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“How is he doing?”

Yue Ling had just closed the door to the guestroom when a question was thrown her way. She turn to look at the person and arch both her eyebrows.

Standing at the end of the hallway that connected the living room and guestroom were three figures.

Xu Long was bent on all fours with his head poking out into view. Above his head was Qi Li’s then Lin Hui’s. The sight of them reminded her of the three stooges.

She was stunned to the point of speechlessness but came to her senses. She inhales sharply and walked towards them.

“Like a champ.”

All three men were nervous and worried for Liu Shan, but hearing her response, a sigh of relief escape their lips at the same time.

Xu Long slumps onto his stomach while Lin Hui and Qi Li sat on the a.s.sistant’s back. Knowing that Liu Shan is doing better, even if it is only by a little, it was better than nothing.

They were men and could understand the man’s feelings, but truth be told, they were useless when it comes to this kind of topic.

Good thing Yue Ling is here to handle the job.

After a long minute, Xu Long finally notice the weight on him. His face turns red from lack of oxygen and he taps on the floor with a grunt.

“Guys… A little help here, you’re both suffocating me.”


Both Lin Hui and Qi Li quickly jump off from the man. They were wondering why the floor suddenly became soft. Turned out Xu Long was being used as a couch for their fall.


Xu Long got up from the floor and wipes the imaginary sweat on his forehead.

“Man, I thought I was going to die. You two need to lose some weight.”


Hearing the a.s.sistant’s words, Lin Hui and Qi Li were dumfounded. One is 70kg while the other is 72kg. Combing their weight together of course they would be heavy. However, to tell them to lose some weight, wouldn’t they just become sticks and bones?

How rude of him!

“So, what do we do now?”

Oblivious to their thoughts, Xu Long asked and his question brought the other two back to their senses. Their expressions turn into one of pondering and thought hard about the question.

“I got it!”

The lightbulb over Lin Hui’s head flickers on and he snaps his fingers. Grabbing the two men by the arm, he turns them to face the living room with him.

“Boss, we’ve discussed over a nonverbal communication and have come to an agreement.”

Placing his arms around Xu Long and Qi Li’s shoulders, he puts on a very serious look.

“We are going to have another sleepover here.”

Xu Long and Qi Li were about to cut the man off, but hearing his last sentence, both men were quick to agree. Their heads nod at the same time and looks at the other three figures in the room.

Qi Li: “What he said.”

Xu Long: “You won’t even know that we are here.”

Sitting on one of the white couches, Yue Ling and Lu Tian stared at the three men. The couple held a calm expression, but deep inside, they were debating between laughing or crying.

Who are these people? What happened to their subordinates?

Unlike the couple, Inu sat on the side near Lu Tian. He rolled his eyes at the three peasants like he was saying, ‘Here I am stuck with these idiots again’.

Yue Ling glance one by one at the three men. After a long second, she chuckles and stood up from the couch.

“Well, that settle it then.”

As she walks away from the living room towards the stairs, Lu Tian quickly follows her steps with Inu at his side. However, before leaving the room, he looks indifferently to the three men.

“Don’t make a mess.”

Lin Hui, Xu Long and Qi Li were at a loss for all words. When they saw Lu Tian stand up, they swore the man had turn into a giant and they three tiny ants ready to be stepped on.

They even thought Lu Tian was going to tell them to leave. Fortunately, that was not the case. His four simple words were like a magical rainbow into their hearts.

As the couple, the Samoyed, the three stooges, and the champ fall into slumber, in another part of Imperial, another scene was taking place.

Inside a private room in Imperial Hotel, the after stench of intense intimacy lingers inside the room.

Ning Mei sat at the edge of the bed. She wore only a white robe that loosely wrapped around her body. Although she had just finished the deed, her mind was elsewhere.

She held her phone and she scrolls through the web. After her last encounter with Chu Li Xiang, he promised to complete their deal. He even said to wait for the good news, but no matter how many times she searched the web, all that came up was Yue Ling’s reveal as De L’amour’s owner and fas.h.i.+on designer.

