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Time slipped away as the rain outside did not cease one bit. Lu Tian never left his wife’s side, afraid he would not see her anymore. He stares at her and thought about their little one.

They hadn’t even decided a name or find out the gender…

*Knock knock

A quiet knock at the door suddenly interrupts Lu Tian’s thoughts. The door slowly opens as Xu Long looks inside at his lady boss then his boss. Sighing inside, he enters the room.

“Where is he?”

Before Xu Long could even utter a sound, Lu Tian’s hoa.r.s.e voice spoke first. However, the a.s.sistant did not get surprised or scared, he takes a step inside and answers.

“We’ve taken him to that place.”

Lu Tian’s red eyes that seemed to have lost its way flash murderously, but only for a quick second.

He calmly stood up and leans down to kiss his wife’s.

‘When you open your eyes, I will have returned to your side.’

He takes one long look at her before turning away.

“Let’s go.”

Walking out of the private ward, Xu Long quickly follows after.

Outside the room, Lian Ni Shang and Shan Sinan were waiting with Lin Hui and Qi Li.

Leaving Imperial Military Hospital, Lu Tian ordered Lian Ni Shang to stay with his wife while Shan Sinan stayed with Liu Shan.

He also ordered the members of Wolf Team to keep a close watch inside the hospital and outside.

The only ones who left with him were Xu Long, Lin Hui and Qi Li.

As the four men entered a black car, it drove through the empty streets of Imperial.

It didn’t take long before they arrived in front of a small building.

It was restaurant, but unlike all the other building that had no lights on, the lights inside this restaurant was brightly lit.

The second the car parked, Lu Tian pushed the door open and stepped out.

Quickly following his action, the other three doors open, and the three men stepped out as well.

Entering the brightly lit restaurant, the bell that was hung on the door chimes a sound.

An elderly man with white hair sat behind the front counter. He was reading a newspaper, but when he heard the bell, he lowers it to see who had come in.

Seeing the four men, he looks at each one with slightly squint eyes until he got to Lu Tian.

“Ah, Mr. Lu, it’s a pleasure to see you here. Xu Long informed us of your arrival.”

Usually others would have stood and greeted the powerful man, but the old man remained seated. Giving his greetings, he raise the newspaper and goes back to reading.

Qi Li and Lin Hui arch a brow in curiosity when they saw this, then to Lu Tian.

However, the man did not get angry at the elderly man. His eyes scans the empty restaurant before striding in the direction of the back.

As the four men pa.s.s the counter, they entered the long hallway before disappearing behind a door.

Without moving his eyes from the newspaper, the elderly man’s hand reach for the bell that was placed on the counter. Tapping it three times, he calls out.

“Table for four.”

His words fell as three tapping sound of bell came again, but this time from the kitchen.

The restaurant quickly returned to emptiness like none of the four men had ever stepped foot inside.

“Mister, are you closing soon?”

Seconds after the quietness, the front door opens again with the chime of the bell. Looking up from the newspaper, the elderly man squint his eyes to see the customer.

It was two men and a woman that entered the restaurant. They looked like they had just left the nightclub and were craving a late night meal.

Setting the newspaper down, he smiles to them and grabs the menu.

“We are open 24 hours every day.”

As he walks around the counter with the menus in one hand and a cane in the other, he lifts the cane and taps on the bell once.

“Table for three.”

It was as if the place was indeed a restaurant with nothing out of sorts.

Behind the door in the back of the restaurant, Lu Tian and the others arrived at a thick metal door. Opening it, it was a back up freezer for storing fresh meat.

However, none of them stop but continue forward, reaching another door identical to the one they came through, Xu Long opens it and Lu Tian entered first.

This time, a set of stairs leading down greets them with little light.


Each step they took, the faint screaming of a man can be heard. The more they walked down the stairs, the screaming grew louder and louder.

At the end of the stairs, five doors to different rooms come to view. Two members from Wolf Team stood guarding the door in the far end where the screaming was coming from.


