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Chapter 193: My Vow To The Heavens And Earth, Sun And Moon Witnessed By All Beings, Be It Immortals, Demons, G.o.ds And So Forth

“Kuang…Kuangren…What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

Honorable Xuan Qi gulped and asked.

He was too sh.e.l.l-shocked.

‘Having disappeared for a few days just to return with a G.o.dly Phoenix in hand…’

‘What in the world happened?’

“Honorable Teacher, I had a hunch a few days ago, so I decided to go out for a stroll. Soon after, I found a G.o.dly Phoenix in a volcano…”

Chu Kuangren made all of that up. Since no one knew where the G.o.dly Phoenix came from anyway, he could ‘explain’ however he wanted to.

Everyone was red with envy in their eyes when they heard what he said.

‘A hunch?’

‘Bringing back a G.o.dly Phoenix after going out for a stroll?’

‘F*ck me, this is basically fate from the heavens!’

That G.o.dly Phoenix already belonged to Chu Kuangren the moment it was born.

Everyone could not help but feel astonished at that thought.

“The divine beast is fated to live a n.o.ble life. But since this G.o.dly Phoenix seems to acknowledge Chu Kuangren as its master, doesn’t that mean that his fate is even n.o.bler than the divine beast?”

“By the heavens, this is just too scary.”

“Is this guy really human?”

“He can’t possibly be an immortal right?”

Although the crowd was extremely shocked, Honorable Xuan Qi could not help but laugh and said, “The heavens seem to be blessing the Black Heaven Sect for sending a divine beast. That’s extremely good news, Kuangren, go get prepared. The Inauguration Ceremony is about to begin.”

“Yes, Honorable Teacher.”

Chu Kuangren then walked into the hall before the envious eyes of everyone. Inside the hall, Lil Bing and Lan Yu who had already heard the news hurriedly rushed to him.

“Master, please change into these clothes. The ceremony is about to begin.”

Lil Bing held a set of clothes in his arms at that time.

They were prepared for Chu Kuangren to use it during the ceremony.

Outside the hall, some people were still immersed in the scene of Chu Kuangren’s grand entrance with the G.o.dly Phoenix, and they could not seem to recover from their senses for quite a long time.

“With the amount of luck, fortune, and talents Chu Kuangren possess now, I won’t believe it if you say he won’t be able to become an Emperor in the future,” an Honorable said.

“I agree. I suppose it’s in our best interest to make an enemy of Black Heaven Sect. With him around, Black Heaven Sect will definitely have a prosperous future!”

“You’re right.”

“Sigh, this era will no doubt be the era of Chu Kuangren.”

“Then what’s the point of us existing then?” Ao Chang, Gu Changge, and Lin Batian all looked at each other with a bitter smile.

“Amitabha, although Benefactor Chu is indeed a genius that the world has never seen the likes of before, there’s no need to be discouraged. After all, it is no doubt that someone will become an Emperor in this era, but it doesn’t mean that only one person can do so.”

One of the great masters of Thunder Temple, a sage orthodoxy said.

“That’s right, the Sage once said that there will be an unprecedented change in this Era of Great Battles. With the Great Dharma Emergence, it will be like adding oil to fire, so there may be a prosperous moment where multiple Emperors will coexist in this world!”

An Honorable Supreme from the Sacred Lands of Serene Wisdom said with excitement.

Only after hearing that did the remaining sky-prides regain some confidence.

At that moment, the great doors of the palace hall opened.

Out walked Chu Kuangren.

Everyone was extremely astonished the moment they gazed upon him.

With long black hair draped behind his back like fleeting clouds and a hollow jade crown on his head, Chu Kuangren was clad in a moon-white colored long-sleeved robe that had gold-woven exquisite patterns of auspicious animals.

A white belt with an emerald jade inlaid on it was wrapped around his waist, and golden ta.s.sels were tied on the right, while the Descendant Self sword was on the left.

He also wore black boots which were embroidered with designs of auspicious clouds…

Chu Kuangren’s completely renewed look made his already perfect appearance and otherworldly temperament look even more so.

“Cheerful as the sun and moon s.h.i.+ning in my arms, beautiful like the jade tree fleeting in the breeze, serious and stern like a pine tree standing upright, the pa.s.sion in his eyes as hot as the brilliant lightning that struck between the mountains…”


“Speak normally please.”

“He’s just too G.o.dd*mn handsome.”

“With that temperament and appearance, I don’t think we can ever find a second one in the whole Firmament Star. Besides good talent and strong fortune, he even has impeccable looks.”

“Tsk, he’s a monster.”

Some of the female cultivators looked at Chu Kuangren with googly eyes.

“Like a gentleman, gentle as jade. With him around, my heart shall tremble into chaos…” A female cultivator could not help but mutter.

While Chu Kuangren slowly walked out of the palace hall, Daoist Rhymes echoed in all directions. Every disciple of the Black Heaven Sect bowed, forming a path for him to the elevated stage at the end as they stood on both sides.