There was absolutely nothing that mentions the retired model’s demise.

“Ning Mei. Babe, what are you doing?”

A man’s groggy voice spoke from behind the rookie model. She hid her phone and turn to look at the man.

He was sitting up with his back leaning against the headboard. His facial features could not be considered as the best-looking man, but he was decent to look at. Compare to Chu Li Xiang and the haggard face Gongji, Ning Mei rather be with this man.

Glancing down to his exposed chest, an innocent smile curls on her lip. She stood up and walks over to her side of the bed. Placing her phone down on the side table, she climbs onto the bed to join the man.

“Darling, I was waiting for my friend to call me, but she seems to have forgotten.”

The man watched her every move. She looked like a dainty woman, but her smile and the way she spoke were nothing but flirtatious gestures.

However, hearing her mention the word ‘friend’, his brows crease together and he frowns. Grabbing her arm, he pulls her onto his chest and kiss her lips.

“This ‘friend’ of yours. Is it Zhao Ya’Er?”

He held a sullen expression, but still kiss Ning Mei as he slowly makes his way down her neck. At the same time, his hands did not forget to loosen her robe.

Ning Mei scoffs inside when she heard him. Even when he is with her, he still knows how to mention that s.l.u.t?

Just as he undid the belt that secured her robe, she grabs his hands and stops him from opening her robe.

“Hongyi, if you are so worried that your little wh.o.r.e will find out, why are you here? Why don’t you go and find her?”

Wei Hongyi quickly turned displeased when he was stopped. He glares at Ning Mei, but taking a deep breath, he grabs her by the waist and positions her under him.

“Why should I go find her when I have a beauty like you here?”

He place her arms over her head and held her wrists together with one hand. His other hand reach down to open her robe and he grope one of her small b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Capturing her lips again, he spread her legs with his knees to begin another round of love making.

Even though he has been with countless women, Zhao Ya’Er is the prettiest and the one with the best body. However, what angers him the most is that throughout their entire relations.h.i.+p, the woman never once allowed him to have a taste.

The thought of putting up with her for so long is only so he can have her in bed. If he’s not the one to have her first time, he will never let her go.

However, because he cannot have her, he could only satisfy his own needs with other women. Even if they are Zhao Ya’Er’s friends, if they’re willing to spread their legs for him, what does he have to lose?

As he thought back to this, his lips purse and he glance down at Ning Mei’s body. The woman was like a walking stick figure. However, brus.h.i.+ng it aside, he continues to kiss down her neck.

Feeling Wei Hongyi’s lips on her, Ning Mei was pleased with the man. A few soft moans escapes her lips, but it only lasted for a few seconds when she remembers something.

She free her hands from the man’s grip and gently place them on his chest to stop him.

“Hongyi, is that person still working for you?”

Being interrupted by her again, Wei Hongyi heaves a long sigh in annoyance. He gets off from her and sits on his side of the bed again.

“Do you really have to mention that person at a time like this?”

He click his tongue and reach for a cigarette from the side table. All he wanted was a night’s pleasure. If he had known that Ning Mei would be so annoying, he would have called for another woman.

Seeing that she had anger him, Ning Mei wanted to slap herself for being so stupid. She had forgotten that Wei Hongyi has a very bad temper when things don’t go his way.


She turns to look at him and spoke his name in a coquettish voice, but when she leans on his bare chest, she pretends to fake a sob and put on a very innocent and scared expression.

“I didn’t mean to anger you. It’s just that… There is this person who keeps bothering me. I only asked if you still knew that person, so I can ask a favor from you.”

Her words fell and she wipes away the tears she was able to force out. Doing so, she sat up and pulls the blanket off the man to expose his naked body.

Watching her crawl to his lower body part and position herself between his leg, a smirk curl on Wei Hongyi’s lip. Such an innocent face, but also a loose woman.

However, he inhales a mouthful of the tobacco and exhales it at her face.

“If you can satisfy me, I will consider this favor.”


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