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While the streets started to fill with cars and people started making their way to work and school, a black Mercedes stops in front of a coffee shop. The back door opened and a woman with pixie cut hair stepped out.

Zhao Ya’Er had just arrived, waving her driver to leave, she walks to the coffee shop and sat at a table outside. Looking down at her choice of clothes, she nods her head in satisfaction.

She wore a tan knee length dress and a black leather jacket with a white scarf. Covering her legs were her black tight stockings for warmth and a pair of black ankle boots. Matching her outfit was her crossbody Chanel bag.

“Wow, those are really nice boots.”

A voice comments in Zhao Ya’Er’s boots. Without paying much attention to the person, she smiles and glance down at her boots.

“I know, right? I had to go through so much just to get them. They are from De L’amour’s limited edition 4 years ago. I saw my—”

Suddenly, her eyes widen and she quickly turn her head to the person.

In front of her was her angelic idol and ‘best friend’. Her hair elegantly bounce down her shoulder onto her back. She wore a loose grey turtle neck sweater and black denim. Her feet were covered with her black Louboutin heels.

Shocked was written all over Zhao Ya’Er’s face before she smiles widely and stood from her seat.

“Yue Ling! You’re here.”

Yue Ling smiles at the her. Pulling the chair beside Zhao Ya’Er, she sits down.

Before she came here, she had notify Liu Shan that wouldn’t be be in for work until later. She wanted to use this day to do some things.

“Did you have to wait long?”

Looking at Zhao Ya’Er, she smiles with politeness. She is quite amaze as how Zhao Ya’Er remembers when De L’amour released the ankle boots she wore. Only a true fan will know, while others just want it because they can flaunt about it.

“No, I just arrived.”

Zhao Ya’Er smiles like a fangirl and waved her hands. Sighing, she can’t help but be amazed by Yue Ling. Even with not much make up on, she is still beautiful.

Thinking of something, her eyes lit up.

“I heard there’s a new shopping center that just opened near here. Do you like shopping? Should we go shopping? ”

“Mm, let’s go.”

Both women stood from their seat and walked in the direction of the new shopping center. Neither were aware of the attraction they had just created.

“Who are they? They’re so beautiful.”

“Did you see their outfits? So simple, but very stylis.h.!.+”

Oblivious to their cause of commotion, both women continue to with their walk. While Yue Ling was spending her morning with Zhao Ya’Er, at Lu Corps was in a chaotic stress.

Well, in the office of the cold and ruthless CEO.

Lu Tian sat behind his desk with a solemn expression. He stare at the phone on his desk, but not hearing a ring, he abruptly stood from his chair.

Walking to the floor to ceiling window, he couldn’t help but pace back and forth.

He had just went to meet with H International, but his patience is running out. His wife is pregnant and it’s his responsibility for his actions.

No, he doesn’t want to marry Yue Ling because she is pregnant. He wants to marry her because he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

As Lu Tian continue to ponder in thoughts and pace back and forth in his office, his a.s.sistant’s brain was going to explode.

Xu Long’s head darted side to side following his boss. The world seemed to be spinning as of right now. Lifting both his hands, he grab his head and held it in place. Looking at his boss, he lets out a long sigh.

Never has he ever seen his boss act this way.

Never has his boss showed any signs of impatience for work or when the old house calls for him.

Yet, here is his boss, panicking with impatience over a ring for his lady boss.

‘Arghhh!! Why can’t H International just give a call already?’

Xu Long clench his hair and looked up to the ceiling with pleading eyes as if asking G.o.d for help.

‘Give us a sign, please! Anything!!’

*ring ring*

Xu Long: “…”

Lu Tian: “…”

Both men froze in place as their heads turn to look at the phone. Neither made a sound or another move.

*ring ring*

The entire room was quiet except for the sound of the phone ringing. Lu Tian was the first to react. He quickly strides to his desk and picks up the phone, while Xu Long fell to his knees in slow motion.

