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Chapter 15 Your worst nightmare part 2


Yue Ling reach for her make up bag and began working on her face as she sat down on the couch. Her mind completely brus.h.i.+ng off the one night stand incident like it never happened at all.

She first applied moisturizer then primer and a bb cream.

Next, she lightly filled her eyebrows to give it a little life, follow by eyeliner to make her eyes look a bit more awake. Then mascara on her long and full eyelashes.

She didn’t need bronzer or blush because her face was already slim enough and she had natural flushed cheeks. To complete her face, she applied a light peachy lip tint to enhance her nicely full lips.

Satisfied with her makeup, she puts everything back in the makeup bag.

Yue Ling reach for another shopping bag, she took out a pair of black strapped pointed toe heels.

Once she finished putting on her heels, she pulled out a black mid-length boyfriend blazer in another bag. Wearing the blazer she stands and straightens it.

She had natural light wavy hair so she decided to leave it flowing down her back elegant.

Fully dressed and satisfied with her look, she grab her black medium Chanel boy bag brought by Liu Shan that sat patiently on the couch by her.

Opening her bag, she made sure everything was inside, satisfied, she walks to the hotel door.

Before leaving the room, Yue Ling made sure to also leave a note for the hotel staffs to send all her belongings in the room back to her new place.

Opening the door, she lifts one leg to takes a step out, but her entire body froze in place. She stare out the door dumbfounded for a few seconds.

Exactly five seconds later, she slammed the door shut.

‘Oh G.o.d! It really is him!!! Why?!!’


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