The two men sees Lu Tian and salutes to the man. Knowing their boss is not in the mood for questions, each person took a step aside to make way after opening the door.

Inside the room that was dimly lit but one small light, the man with a scar on his right eye was hung by chains. Both his arms spread out as the chain wrapped his wrist and legs hanging down as they touch the floor.

He was screaming out of pain from the wound Lin Hui had gave him.

Suddenly hearing the door open, he sounds a snort, but he felt a chill down his spine.

Looking at the person standing in front of the door, his knees became weaker than they already were.

“L-Lu Tian.”

Lu Tian’s perfect features made him look like an immortal descended from the heavens. However, his dark clothes that were stained with blood made him look more like the devil.

Despite what he was wearing, Lu Tian calmly enters the room. Taking a cigarette out, he lights it and looks at the man in the eyes.

The scar face man s.h.i.+ver when he was met with those dead eyes.

Lost in his own thoughts, Lu Tian approach the man and he chuckles a smile.

Not knowing why, the man also chuckled back, but before he could grasp the situation, a powerful punch was suddenly thrown on his face.

The man groan in pain as his body flung back. However, due to the chains, he did not fall.

His mouth hung open with blood and drool sliding out of his mouth.

Lu Tian’s sudden punch did not break his jaw but dislocated it.

“Who sent you?”

Hearing the question, the man did not hesitate to answer. He hand long surrendered himself the moment Fate and Lu Tian was mentioned.

Even if he was going to be known as a traitor, he rather be one than be chased by of Fate.

Unable to close his mouth, he gurgles his words.

“Chu Li Xiang.”

Just as he spoke the name, the veins pop on one of Lu Tian’s hand. His other hand shoves the burning cigarette into the man’s mouth.

Sending a kick to the scar face man’s stomach, Lu Tian’s expression became one of a mad man. Both his fists clench tightly, and he continuously punches the man in the face.

Each time he punched the man, a bruise appeared before it turned into a bleeding cut.

Lin Hui, Xu Long and Qi Li stood by the door as they watched. No one dared to stop Lu Tian. They didn’t care if the scar face man was being used as a punching bag. He deserved every bit of Lu Tian’s angry and theirs.

Seconds turned into minutes before an hour pa.s.s, but Lu Tian did show any signs of being tired as he continues to beat the man’s face.

His wife… His child…

For what they had to go through, this man will be the first to pay.


Just as Lu Tian sent another powerful punch, the chains holding the man up breaks and he (the man) drops to the ground.

The man’s face was covered in blood and completely disfigured. He laid unmoving like he had long been dead. However, one can see his body move in breathing.

Lu Tian’s lips that were pressed tightly together slowly part and his deep hoa.r.s.e voice sounds.

“Tell that son of a b.i.t.c.h he’s next.”

Hearing his sudden word, Lin Hui and Qi Li furrow their brows. Is Lu Tian planning to let this despicable man go? What about what he did?

Knowing what the two men were thinking, Xu Long sighs and glance at them.

“It’s going to get gruesome. If either of you have a weak stomach, I suggest you close your eyes or leave the room.”

Lin Hui and Qi Li glance at one another then to Xu Long. What did he mean by gruesome? Isn’t Lu Tian planning to let the man go so he can send the message to Chu Li Xiang?

Unable to grasps the meaning behind Xu Long’s words, both men wanted to ask, but before either could say a word, their question was answered.

*Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Lu Tian reached for his gun and shoots the man who is near death, but still alive. However, each bullet he sent penetrated the same part of the man’s body in a line across his neck.

Firing the last bullet, he calmly puts his gun away. Taking a few steps towards the man, he stares down with his head slightly tilted.

“Locate Jiangyu and the others.”

He gives an order to the three men before lifting his right leg. The tip of his foot press against the man’s chin and he press a push.

The man’s head rips apart from the body and rolls to the wall.

Lu Tian did not once flinch at the sight of a b.l.o.o.d.y headless body or a bodyless head.

He calmly turns away and strides out of the room.

“Send his head to Black Dragon.”


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