His prayers has been answered!!

“Lu Tian.”

His deep hoa.r.s.e voice escapes his lips.

[“Good morning, Mr. Lu. This is Kang In-Sung from H International. I will cut to the chase about this call, my boss has given words to give L’amour de ma vie to you.”]


Lu Tian did not say a word. He could only feel the mountain on his shoulders suddenly flew away and he sighed in relief.

[“h.e.l.lo? Mr. Lu?”]


[“Oh… Ahem. However, my boss has one condition.”]

Hearing Kang In-Sung’s words, the s.p.a.ce between Lu Tian’s brows crease into three lines. If H International’s CEO has one condition about the ring, what could it be? If it’s money, he has no obligations. He’s a multi billionaire, he could care less about spending a huge amount of money. However….. thinking of something, his eyes dimmed.

“What is the condition?”

[“As you know, L’amour de ma vie is a very important item to my boss. Even though my boss has agreed to part with it, my boss doesn’t want to sell it—”]

As the words enter Lu Tian’s ears, his expression darken and the entire room turned into a blizzard. Every remaining words from Kang In-Sung seemed to have muted. Xu Long held in his breath when he felt the sudden coldness engulf his boss’s office.

He gulped with difficulty as he stare at his boss. He can’t hear what the person on the other side is saying, but judging from his boss’s words and expression….. the other person must have said something wrong.

Lu Tian clench the phone in his hand, he had been patient enough. Didn’t Kang In-Sung just say his boss had agreed to sell the ring? Why is it that, he doesn’t want to now? And one condition? What condition?

Did H International’s CEO take him for fool? If it’s like this, so be it then. He doesn’t need the ring. Just when he planned to end the conversation, Kang In-Sung’s voice continues into the phone.

[“In terms of everything I just mentioned, my boss’s condition is to donate L’amour de ma vie instead. My boss trusts that you will take a great care of it.”]


Lu Tian was dumbfounded. His angry expression was now one indescribable. He pout his lip in thoughts. He was relieved that the condition was simple, however…..


Was he some kind of charity business?

No, he is Lu Tian, the CEO of Lu Corps. Never has anyone ‘donated’ to him. It was him, who donates.

However, as long as he gets L’amour de ma vie, he will take this ‘donation’.

“Fine. I accept your boss’s condition.”

[“Great. We will have someone personally send the ring to you. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Lu. You have good day.”]

Lu Tian end the call as Kang In-Sung hung up on the other line. Sitting down, he relaxed his body and faint smile appear on his G.o.dlike face.

Unlike Lu Tian, his a.s.sistant was dumbfounded. Xu Long felt his soul had left his body as he slowly move from his knees to the floor.

He stare in disbelief at everything that just happened. He looked like a slave who is faced with a crime in front of the emperor, but the crime was not his fault. Like a person who was not found guilty.

“Xu Long.”

Lu Tian cold voice enters Xu Long’s ears. Coming back to his senses, he blinked a few times. Realizing he was sitting on the floor, his cheeks turned red in embarra.s.sment before he quickly stood up and salutes.

“Ahem.. Xu Long at your service, boss!”


Looking at his a.s.sistant who was just in a dumbfounded state, it was Lu Tian’s turn to be dumbfounded. He stare at his a.s.sistant with heavy eyes.

“H International has agreed to give us L’amour de ma vie. They are personally sending the ring. Be sure to await for their arrival.”

Hearing this, Xu Long sighed in relief. If H International had decided not to, who knows what kind of disaster his boss would create for them.

Just when he finally steadied himself, Lu Tian’s next words struck him dumbfounded again.

“Transfer one trillion yuan to H International.”


Like a fish with no water, Xu Long’s jaw dropped to the ground and his mouth opened and closed. Did he not clean his ears this morning? Or did he heard his boss wrong?

“One-one-one t-t-tri-l-llion yuan?”



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