mean, disrespectful thing to do.

“Then, just what is waka-sama?” (Mio)

“You should hear that directly from waka. Learn about each other and built trust” (Tomoe)

“Uh, that is a sound argument but its kind of unfair” (Mio)

“Right now I am unable to see as well. By the way I am unable to see your memories too. Waka gave me permission for a part of his memories though” (Tomoe)

My memories? Do I have memories of my time when I was driven by my instincts?

“Then, any information about that girl inside the memories you have seen?” (Mio)

That’s right, there should be something inside his memories.

But Tomoe-san shakes her head horizontally.

“As expected, I am unable to tell that much. Because of the pact, there are a lot of parts that have been sealed. There are some memories I am not restricted to, there might be some information in them but well it doesn’t matter, the sure thing is that…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe that was walking at the front, turned around.

“Unless we bring information about the protection of that girl, waka will stay in that harsh mood for a while” (Tomoe)

That is surely an important matter-desu.

To be honest I don’t want to continue the journey with that kind of atmosphere. I want to avoid that at all cost. I see, when I think about it, that’s surely how it is.

“I understand. Before thinking about unnecessary prying we should first concentrate on completing the mission-desu wa ne” (Mio)

For future’s sake as well.

Using a technique that let me blend lightly into the shadows, I proceed with the mission for the sake of continuing our fun journey.


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