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Blood splatter on the floor as Jingxu’s body touch the ground. Darkness slowly starts to cloud his vision, but could see a faint figure.

A figure he is very familiar with…

Ting stare with his eyes wide. He could not process everything that just happened. However… that figure…. the gun shots…

Before he could get a clearer view, his vision turned black and he fell into his consciousness.

The middle aged man and his men stare in shock at what just happened. No one saw this coming at all.

The gun shot sounds wasn’t from their man, neither is the blood Jingxu’s…

The blood is actually from the two men who were beating up Jingxu and the bulky man who was kicking Ting….

All three of them were dropped to the ground and each one has a bullet to their head.


“Ti Lung.”

A soft and gentle voice sounds from out of nowhere. It was a voice so soothing, it can ease one’s heart and soul.


Everyone from the Ghost Gang turn their heads in the direction of the angelic voice.

Seeing the once tightly shut door completely knocked down and a tall figure dressed in black, they were shocked speechless.

It was as if a fairy had just landed in the mundane world. This woman is incomparably beautiful. One so beautiful, none of the men in the room has ever seen before.

When did this fairy come in?

All six of the remaining men stare at this unknown beauty with eyes of hungry coyotes.

However… unlike his men, Ti Lung, the middle aged man wasn’t looking at the beauty like a hungry coyote. His eyes shook and his expression turned into one of fear.

His mouth open and close, until he choke his words out.

“Y-You… why are you h-here?”


Hearing their boss, the six men were dumbfounded and confused. Why does it sound like their boss, who is known as a ruthless man in the underworld sound like he’s scared? And he seems to know who this woman is?

Jingxu stare at the blurry figure.. Is death letting him see one of the people he wants to see?

Before he can try to further adjust his vision, everything turns dark and he lets out a whisper, “Jie….”

Yue Ling stood at the door. Her eyes looks at Jingxu and Ting. Slowly, she blink her bluish green eyes, but when that one blink opened her eyes again, she stared right at Ti Lung.

“It seems my message was not clear.”

Hearing this, Ti Lung felt like someone had dropped a bomb on him. Trembling in fear, he raise his hand and points at Yue Ling.

“Y-You! You left the underworld, w-what are you doing h-here?”

Yue Ling’s expression was the same, indifferent, but murderously cold. Taking steady steps forward, she moves her eyes from the filthy man and looks back her brother.

Jingxu was in a b.l.o.o.d.y and disheveled mess. His face was beaten up to the point she could even recognize him. If it wasn’t for the sweater he is wearing, she wouldn’t have been able to tell…

That sweater is one of a kind and it was the sweater she designed just for him…

Looking at the blood covering his body, Yue Ling’s eyes darken.

If she had been a second late, he…..

“W-We haven’t done anything wrong to y-you. So, why is the l-leader of Fate here?!”

The members of Ghost Gang were dumbfounded. Did their boss just say this woman is from Fate?

Yue Ling looks back at Ti Lung and stops in the middle of the room. To her left laid Jingxu and Ting, in front of her was Ti Lung with two men on each side and on her left stood three men.

Like Asura resurrected from h.e.l.l, she part her lips, “I’ve come to collect your fate.”


Ti Lung’s eyes grew wider hearing the words he fear the most. He could not believe it.

Every time this woman appears, she will say this one sentence before killing.

Whoever falls into her hands, their fate is hers to decide!!

Just how did he offend this woman?

He struggle a dry swallow, “M-Mami, let’s t-talk this out. I haven’t done anything t-to offend you. I s-swear.”

Hearing the name, the men standing in the room felt like their brains were blown. Not only did their boss mentioned the group people from the underworld fear the most, but also the name that can shake one’s soul!

This beautiful woman… she is actually the most cold blooded person known in the underworld. Ghost gang may be a ruthless gang, but when compare to the name Mami…. they were like a stepping stone, no more like dirt for her to walk on.

s.h.i.+t! What the h.e.l.l is going on?! Why did someone they couldn’t afford to offend come here?!

Oblivious to the people in the room’s thoughts, Yue Ling didn’t leave her sight on Ti Lung.

“Like I said, I’m here to collect your fate.”

While his men were dumbfounded in words, Ti Lung quickly grabs his gun and points it at Yue Ling. He could never read this woman’s moves.

All he knows is that, once this woman says something, she will follow through with it.

For now, he needs to protect himself at all cost and escape.

Thinking of something, Ti Lung sneers as the fear in him disappears.

“Mami, I’m warning you. You left the underworld, if words get out that you crossed the line back, do you think you will live?”

Yue Ling arch a brow at the man’s stupid threat. Was she supposed to be scared? When has she ever been scared of those from the underworld?

“Before I left, I had sent a message to everyone, including you. My words were clear. I said I will not cross the line with anyone from that world, unless they cross mine first.”

She glance at Jingxu then back to Ti Lung, “You, however, just happened to be the stupid one to cross my line.”

Seeing her quick s.h.i.+ft in eye to the boys, Ti Lung was dumbfounded with chills crawling throughout his entire body.

f.u.c.k! Did he just take…..! Why didn’t he have his men check the other boy’s background?!

How f.u.c.ken screwed is he?!!!!



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