Honorable Xuan Qi was sitting on the stage, looking at him delightfully.

Chu Kuangren walked towards the stage before he finally arrived by Honorable Xuan Qi’s side.

“I, Honorable Xuan Qi, the ninth Black Heaven Sect Leader shall officially pa.s.s down my t.i.tle to Black Heaven Sect’s Lead Disciple, Chu Kuangren!”

“May everyone present today bear witness, and may the sun, moon, mountain, and rivers around us bear witness. From this day onwards, Chu Kuangren shall be the tenth Black Heaven Sect Leader!”

Having said that, Honorable Xuan Qi then took out a sword-shaped jade order and handed it to Chu Kuangren. That was a personal token that belonged only to the Black Heaven Sect Leader. It was the Black Heaven Sword Order!

Chu Kuangren stretched out his hands and respectfully accepted the sword order. “As your disciple, I will definitely live up to Honorable Teacher’s expectations, and take care of the Black Heaven Sect with all my heart!”

The Descendant Self Sword at his waist suddenly unsheathed itself and hovered in the air before it unleashed a great burst of Sword-based Daoist Rhyme into the skies!

“With my lead, none shall bully and bring trouble upon the Black Heaven Sect!”

“With my lead, the disciples of the Black Heaven Sect shall rise through the ranks of skill and talent!”

“With my lead, the Black Heaven Sect shall stand eternal, moving forward into a prosperous future!”

“This vow I made shall be known to the heavens and earth, to the sun and the moon. It shall be heard and witnessed by all beings alike in this world, be it immortals, demons, G.o.ds, and so forth!”

As if it had been summoned from afar, multiple sword chants could be heard from the Black Heaven Blade Mountain. Countless swords then rose into the skies, hovering amongst the clouds, and thousands of sword intents intertwined in the air. It was a magnificent, majestic, and grand spectacle to behold!

The Blade Mountain’s sword intent echoed along with Chu Kuangren’s Daoist Rhyme, forming an unparalleled and domineering poise that swept across the lands, surging throughout the world!

Everyone looked at the white-robed figure on the stage with shock.

The eyes of the Black Heaven Sect’s disciples lit up with fiery pa.s.sion and utmost reverence as they looked at their new Sect Leader.

Standing from afar, Elder Ruyan and the others were extremely pleased too.

Deep within the depths of the Black Heaven Sect, amongst the few thatched huts.

An old white-haired man suddenly opened his eyes, smiling as he looked towards the direction of the ceremony. His smile grew larger until he could not help but laugh loudly in delight. “With that person around, how can I not be happy for the Black Heaven Sect!”

Cheerful laughter could be heard from the other thatched huts as well.

“May the heavens bless my Black Heaven Sect!”

“This young lad is a delightful person! No wonder the Seventh Forefather insisted on protecting him despite having to drag around that Heavenly Deterioration Stage Five body of his.”

“Haha, having said that, the Seventh Forefather has benefited a lot from this too. Now that he has gotten rid of his Heavenly Deterioration Stage Five, he’s now younger and is living a better life than all of us. I guess it won’t be long till he starts his ascension. That’s good news…”

As Chu Kuangren stood on the elevated stage in his peerless white robe and the sword order in his hands, a surge of Sword-based Daoist Rhyme emanated around him. As his clothes fluttered, his appearance looked even more elegant and glamorous.

He really was committed to Black Heaven Sect.

He may have had his frustration before, but now that he had taken over the position of Sect Leader, that meant that he had a responsibility to lead the Black Heaven Sect to a better and more glorious future!

“Greetings, Sect Leader!”

“Greetings, Sect Leader!”

The group of disciples from the Black Heaven Sect knelt on one knee before Chu Kuangren. Even the elders who stood not far away bowed as well. “Greetings, Sect Leader!”

Chu Kuangren nodded slightly and put away the sword order.

When the Daoist Rhyme dispersed, the commotion at the Blade Mountain afar too returned to its original calm.

One by one, the representatives of the Sacred Lands of Serene Wisdom, Taixu Temple, Thunder Temple, and other sage orthodoxies all went up to congratulate him.

“Greetings Sect Leader Chu. With you around, I believe the Black Heaven Sect will step into a more prosperous future. ”

“I agree. With Sect Leader Chu’s heavenly talents, there’s no doubt that Black Heaven will flourish under his leaders.h.i.+p.”

“Congratulations, Sect Leader Chu.”

“Haha, if Sect Leader Chu has some spare time, feel free to come to the Taixu Temple for a visit. Let’s discuss the cooperation and development between our two sects and progress towards a common goal.”

Faced with everyone’s greetings and wishes, Chu Kuangren smiled and replied to each one of them. Although his replies sounded immature, he already possessed a demeanor that befitted the Sect Leader of a sage orthodoxy.


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