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Liu Shan was dumbfounded by Lu Tian’s answer. The word ‘boyfriend’ floated through his mind as if it was put on repeat.

Then he pout his lips and thought of something.

Noticing Liu Shan’s weird expression, Yue Ling asked curiously, “Liu Shan, do you know Lu Tian?”

Hearing the question, Liu Shan’s eyes lit up. He nod his head, but half way through his eyes met a pair of murderous cold eyes. Not wanting to die yet, he shakes his head no.

Oblivious to both men’s secret communication, Yue Ling spoke casually, “Lu Tian, this is my a.s.sistant, Liu Shan.”

From the kitchen, Lu Tian nod his head at Liu Shan.

Liu Shan gulped and nod his head robotically back. Feeling the dark aura emitting from the man in the kitchen, Liu Shan gulped again, “B-Boss, I’ll take my leave now. Also…” he steals a glance at the aloof man.

Even though the man was no longer paying any attention to them, he still whispers to Yue Ling, “I have all the information you wanted, also I found what happened during your retirement party.”

Yue Ling nod her head once in understanding. She stood up and without looking at Lu Tian, she said, “I’m sending Liu Shan out. I’ll be back.”

Lu Tian replied with a ‘Mm’ and continued to prepare their breakfast on the plates.

Unlike the two people in the penthouse, Liu Shan was left speechless again. Who would ever expect to one day see the almighty king of the business world obeying someone else? No, even worse, cooking for a woman!! And that woman is his boss!

Good heavens, is the world coming to end? Are pigs really going to fly now?

Watching Yue Ling and Liu Shan leave the penthouse, Lu Tian stopped what he was doing.

His face turned ten shades darker and he reach for his phone inside his pocket.

Pressing a number on speed dial, he waited. After two rings, someone answers from the other line.

[“Boss! Where have you been? The meeting is going to start—.”]

“Push back all my schedule in the morning.”

Lu Tian’s expression was cold and darkening. He looked like he was on a mission to kill the person who murdered his family.

“I want you to find everything about Han Yue Ling. Her family, business, work… everything. Find if anything happened during her retirement party.. Also, find everything on a man name Inu.”


Xu Long was left speechless. He could not believe what he was hearing! His boss who was never attracted to a woman is actually inquiring all the information on a woman! And it was the same woman again!

Suddenly, his eyes lit up like wild flowers blooming in a vast gra.s.s field.

‘Did boss finally found our future lady boss?! The Lu family’s future Madam?!’

Lu Tian’s cold voice interrupted Xu Long’s thoughts, “Send it to me later.”

[“Yes Boss!”]

Lu Tian ended the call and looked at the door.

Born and raised in the business world, he had good ears. Earlier when Liu Shan whispered to Yue Ling, he had heard everything.

A dangerous smile bloomed on his face.

‘Someone tried to harm my woman? Wait till I find out who, I’ll make sure they disappear from this world. And Inu? Heh, dream on, Yue Ling is mine.”



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